Jack Street Hustlers @ New Westminster Salmonbellies
Series Preview: Always look forward to a Joe Schall matchup. This should be fun. I think Joe’s record against me should be around 110 wins to 50 losses.
Game #1: JSH Tom Glavine 9 – 2 NWS Jeff Tesreau 8 – 5

New Westminster got things going on the first pitch Carlos Beltran saw with a home run over the left field wall.
In the 5th Beltran gets on with a single and goes to third on a Ferris Fain single. A sacrifice fly by Martin Dihigo knocks in Beltran. 2 – 0 lead and Jeff Tesreau pitching great.
Top of the 6th and here comes the top of the order.
With one out Rogers Hornsby with his 21st home run. Joey Medwick doubles, McGwire K’s, Berkman walks, it can’t get any worse. Tesreau gets ahead 1 and 2, and grooves one to David Justice, bang 3 run homer. We now have a Jack Street 4 – 2 lead.
Bottom of the 6th and Jack Clark walks, Bozo Concepcion comes into run and steals 2nd. With 2 quick outs Fred Clarke comes up and bangs a double. 4 – 3 now for Jack Street.
Ted Simmons doubles for the Hustlers and gets to 3rd. Hornsby singles and Ted manages to streak into home. 5 – 3, Jack Street manages to move ahead some more from the Bellies.
We manage to get to the bottom of the 8th with no runs. Craig Lefferts is pitching and gives up a single to Jimmie Wynn. After a FC,  Fred Clarke singles to bring home Wynn from 2nd. We have a 5 – 4 ball game.
Top of the ninth, and Eddie Watt facing Hornsby and gets an out. Wow. In comes Ralph Terry, an 18, to face Medwick, that worked. Time for strategy, in comes Ted Abernathy with his smooth 8.44 ERA, and gives up a 2 bagger to Berkman and another run. Sneak up on the Hustlers with Messersmith and his 7.67 ERA against Justice. That almost worked, single, first and third. Now a Billy Pierce walk to JD Drew, bases loaded. Thank god the Bellies are through the monsters. Pierce strikes out Sciosia.
Hustlers 6 – 4 bottom of the ninth
Jeff Brantley pitching for the Hustlers. Ron Hunt gets a single and with 2 out Ferris Fain hits a single to put runners at first and third. Up comes all star SS Martin Dihigo and bangs a double scoring both runners tieing the game at 6 – 6.
Hustlers do it again in the top of the 10th with a run . My favourite line. And here comes SALMONBELLIES manager … again
The top of the Hustlers order is up every inning. Martinez walks, Hornsby single, first and third, Medwick double and RBI, McGwire K, Berkman walks and bases loaded and now Meusel. He pops up to the catcher. 7 – 6 for the Jack Street crew.
Bottom of the 10th, and Wynn walks against Dave Veres. Bassler and Clarke go out and Wynn moves to 2nd. I don’t believe it, Harry Lord knocks a triple.
game tied. In comes Doug Jones and he gets Ron Hunt.
We move to the bottom of the 14th and leadoff batter Joe Kuehl walks. After Dihigo and Mays are both out and Kuehl now at 2nd Johnny Bassler lines a single and Kuehl trys for home and it is a wild throw to the backstop. 8 – 7 victory for the Bellies.

WP: Bill Caudill 3 – 1 LP: Pat Neshek 2 – 1

Game #2: JSH Sonny Siebert 3 – 8 NWS Dutch Leonard 11 – 4

In the first Salmonbellies Jim Wynn knocks in Johnny Bassler for a one run lead.
In the third knocks in Jim Wynn scores, Johnny Bassler with a bases loaded FC. Jack Clark and Dihigo score on a FC and single and take a 4 – 0 lead.
Top of the fourth and Edgar gets Hustlers first hit of the game, Hornsby reaches on an error Dutch Leonard. McGwire reaches on another error to Leonard to load the bases. Meusel hits SF scoring Edgar and then Ted Simmons promptly hits a double to make the score 4 – 3
Top of the 7th Simmons hits another double and Leonard makes his 3rd error of the game with Hisle bunting and Leonard throwing the ball into RF and Simmons scoring and Hisle going to 2nd. Kent gets a bunt base hit. Bartell then knocks in Hisle to tie the game. Hornsby knocks in a run and Meusel then hits a 3 run home run and the game is over.

Hustlers hang on to win 9 – 4

WP: Sonny Siebert 4 – 8 LP: Dutch Leonard 11 – 5

Game #3: JSH Bill Byrd 6 – 3 NWS Dwight Gooden 7 – 3

Top of the second Jeff Kent knocks in Mark McGwire for 1 – 0 lead for Jack Street.
Bottom of the 2nd and Jack Clark scores on a Ferris Fain base hit. The two speed demons have both scored in this game.
Bottom of the 2nd and JD Drew whacks a triple. Hornsby knocks him home. Hornsby tries to go to third on a Medwick single but the Toy Cannon throws Hornsby out. Medwick having moved to 2nd scores on McGwire single. Hustlers now up 3 – 1
Everything moves along nice and calmly until the bottom of the 6th. Time for the Bellies to get a break. Campanella comes into run for Bassler who leads off with a walk. Martin Dihigo comes up and gets the K, no wait, catchers interference. Up comes the walking machine, Jack Clark who walks.
Jim Wynn swings and it is gone over the CF wall.
Waner singles and gets to 2nd on a ground out and Junior Gilliam brings Waner home with a single.
New Westminster takes a 6 – 3 lead.
McGwire leads off the 8th with a home run but the relief core for the Salmonbellies does their job with 6 – 4 victory.

WP: Dwight Gooden 8 – 3 S: Ralph Terry 5 LP: Bill Byrd 6 – 4

Game #4: JSH Frank Viola 4 – 2 vs NWS Sam Leever 9 – 4

Jack Street got HR’s from Medwick, Hornsby, McGwire and Kent. New West had HR’s from Jack Clark and Concepcion. The Salmonbellies go on to win 11 – 5 with 14 hits and 7 walks. Jack Street had 8 hits and 4 walks but had 3 errors in the loss.

WP: Sam Leever 10 – 4 LP: Frank Viola 4 – 3

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: The series had a bit of everything, with a 14 inning game and one run games and come from behind and a blowout. The Salmonbellies win the series 3 – 1
Madison East Purgolders @ Lewisberry Country Blumpkins
Series Preview: Madison East (36-41) visits Lewisberry (40-37)
Game #1: Forever-Blumpkin Bernie Williams’ 3run blast in the 5th breaks a 4-4 tie.
Country Blumpkins 9 Puregolders 4
Game #2: Clippard has to start in place of a lazy Beckett and gives up 4 runs in 5 innings.
Puregolders 4 Country Blumpkins 1
Game #3: Babe Ruth, pissed he missed out on last week’s Pitcher of the Week, hurls another Shitout, this time a 7 hitter. Nellie Cruz knocks in both runs on a HR and a 3B.
Country Blumpkins 2 Puregolders 0
Game #4: Jack Morris has been shitting the bed since Blumpkin management decided not to trade him. This game was no exception as he can’t even finish 3 innings.
Puregolders 6 Country Blumpkins 3
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Series split. Ruth (LEW) for POTW. Hanley Ramirez (MAD), 7-15, 3R, 5RBI, 2 2B, HR for BOTW.
Wrigleyville Whales @ Chicago Nine
Series Preview: Wrigleyville Whales (29-48, .377, 24-GB) @ Chicago Nine (37-40, .481, 7-GB). Being played @ Wrigleyville per request.
Game #1: G-1- Coveliski v Sabatha. Chicago Nine scored 8-runs in 1st on their way to a 15-4 slaughter of the Whales. Chicago out-hit Wrigleyville 17-9 and neither team hit a home run. Chicago led 14-1 after 3-innings and were led by Omar Vizquel, who was 4-5, 2B and 3-RBI. Bobby Richardson also drove in 3-run and Trout went 3-6. Every Nine starter scored @ least 1-run and only Werth & Bryant didn’t drive in a run! CC (6-8, 5.72) allowed only 1-run on 4-hits over 6-IP.

Whales Coveleski retired only 1-batter while getting roughed up for 7-runs on 5-hits. McBean gave up 7-runs on 5-hits and 4-walks in relief over 2-innings.

FINAL Nine 15 Whales 4

Game #2: G-2- Mays v F.Hernandez. Lazzeri drove in 4-runs, going 3-4 including his 10th homer as Whales built a 7-1 lead and hold on for 8-4 win! Carl Mays (7-5, 5.49) hurled a 7-hit, CG for Wrigleyville. Seven of Whales 13-hits were extra-base hits.

King Felix (8-5, 3.15) allowed 5-runs on 9-hits over 5-innings and suffered the loss. Releiver S.Shield gave up 3-runs over 3-innings and nailed Stan The Man & he’d miss 11-days.

FINAL Whales 8 Nine 4

Game #3: G-3- Hunter v Richard. Nine held a 6-2 lead going into the 9th but Whales fought back led by Yastrzemski’s (2-3rd, 4th) 2nd homer of the game as Wrigleyville scores 4-runs to tie Chicago @ 6-6. But Whales reliever Rudolph couldn’t hold Nine @ bay as Omar Vizquel drove in game winning run with a 1B to give Chicago a dramatic 7-6 victory!

Chicago out hit Wrigleyville 14-8 but stranded 11. Trout (4), Werth (8) and Cunningham (3) slugged HR’s for the Nine. Omar had a 3-5 game, as did Werth. Nelson (3-0, 2.29) earned win but blew save, allowing 2-runs in 2/3 of an inning.

FINAL Nine 7 Whales 6

Game #4: G-4- McNally v Pennock. Chicago comes back from early 3-1 deficit and win game 6-3. Mayberry (26) and Bryant (8) hammered homers for Chicago, while Pennock (5-9, 4.81) held Whales to 3-runs, 1-earned on 6-hits over 7-innings. Nelson (Sv-13, 2.17) blanked Wrigleyville over final 2-innings.

Lollar (8) ripped solo homer in Whales loss.

FINAL Nine 6 Whales 3

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Chicago out-scores Wrigleyville 32-21 and out-hit Whales 55-37 in 3-1 series win.
Menomonee Minutemen @ Middle Channel Sturgeons
Series Preview: Menomonee visits the Middle Channel
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7: The Sturgeon take 3 of 4 from the Minutemen
Series Summary:  
Las Vegas Pirates @ Purry Cowpokes
Series Preview: LV 35-42 travels to Purry 46-31.
Game #1: Jake Weimer throws a complete game and Tris Speaker hits a 2 run triple. Final score: Purry 3 Las Vegas 1.
Game #2: Javier Vazquez improves to 13-2 and Ted Strong and Jesse Barfield homer. Final score: Purry 6 Las Vegas 2.
Game #3: Dave Cash goes 4-5 and Cecil Fielder hits a 2-run blast. Final score: Las Vegas 5 Purry 2.
Game #4: Roberto Clemente hits a 3 run homer to power the Pirates. Las Vegas 3 Purry 2.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Vegas and Purry split, 2-2.
Kansas City A’s @ Kansas City Blues
Series Preview: The A’s come to visit the Blue’s hoping to take the KC Cup home with them
Longtime rival Gary Alderson will hope to do this
Game #1: Blues win a close 3-2
Game #2: Doerr hits 2nd homer Koosman comes in in relief gives up 3 er
Three fingers had only 2 good fingers in this matchup gives up back to back
A’s win 8-5
Game #3: Fernando V. gives up 5 er runs and 5-3 win for the A’s
Fernando’s belly could be heard rumbling for that mixed plate
Game #4: Very close one Bob Gibson gets first start for the Blue’s goes 6.2 3 er
That’s all it takes for a 3-2 A’s win
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: The A’s take 3 out of 4 and take the KC cup home
We will be looking to win it back in the future
Cincinnati Knights @ Indiana Indians
Series Preview: Cincinnati (48-29) travels to Indiana (31-46) for a quick 4 game series before the All-Star break.
Game #1: Dazzy Vance vs. Kerry Wood…Sal Bando hits his 20th HR and drives in 4 to lead the Knights to a 9-3 win.
Bill Freehan adds 4 hits to back the CG pitching of Vance. Wood only lasts 2+ innings to drop to 2-6 with a 6.24 ERA. Shively, Frederick and Mantle have 2 hits each for the Indians.
Game #2: Mike Scott vs. String Bean Williams… Williams wins his 2nd consecutive start with his new team in leading the Indians to a 5-1 win over the Knights. Williams goes 7 IP , allowing only 1 ER for his 9th overall win. Munson and Lindstrom drive in 2 each for the Indians. Joe Sewell has 3 hits for the Knights. Lindstrom is hit by a pitch and lost to the Indians for 5 days.
Game #3: Reb Russell vs. Don Drysdale…Indians commit 2 errors in the 4th , leading to 2 unearned runs (4 total) that propelled the Knights to a 4-3 win. Drysdale takes the loss (6-8). Russell gets the win(3-4). Janssen pitches 2 innings for his 13th save. Indians outhit the Knights 7-4. Ival Goodman runs into the LF wall and is injured for 6 days for the Knights.
Game #4: Stephen Strasburg vs. Grover Alexander…Walker, Mantle and Markakis each drive in 2 to lead the Indians to an 8-2 win. Alexander goes 7 to earn his 6th win (6-7). Strasburg takes the loss (4-3). Robertson pitches the final 2 for his 2nd save (0.89 ERA). Chick Hafey hits HR subbing for Goodman.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Treading water again with another series split.
Boston Braves @ Fort Worth Cats
Series Preview: Team with the best record vs one of the teams with the worst record in the AL.
Game #1: Toby Harrah had 5 RBI by hitting 2 home runs including a grand slam in the first and Verlander and three itchy reliever’s quieted the Braves offense as the Cat easily take the opener 9-0
Game #2: Dennis Eckersley gets his first blown save of the year thanks to two errors in the top of the 9th. After he left the game last man standing(Cats had already used their 4 other relievers), Steve Reed came in and kept the game tied for 3.2 innings until a two out single by Jonathan Lucroy in the 14th gave the Braves the victory. Final Score Braves 4, Cats 3
Game #3: Gabby Hartnett hit a two run homer in the third to give Boston a 2-1 advantage, but a two out double in the bottom of the third by Ken Singleton tied the game at 2 for the Cats. In the bottom of the 4th Ft. Worth’s Willie Keeler delivered the winning hit with two outs when he singled home Harry Danning, who slid around the tag and the Cat’s pitching put up goose eggs the rest of the way. Final Score Cats 3, Braves 2
Game #4: Gabby Hartnett hit another two run homer to give Boston an early 2-0 lead. Singles by Gene Alley (5th) and Al Oliver (6th) tied the game at two for Ft. Worth. The Braves went back in front in the 7th on Hank Severeid’s 2nd passed ball of the game. Moises Alou came up with a game winning pinch hit in the 9th, “He brings it in … swung on … it’s a fly ball to the gap in right CONIGLIARO ’64’s racing over … but he won’t get it … it’s to the wall … OLIVER ’83 scores tie ballgame! … HARRAH ’83’s rounding third … they’re waving HARRAH ’83 in … GARCIAPARRA ’04 will relay here comes the throw home … here’s the play at the plate … and he’s … SAFE!…on a close play … oh, close call the gamble pays off … CATS win! … in dramatic fashion they have beaten the BRAVES!” Final Score Cats 4, Braves 3
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Blowout in game 1 then 3 straight 1 run games.
Coastline Bobcats @ Clockwork Heros
Series Preview: Battle of first place teams over team viewer.
  3-2 clockwork win.Donovan allows two hits in 8 innings and Tekulve allows 3 in the save. Gerhig had a 2 run homer.
Game #2: Clockwork had a no hitter for 8.2 innings until Jenkins doubles. Two Bradley hits 2 homers. 5-0 Clockwork
Game #3: Clockworks matheson wins 3-1 as foster homers. 3-1 Clockwork
Game #4: Coastline wins in extra innings after a rare Sutter blow save. 6-4 Bobcats (11 innings)
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Thanks to Brian playing over team viewer as pitching dominated series.Clockwork wins 3 of 4 without Vaughn and then backup Rizzuto.
Brian will look to revenge next series in coastline
West Michigan Retrogrades @ Iowa Giants
Series Preview: Retrogrades come to Iowa with a 44-33 record to take on the Giants who are 29-48
Game #1: WMR 14-16-0 WP Shocker 9-8
IOW 2-5-1 LP Lemon 1-3
Shocker goes 6 inning 5 hits 2 runs, George Sisler goes 3-6 4 rbis 2 doubles, and Robinson Cano 2-4 3 rbis Homer to power the Retrogrades to the win.
Game #2: WMR 5-12-4 WP Linzy 3-4
IOW 4-7-1 LP Richert 0-3
10 Innings game Frank Linzy shut down Giants for two inning no hits or runs to get the win. Heavy Johnson has a strong game 3-4 2 rbis double and triple
Game #3: WMR 9-10-1 WP Foster 9-7
IOW 4-7-1 LP Fidrych 1-1
The Bird gets his first start last 3 innings and takes the loss. Foster goes 8 innings 3 hits 1 er to get his 9th win. Johnson Dickey and Wallace all homer.
Game #4: WMR 10-12-0 WP Schmacher 10-3
IOW 2-6-2 LP Lanier 2-8
It was a Hal Schmacher game 8 innings 6 hits 2 runs 8 k’s goes 3-4 rbi 2 doubles and homer as Retrogrades sweep series
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Retrogrades come to Iowa and sweep the series one good game goes 10 innings, Retrogrades showed hitting and pitching, Hal Schmacher was player of the series with his game four performance.
Wainwright Wranglers @ Detroit DeLoreans
Series Preview: The Wainwright Wranglers (34-43) visit the Detroit DeLoreans (43-34) to square off in a competitive four-game NL divisional crossover series.
Game #1: WWW 0 – DET 3: Detroit’s Lefty Tyler spun a complete game 1-hit shutout. R. White had an RBI single in the first inning and A. Rendon had a 2-run single in the sixth inning for the only scoring in the game. The two teams combined for a total of 16 walks in the contest…possibly an early LEG record.
Game #2: WWW 2 – DET 8: The DeLoreans scored in each of the first four innings to knock out Wainwright’s Lefty Grove and take a 7-0 lead. Detroit’s Allie Reynolds went the distance while surrendering just one earned run. Offensively, Detroit had six extra-base hits led by Joe Cronin (4 for 5), Babe Herman (3 for 4), and Ripper Collins (2 for 4). Wainwright’s Mark Grace had an RBI double.
Game #3: WWW 2 – DET 6: After five innings, the DeLoreans held a commanding 6-1 lead and never looked back. B. Roberts and T. Fernandez lead the Wranglers offensively, both collecting two hits. Detroit’s Chuck Klein went 2 for 3 with a 3-run homer.
Game #4: WWW 2 – DET 3: Wainwright jumped up 2-0 in the first inning on a 2-run double form H. Manush. However, the DeLoreans scored single runs in each of the first three innings to capture the lead and hold on for the win. All-Star Ripper Collins went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and his 27th homer of the season. Fellow All-Star Nap Lajoie also collected his league-leading 35th double of the season.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Detroit sweeps the series. The DeLoreans starting pitching went deep in all four games, averaging over eight innings an outing. Lefty Tyler’s 1-hit shutout was the pitching highlight of the series. Detroit’s Ripper Collins went 5 for 14 (.357) with 3 HRs, 2 doubles, 6 RBI, and 4 runs scored.
Fantomz Force Fire Lake Segers
Series Preview: Fantomz (38-39) traveled to Fire Lake (38-38) to take on the Red Hot Segers, winners of 8 in a row (all on the road). Two clubs with nearly identical records, both in 4th place in their respective divisions.

This series was played via Team Viewer. Thanks Gordon!

Game #1: Gaylord Perry (9-5,3.65) vs Ron Guidry (6-8,4.59)

Tied 1-1, after 5 innings, Fire Lake’s Joey Votto crushed a 2-run homerun in the 6th to give the home team a 3-1 lead. The Force chased Guidry in the 7th, tieing it up at 3 apiece. The visitors sent Steve Chisek to the mound in the bottom of the 8th. John Roseboro had a pinch hit single. Eric Davis ran for him, stole second base and scored on Barry Larkin’s single. Dave Stewart worked the top of the 9th to record his 2nd Save. Ray Lankford hit homerun #10 for the visitors.


Game #2: Mel Harder (2-3,5.33) vs David Cone (5-8,3.09)

The visitors scored in the top of the 1st, the home team tied it at 1-1 in the 2nd. The visitors took a 2-1 lead in the 4th, the home team tied it 2-2 in the 6th. Matt Morris allowed 2 runs in the top of the 9th and Gary Lucas shut down the Segers in the 9th to earn his 1st Save. Larry Doby hit his 15th homerun for Fantomz, and Choo had two hits.


Game #3: Carl Weilman (6-10,3.01) vs Eppa Rixey (3-1,3.41)

This was a wild one. The Force led 4-1 after scoring a single run in the 4th, but in the bottom of 4th, Weilman left the game with an injury. Brad Ziegler replaced him and was not up to the challenge, allowing 3 hits and 2 runs in an inning and a third. The game was tied 4-4 through 8 innings. Both teams scored a single run in the 9th, and to extras they went with both bullpens nearly spent. Fire Lake called on Camillo Pascual in the 11th and boy was he up to the challenge, pitching three hitless innings. With one out in the bottom of the 13th, Fire Lake had little choice but to let him hit and Pascual rewarded them with a double. With 2 -out, newly named All-Star Pete Rose walked it off with a single and the home crowd rejoiced. Joe Judge had 3 hits for the Force, Tony Perez and Scott Rolen each had two doubles for the Segers.


Game #4: Satchel Paige (11-6,2.20) vs Denny McLain (5-7,3.56)

Both clubs sent their respective Aces to the mound in Game 4. And, it showed. Through 5 innings Fantomz had no hits and the Segers had one. In the bottom of the 6th, the wheels fell off the Satchel Paige train as Fire Lake chased him with a 5-run inning. Fantomz’ first hit was a 2-run pinch hit homerun by John Stone in the 8th, to cut the lead to 5-2. After Adam Eaton singled with one out, Don Gullett got Shin-Soo Choo to bounce into a double play to shut down the visitors. For Fire Lake, Jose Cardenal hit his 4th homerun. Paige dropped to (11-7) and McLain improved to (6-7).


Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Fire Lake wins 3 of 4, and now has won 11 of their last 12, to climb to two games over .500 at 41-39. Fantomz will no doubt be ready for some pay back after the all-star break.
Hollywood Zombies @ Virginia 
Series Preview: Secure in their hold at the bottom of the NL West, Hollywood saunters East to face a slumping Virginia team.
Game #1: VIR 1-0 W-L.Gomez (6-7) L-S.Rogers (5-12)

For the first time this season Virginia has a pitcher pitch a game that is worthy of Pitcher of the Week. Gomez was outstanding as he went the distance allowing just 3 hits and no runs. He only struck out 5 batters but he had them befuddled otherwise. The only run of the game came in the 6th when F.Robinson led off with a single, stole 2nd and scored on a R.Kiner single to the RF gap.

Game #2: VIR 1-0 W-G.Jackson (3-1) L-J.Zimmermann (0-2) SV-K.Foulke (21)

Another shutout performance by Virginia as they extend Hollywood’s scoreless inning streak to 18. However, this time it was 4 pitchers. B.Turley started and had a 1 hitter through 3.2 innings before he was injured and had to leave the game. He will be lost for the next 5 games. G.Jackson came in and coughed up 3 hits in the next 2.1 innings but no one crossed the plate. R.Betancourt followed with 2 innings of no hit ball and K.Foulke finished it off with a 3-batter save, his 21st. Once again F.Robinson figured in the offense as he drove in D.Murphy who had doubled in the 3rd.

Game #3: HOL 10-3 W-J.Pfiester (1-2) L-E.Reulbach (5-6)

I guess Hollywood had enough. They scored 2 in the first and just kept on rolling, WIth a 5-1 lead in the 6th, Virginia tried to come back when the tallied 2 in the 6th for a 5-3 deficit. But Hollywood was relentless as they put up 3 more in the 7th and 2 in the 9th. In the meantime, Hollywood’s bullpen held Virginia to 1 hit over the last 3.1 innings. M.Tejeda collected almost half of Hollywood’s hits going 4-5. He scorched 2 doubles and buried a fastball for his 4th homer of the season while driving in 7 RBI.

Game #4: HOL 5-0 W-W.Johnson (9-9) L-J.Key (4-5)

Well so much for Virginia ever getting a player of the week,…Thank you Mr. Johnson. W.Johnson was simply great! CG 2-hitter facing 29 batters. He struck out 6 and was in total command the entire game. Not once did he get into any trouble. V.Guerrero took care of getting runs for Hollywood. His SF in the 2nd put Hollywood up 1-0 and then he launched a 3-run homer in the 7th to give Johnson breathing room.

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: A series split for two struggling teams. First two games Virginia’s pitching looked really good. Next two games Hollywood’s hitting AND pitching looked really good. So they both go to the All-Star break dreaming of how it must feel to have a record like Coastline and Clockwork…
Motown Yankees @ Climax Cougars
Series Preview: Two underachieving sub-.500 teams duke it out for some respect with the Climax Cougars hosting the Motown Yankees.
Game #1: A couple of double plays early in the game squashed Motown rallies before they started and the Cougars got some clutch hitting from the top of their order as they held off the Yankees 4-3 in the series opener.
It seemed like getting on base was an automatic thing for the Yankees’ leadoff hitters in this game which is not a good thing if you’re a catcher as these guys are fricking fast.
The first inning started with outfielder Dixie Walker getting on base and advancing to 2nd on a Fred McGriff single. Climax starter Van Lingle Mungo (4-3) was able to get Stan Hack to ground into a double play and then with Walker on 3rd struck out outfielder Cristobal Torriente to end the inning.
Same deal the next inning as Wes Westrum led off things for Motown with a single but then was erased by Dave Bancroft who hit into a double play.
In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Johnny Mize, Jim Fregosi and Mel Ott each came up with some clutch hits that accounted for three runs crossing the plate. The Cougars added another on a solo shot by Ott (11) in the 5th and then the bats and gloves went to sleep.
The Yankees scored twice in the 6th with Kenny Lofton (single, double and steal in the game) and Motown starter Addie Joss (3-9) scoring thanks to a single by Walker and a lousy fielding play by Mungo.
Two innings later the Yankees crept ever closer with Lofton scoring again on Walker’s single off Sid Fernandez, but that was as close as they would get as they got plunked – with Eric Plunk coming in to throw a perfect 9th for his 8th save.
Game #2: This was a very sleepy game for both teams with Motown starter Carl Hubbell and Climax’s Smoky Joe Wood each throwing goose eggs for the first six innings.
Wood’s eggs were the first to crack though with Motown erupting for three runs which included pitcher Carl Hubbell driving in Carney Lansford, Dave Bancroft trotting home when Climax catcher Chief Meyers figured the grass in centre field was a better place for the ball than Jim Fregosi’s glove when Kenny Lofton tried to steal 2nd base, with Lofton scoring on the next pitch as John Olerud grounded out to make it 3-0.
Predictably, Motown couldn’t handle a three-run lead but even more predictably the ever-so-polite Canadian squad’s rally fell one run short with them scoring twice and only twice in the bottom of the 8th off Hubbell on Josh Gibson’s pinch hit two-run shot.
Hubbell went the distance getting two hits and an RBI in the process while giving up just four hits and striking out six. He walked four though. Kenny Lofton had three hits and a stolen base.
Game #3: Kenny Lofton celebrated his great game two by enthusiastically chasing a ball into the centre field wall so was not around long enough to see the Yankees snag a run in the top of the 11th on Cristobal Torriente’s double into the right field gap as they edged the Cougars 2-1.
Dave Bancroft had three hits and the other RBI for Motown with Torriente and Stan Hack each getting two hits, but Hack also stole two bases.
Negro League starters Dave Brown for Motown went the full nine innings and gave up five hits and six walks while fanning seven and Climax’s Dick Redding struck out six in seven innings, allowing seven hits and two walks.
Greg Harris continued his pitching ineptitude no matter what role he is put into. He gave up three hits and the winning run to fall to 2-5. Steve Mingori improved to 6-4 with the 1-1/3 innings of relief to close out the game.
Game #4: This game was not much to write about unless you’re the kind of guys that writes home when they see a semi smack into a Lada on the highway.
The Cougars homered three times as they pounded Adam Wainwright (9-5) and company by a score of 11-2 to earn a series split.
Buck Leonard (9), George Grantham (4) and Harlond Clift (3) all homered for Climax while the Yankees closed out the series without hitting one out.
Rube Waddell (6-6) held the Yankees to four hits while striking out nine and walking four in the complete game win.
Jim Fregosi who seemed to be victimized by a thousand balls being hit just over his head at shortstop redeemed himself somewhat with a bases clearing triple in the 4th inning.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: To quote the Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” … Same as it ever was.

Both teams did pretty much exactly what they have done all season and go nowhere with a split.

Nags Head Surf Sox @ San Tan Valley 
Series Preview: Two afterthoughts collide in the desert.
Game #1: A 2-1 game going in to the 7th inning….final score Nags Head wins 11-9!! Stanton, Dawson, and Winfield a hit big flies. Nags Head cracks out 156 hits. All their starters have at least one. Joaquin Andujar wins his 4th vs. 12 losses. Foxx and STanton gather 3 RBI each. Vern Stephens hits a late grand slam for San Tan to make it interesting.
Game #2: Andre Dawson hits a first inning homer, drives in 4 for the game. Mike Mussina evens his record at 6-6 in a 6-4 win.
Game #3: Von Hayes, Dave Kingman, and Jimmy Foxx all hit homers and Nags Head takes another one 4-3.
Game #4: Randy Johnson does it again, hurling his 7th shutout of the season…this time a one hitter!! He walks 2, strikes out 8 and needs every one as he is only supplied with one run..It’s enough. Moonrakers salvage a win 1-0.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Randy Johnson is the story of this LEG season for San Tan. Nags Head out homers San Tan 7-2.
Hoboken Zephyrs @ Pigtown Bombers
Series Preview: The 2nd place Hoboken Zephyrs come to the cellar dwelling sties of Pigtown for a four game “battle”.
Game #1: Shawkey took the mound for Hoboken against Taylor. Pigtown broke out early scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st on RBI doubles from Elmer Flick and Del Crandall and took a 3-1 lead. Hoboken evened the score in the top of the 4th and it was 3-3 until a PH RBI from Kauff gave Pigtown the 4-3 lead and the win. Francisco Rodriguez got the win and (miraculously) Darren O’Day got the save.
Game #2: Pigtown was ready to get on a roll and win a series. Instead, they ran into a buzz saw and Hoboken scored 4 runs in the 2nd, 3 runs in the 6th and 3 more runs in the 9th in route to a 10-3 win. Faber went the distance (9-6), but increased his ERA to 2.32 (slacker). Heath goes 3-4 with a HR, 2B and 3 RBIs, while Stanky goes 2-5 with a 3B and 4 RBIs to pace Hoboken. Barnhill drops to 1-6 for the losing “Bombers” of Pigtown.
Game #3: Another game where Pigtown hoped to get a win, but whose dreams were quickly discarded. Hoboken scores 6 runs in the first three innings to put the game away early. Hahn (12-6, with a 1.64 ERA) pitches a complete game 7 hitter and Hoboken wins 7-1. Bottomley (HR and 2B) and Henrich (2B) each had 3 hits. You know its bad when your most prolific hitter is Ozzie Smith (3-4, 2B, RBI).
Game #4: Pigtown jumped out to a 2-0 lead on a HR by Hank Greenberg (the only All-Star representative from Pigtown). Hoboken clawed its way back and had a 3-2 lead after 6 innings. Pigtown tied the game at 3 where it remained through regulation. Hoboken scored in the bottom of the 11th to take a 4-3 lead. Pigtown had runners at 2nd and 3rd with two outs in the bottom of the 11th. Of course, the pitcher John Tudor was up and there were no remaining players available on the bench. John got tutored by Brian Harvey and the game ended with a wimper. Hoboken wins 4-3.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Hoboken takes 3 of 4 games in the series. PoW nominees are Hahn – 9IP, 7 hits, 1 run, 5Ks and Spence (8-19 with 3 runs, 2 RBIs, 4 2Bs, 2 3Bs).


Jack Street Hustlers @ Menomonee  Minutemen
Series Preview: Series simmed at Jared’s request,
Game #1: Waite Hoyt spins a four-hit complete game in a 4-2 win for Menomonee with Ken Griffey smacking his 5th home run of the season.
Game #2: Mark McGwire, Rogers Hornsby and Bob Meusel all go deep in support of Bill Byrd as he goes the distance in an easy 7-2 win by Jack Street.
Game #3: Edgar Martinez homers as the Jack Street Hustlers stroll their way to a 14-1 on-base percentage wet dream with 13 hits and 12 walks.
Game #4: Pumpkinhead Barry Bonds homers and drives in three and Tommy John goes the distance in a 4-1 win for the Minutemen.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Spliteroo for the Hustlers and Minutemen.
Kansas City Blues @ Lewisberry Country Blumpkins
Series Preview: Country Blumpkins, losers of 11 straight, try to right the ship with a Home series for a change. As usual, the more things change, the more they stay the same….
Game #1: Bridges vs Hershiser
Babe Ruth hits his 4th Hr of the year but a 3run 7th dooms the Blumpkins once again. Ruth adds another RBI in the 7th but it’s not enough as LCB drops their 12th in a row.
Blues 4 Blumpkins 3
Game #2: Simmons vs Beckett
Bob Bescher’s RBI 1B in the top of the 9th breaks a 3-3 tie and gives the Blumpkins their 13th straight loss. Boog Powell crushes 2 solo shots for KC.
Blues 4 Blumpkins 3
Game #3: Koosman vs Ruth
Ruth hurls a CG 4 hitter and Steve Sax knocks in 3 runs as LCB FINALLY wins a game.
Blumpkins 4 Blues 0
Game #4: DeGrom vs Morris
Morris tries to replicate Babe but coughs up B2B solo HRs from Durham and Posada in the 8th and promptly gets yanked. Luckily, the pen holds on. Bernie and Freeman hit solos for the Blumpkins.
Blumpkins 3 Blues 2
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Series split as Coach Jethro hopes things are starting to turn around. Ruth should be a candidate for POTW (9ip, 4H, 3W, 6K). No batters really lit the world on fire.
Chicago Nine @ Purry Cowpokes
Series Preview: Chicago 9 (37-40) comes into Purry (46-31) to take on the Cowpokes. I try to play as many series as I can head to head. My apologies to Stray. Internet was supposed to be set up in our new house but still waiting.
Game #1: Ed Bailey hit a 3-run homer and Chase Utley added a 2-run blast to lead Purry to a 7-6 victory over Chicago.
Game #2: Javier Vazquez improves his record to 12-2 and Ed Bailey goes 4-5 with a double and 3 rbi’s. Final score Purry 7 Chicago 3.
Game #3: Tris Speaker drives in 3 runs and Vida Blue pitches 7 innings of 2 run ball. Final score Purry 4 Chicago 2.
Game #4: Willie McCovey hit a 2-run triple and added a sacrifice fly. Rickey Henderson adds 2 rbi’s. Down 5-0 in the 5th, Chicago gets a pair of 2-run blasts from Brooks Robinson and John Mayberry. That was the end of the scoring. Final score Purry 5 Chicago 4.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Purry sweeps the 4 game set. Ed Bailey went 6-12, double, homer, 2 run, 6 rbi’s
Middle Channel Sturgeon @ Madison East Puregolders
Series Preview:  
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary:  
Las Vegas @ New Westminster Salmonbellies
Series Preview: Cecil Fielder comes to town with his league leading 23 home runs tied with John Mayberry, whom the Bellies had to put up with last week, to take on Martin Dihigo and the Salmonbellies.
Game #1: Las Vegas: Howie Camnitz 8 – 5 New Westminster: Jeff Tesreau 8 – 5

Tesreau pitches a 2 hit complete game shutout.
Camnitz pitches a 7 hitter with Jimmie Wynn going 3 for 3 with 2 doubles, a run, an rbi and a walk.

Final Score 4 – 0 for the Salmonbellies

WP: Jeff Tesreau 8 – 5 LP: Howie Camnitz 8 – 5

Game #2: Las Vegas: Bob Buhl 7 – 1 New Westminster: Dutch Leonard 10 – 4

Pirates start the game off scoring in the first from a Dimaggio walk and a Cecil Fielder FC RBI number 60.

In the 3rd the Salmonbellies take a 3 – 1 lead on an RBI by Junior Gilliam and later by a 2 rbi single by Jack Clark scoring Dihigo and Gilliam.

In the bottom of the 4th the Bellies score 5 more runs to take a commanding 8 – 1 lead.

Bottom of the 7th and the Bellies put up another 5 runs and one more in the 8th to make the final
score 14 – 1.

Dihigo (16) and Beltran (10) each homered in the game. Dihigo had a big game going 4 for 5, scoring 3 times and knocking in 5. Beltran had a 2 for 5 night knocking in 4 and scoring once.

WP: Dutch Leonard 11 – 4 LP: Bob Buhl 7 – 2

Game #3: Las Vegas: Warren Spahn 5 – 8       New Westminster: Dwight Gooden 7 – 3

In the first Felipe Alou give the Bellies a 1 – 0 lead with a home run.
In the second Willie Mays hits a single scoring Campanella from third. 2 – 0

Cecil Fielder walks in the top of the 4th and Craig Biggio ties up the game with a 2 run home run.

Dihigo leads off the 4th with a two bagger and Ron Hunt follows up with a run scoring 2b for a 3 – 2 lead.

Top of the 6h and Willie Stargell leads off with a single and Biggio hits and runs Willie to 3rd. I use the name Willie because it makes him look faster.
With one out Prince Fielder hits a grounder to first and Alou manages to look Stargell back to third but Prince beats out infield ground out. Groat hits a fly ball to Willie Mays but Willie decides to hold 3rd.

Here comes Kessinger, easy out. He slaps one between Hunt and 2b and Alou for a lovely single
scoring Stargell and Biggio for a 4 – 3 lead.

Bottom of the 7th and Billy Werber gets on with little roller to Kessinger who boots it. Werber steals 2nd and ties up the game on a Jack Clark single.

Bottom of the 10th with Jesse Crain pitching well, walks Joe Kuehl. With Werber at the plate Kuehl steals 2nd. Crain is done. Here come the end of the rally, Rollie Fingers.
Rollie loses him with a walk. Paul Waner then sacrifices the runners to 2nd and 3rd. Up comes the Toy Cannon. Rollie puts him on with IBB.
Johnny Bassler bats for Campanella and flies out to CF Joe Dimaggio and his 39 arm and Kuehl with his 17 speed. 39 take away 17 leaves 22 from 45 means fly out. Up comes Martin Dihigo who has already had 2 hits in the game.

* M. DIHIGO ’26 facing R. FINGERS ’84, B 10th, 2 Outs, Bases Loaded, Tied 4-4
The runners take their lead … the pitch … base hit right field … CLEMENTE ’58 is after it
he cuts it off deep in the gap … it’s all over … KUHEL ’40 scores

WP: Andy Messersmith 4 – 2 LP: Jesse Crain 0 – 1

Game #4: Las Vegas: John Candelaria 2 – 4 New Westminster: Sam Leever 8 – 4

The Salmonbellies started the scoring on the first pitch with a HR from Carlos Beltran (11).

Things are pretty quiet till the bottom of the 6th when Jack Clark gets hold of one with two out to make the score 2 – 0.

Bottom of the 8th and Jimmie Wynn knocks in a run to finish the scoring. New West wins 3 – 0.

WP: Sam Leever 9 – 4         S: Bill Caudill 8      LP: John Candelaria 2 – 5

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: The biggest thing in this series was to try and keep potential all star Papa Smurf quiet and Bellies pitchers managed to do so with an 0 – 11 and one IBB. Martin Dihigo was the big hitter in the series going 8 for 16 with 4 runs 1-2b 1-HR   6 – RBI and a BB.     Salmonbellies outscored the Pirates 26 – 5 in the series.
Fort Worth Cats @ Indiana Indians
Series Preview: Fort Worth (51-22) visits Indiana (29-44).
Game #1: Verlander with 3-hit shutout as Cats win 5-0. David Price takes the loss to drop to 0-7.
Game #2: String Bean Williams wins his Indians debut and Thurman Munson drives in 2 for a 6-3 Indians victory. Greg Maddux loses his first game of the season (13-1). Keeler has 3 hits for the Cats.
Game #3: Mickey Mantle and Joe Carter with solo HR’s (Indians’ only hits) to lead Indians to 2-1 win. Drysdale over Williams.
Game #4: Cats win final game 6-4. Home Run Baker leads the way with 3 hits. Kaat over Alexander.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Moral victory for Indians to split 4-game series.
Kansas City A’s @ Cincinnati Knights
Series Preview: The Kansas City A’s (29-45, T-6th A.L. East) come to Cincinnati (47-28, 2nd A.L. West) for their first-ever visit to Glenn Sample Field.
Game #1: KCA 1-4-1, CIN 5-8-1
Jason Giambi clubbed a three-run homer (his 13th) in the fourth inning to open the scoring and provide enough of a margin for the Outlaws win. Fred Lynn added a solo shot in the fifith (his fourth) to make a winner of Mike Scott (6-5).
Game #2: KCA 4-7-0, CIN 2-4-0
The game of bleeding out from a thousand papers cuts made a winner of Phil Niekro (3-3). Bobby Bonds (11th) and Odell Hale (2nd) went yard for the A’s, as Hank Aaron chipped in with a pair of doubles).
Game #3: KCA 8-14-0, CIN 6-11-0
Cincinnati held a 5-1 lead after three innings, but Kansas City reeled off the next seven runs of the game and held on for the win. Don Buford powered a pair of homers to cap-off a 3-for-5 hitting day. Ferguson Jenkins improved his record to 8-7.
Game #4: KCA 9-13-1, CIN 4-7-0
Eddie Cicotte was dominant in this game, working six scoreless innings and limiting the Outlaws attack to just four hits. Bobby Doerr was a one-man wrecking crew, going 3-for-5 with a pair of three-run homers.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: While Cincinnati does not offer the fine cuisine of Kansas City, the A’s feasted on Outlaws pitching. It was a solid showing by the visitors that should help propel them into fifth place in the A.L East. The home squad? The All-Star break cannot come soon enoug
Boston Braves @ Wrigleyville Whales
Series Preview: A couple of last place teams battle to avoid title of worst team in American League.
Game #1: G-1- Newcombe v Hunter. Braves hammer 5-HR’s off of Catfish & 6 total, scoring in 6 of 9-innings on way to 10-1 slaughter of Whales. Dom DiMaggio (2-2,3), Pedroia (1), A.Gonzalez (7), E.Mathews (10) and Rice (12) circled the bases in what seemed to look more like a Merry-Go-Round. Dom drove in 4-runs to lead offense and Newcombe (6-8, 2.61) held Whales to 1-run on 6-hits over 7-IP to gain the win!

FINAL Braves 10 Whales 1

Game #2: G-2- P.Martinez v McNally. Whales rough up Pedro for 7-runs on 8-hits in only 5-innings as Whales even up series with 9-5 victory! Lollar (7) and Lazzeri (9) clubbed HR’s for Wrigleyville with Lollar driving in 3-runs in win. McNally (1-0, 5.40) earned an ugly “W”, going 6.2-Innings while give up 5-runs, 4-earned with 4-walks and 1-K.

FINAL Whales 9 Braves 5

Game #3: G-3- Antonelli v Quinn. Braves held a 4-2 lead going into last of the 8th but Whales rally off of Antonelli and pen. Lollar led off with a 1B and Jeff Shaw replaced Antonelli. Smith sacrificed PR-Bates to 2nd. Holliday hit a fly ball to DiMaggio for out # 2 but Yaz singled over head of Mathews to score Bates and Irish Meusel followed with a Pinch-Hit, 2-Run-HR down the LF line, his 5th of the season and gave Whales a 6-4 lead!

LuCroy led off Braves 9th with a 2B off of Burke and Melancon replaced Burke. DiMaggion singled and LuCroy checked in @ 3rd. Hall singled in LuCroy and Dom stopped @ 2nd. Adrian Gonzalez followed with a 1B and Dom’s run made it 6-6. Rudolph replaces Melancon. He K’d Rice but Gabby Hartnett delivered a RBI-1B to plate Hall and give Braves a 7-6 lead! Mathews grounded into a 6-4-3 DP.

Combs walked in 9th with 1-out but Corsi retired Ritchey and Fisk to earn his 5th save! Garciaparra launched lone homer for Braves and DiMaggio and Gonzalez had 3-hits apiece in the win. Ritchey (7) R.Smith (3) and I.Meusel (5) popped homers for Whales. Quinn was injured for 7-days.

FINAL Braves 7 Whales 6

Game #4: G-4- Marichal (0-9) v Koufax (2-13). A dream match-up of 2 HOFers who are having rough years. Juan prevails 6-2, as he allows only 2-runs on 8-hits over 7-innings. Gonzalez (8), Rice (13) and Hartnett (6) clubbed HR’s for Braves as Rice & Hartnett hit Back-2-Back HR’s in 5-run, 5th. Stan The Man ripped a solo shot in 6th for Wrigleyville.

Marichal improved to 1-9, 6.35, while Koufax fell to 2-14, 6.21.

FINAL Braves 6 Whales 2

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Braves outscore Whales 28-18 and out-homer them 10-6
Coastline Bobcats @ Motown Yankees
Series Preview: Coastline (51-22) leading the NL East visits Motown (36-37) 4th in the
NL West. Coastline looks to add to its lead in the NL East,
Motown wants to get back into the playoff hunt.The games were played “live” using TeamViewer.
Game #1: CLB B.Swift takes the hill against MTY A.Joss
The game opens weel for CLB when Becker leads off the T1 with a 2b, but after Ripken bbs, Joss gets
Wilson and Howard to F8. MTY folows that up by getting 1bs from McGriff and Torriente in the B1, only
to strand both when Valo pops out and Mackey hits into a FC to end the threat. In the CLB T2 Gehrig
leads off with a 3b; Gordon then lines an rbi-1b for a 1-0 CLB lead. The pitching would take over from
there for both teams as CLB Swift doesn’t allow another hit through his 7ip of work and MTY Joss only
allows a Howard 2b in the T6 the rest of the way. CLB goes to its season long formula and brings
Marshall in for the B8 and Sutter on for the save in the B9. Sutter does give up a Torriente 1b with 2
out, bur gats Valo on a 6-4 FC to end the game. CLB Swift (9-5) gets the win, Sutter gets his 30th
save, and Joss (3-8) with the loss.CLB 1, MTY 0
Game #2: CLB C.Finley faces MTY C.Hubbell
CLB gets on the board quickly in the T1 ona Burks solo-HR. In the T4 Burks bbs, C.Ripken executes the
H&R and 1bs putting runners at the corners, and Wilson follows with a Sac fly for a 2-0 CLB lead. CLB
Finley lloks good through 4 scoreless innings but runs into trouble in the B5. MTY Bancroft 2bs, White
rbi-1b an out later cuts the lead in half, and Walker then drives in White with a H&R rbi-2b. CLB Finley,
Casilla, and MTY Hubbell take over and toss scoreless innings through the 8th. In the CLB T9 MTY
Hubbell retires Burks and Ripken on groundouts but can’t slip a fastball by CLB Wilson as he hits a
solo-HR over the LF wall. CLB Sutter comes on in the B9 and after giving up a lead-off 1b to Ashburn,
gets the next three out for his 31st save. CLB Casilla (4-3) gets the win in relief and C.Hubbell (5-7)
takes the loss despite giving up only 4 hits.CLB 3, MTY 2
Game #3: CLB D.Stieb duels MTY D.Brown
CLB opens the scoring in the T3 with the help of some shoddy defense by MTY. CLB Williams leads off
with a 2b, 1 out later, Stieb lays down a hard bunt which MTY Bancroft charges and then throw away
letting Williams score. CLB Burks then knocks in Stieb with a 2-out rbi-2b. In the B3 MTY gets one back
when Lofton 1bs, moves up on groundout, and scores on a McGriff rbi-2b. In the CLB T5 Kemp 2bs with
2 out and then scores on Burks rbi-1b. In the B7 Mackey hits a solo-HR to bring MTY within a run. MTY
keeps the pressure on with a run in the B8 when Ashburn 1bs with 2 out and then scores on a McGriff
H&R rbi-2b. Game tied at 3-3 going into the T9. MTY Mingori and CLB Marsall toss a scoreless 9th. MTY
goes to Uehara for a scoreless 10th. MTY makes the tough decision to PH Walker for Uehara in the B10
and he draws a 2-out walk, but Marshall gets Ashburn 3U to end the inning. MTY brings on Ames in the
T11 and CLB PH Goslin hits a solo-HR to lead-off the inning. Gordon follows with a 2b and M.Williams
1bs, but Gordon is held at 3rd. MTY Lofton then pegs Gordon at the plate on a F8 by White and it looks
like the Yanks will the keep the game within 1 run. But CLB Gehrig (in the game on a double-switch) gets
the CLB an extra run with a H&R rbi-2b. CLB uses Albers and then Sutter to close out the game in the
B11. CLB Marshall (4-2) earns the win, Sutter picks up his 32nd save, and Ames (0-2) is handed the
loss.CLB 5, MTY 3 in 11 innings.
Game #4: CLB K.Brown is sent out against MTY A.Wainwright
CLB looking for the sweep opens up early on Wainwright in the T1 when Becker reahces on White’s error,
Jenkins is HBP, Ripken rips an rbi-1b, Wilson bbs to load the bases, and Howard tomahawks a 3-run 2b
for a 4-0 ‘Cats lead. Wainwright would toughen up and not yield another run through the 7th inning.
Meanwhile, the Yanks go about the business of getting back into the game in the B2 when Torriente bbs
and scores on Hack’s rbi-2b. In the MTY B4 Hack bbs and Mackey hits a 2-run HR to pull the Yanks within
a run at 4-3. The Yanks complete the comeback in the B6 with a McGriff solo-HR. Unfortunately the Yanks would give back the lead in the T8 when PH Skowron 2bs, Berger PRs, Gordon 1bs, but Berger is
held due to Walkers 36 arm in LF. M.Williams then drives an rbi-1b through the drawn in infield. CLB Sutter comes on in the B9 for his 33rd save as CLB K.Brown (10-6) gets the win and MTY S.Mingori
(5-4) gets the loss.CLB 5, MTY 4
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Coastline sweeps Motown, but all the games were close; 3 1-run games and 1-2 run game. CLB Swift
loses his chance at pitcher of the week as he is not given the chance to close out the game despite only
giving up 2 hits and 0 runs. Sutter saves all 4 games for the Bobcats. Not a lot of offense in the series,
but Mackey does hit 2 HRs for the hometown Yanks.
West Michigan Retrogrades @ Hollywood Zombies
Series Preview:  
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Hollywood steals 1 but loses the rest…a pattern
Clockwork Heroes @ Detroit DeLoreans
Series Preview: Sorry LEGgers! A file error precipitated a series replay. Clockwork Heros (52-21) vs. Detroit DeLoreans (40-33).
Game #1: CWH 3 – DET 4 (10)
Game #2: CWH 3 – DET 4 (12)
Game #3: CWH 3 – DET 2
Game #4: CWH 5 – DET 7
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Close series! Detroit was fortunate to take three of four games. The DeLoreans Chuck Klein continues to pound the ball going 8 for 13 (.615) with a HR, three doubles, three runs, and two RBI. Unfortunately, injuries occurred in the first three games of the series to C. Morgan (5 days), A. Vaughn (11 days), S. Rice (1 day), and B. Terry (5 days).
Climax Cougars @ San Tan Valley Moonrakers
Series Preview: The cougars bring their high powered offense to San Tan Valley for a match against a good but not great Moonraker squad.
Game #1: Sam Crawford goes 4-5 and drives in 3 runs in a Cougar 10-6 win. Mel Ott clubs a homer around the right field pole. “Pop” Lloyd drives in 4 with a homer and a single. Smokey Joe wood wins his 5th. Eric Plunk saves his 7th.
Game #2: Ott cracks another homer, but Hal Trotsky of the Moonrakers was the story with THREE homers, diving in 5. Oscar Charleston chips in with a two run homer and San Tan wins 10-4
Game #3: San Tan SS Vern Stephens hits a two run homer and that’s more than enough for Randy Johnson, who doesn’t get the shutout in going 8 innings, giving up 4 hits and one run. Jessie Barnes saves the 2-1 San Tan win.
Game #4: Another good San Tan pitching performance as Bump Hadley goes 8 2/3 innings of one run ball, giving up 7 hits ( 3 of them to Johnny Mize). Vern Stephens hits another homer and San Tan Takes the series with a 3-1 win.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Except for game #1, San Tan’s pitching was the difference in the series. Trotsky had another one of his monster games, with his Game #2 3-5, 5 RBI, 3 homer game. Vern Stephens hit 2 homers and drove in 4 for the series.
Virginia Cavaliers  @ Hoboken Zephyrs
Series Preview: The Virginia Cavaliers(34-39) travel to Hoboken to take on the second-place Zephyrs.
Game #1: The Virginia bullpen shut down Hoboken over the final 6.1 innings to earn a hardfought 11-inning affair. Frank Robinson led the Cavalier offense with a first inning solo blast and a double. Stan Spence hit a grand slam in the third inning to account for all Hoboken scoring. Red Faber made key mistakes allowing two in the eighth as he worked his ERA to 2.28.
Virginia 5 Hoboken 4 11 innings
Game #2: Noodles Hahn improved his record to 11-6, 1.68ERA allowing only one hit; a two-run blast by Steve Finley in the 7th inning. Jeff Heath went 3-5 with 3rbi and Stan Spence homered to lead the Zephyr attack.
Hoboken 7 Virginia 2
Game #3: This was a classic seesaw battle as Frankie Frisch hit two clutch solo homers to lead Virginia to a 6-5 fifteen inning victory. Ewell Blackwell took his second loss of the series in relief as his record dropped to 2-7. Alan Trammell and Frank Robinson combined for 5 hits to help fuel the Cavs offense. Eddie Yost led Hoboken going 3-6 with a homer and 2rbis.
Virginia 6 Hoboken 5 15 innings
Game #4: Jimmy Key thwarted the Zephyrs’ hopes for a split as he twirled a beautiful complete game 4-hitter. Key improved his record to 4-4, 3.15era. Tom Seaver left in the 2nd inning with an arm injury.
Virginia 4 Hoboken 1
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: The Cavaliers outworked Hoboken over the course of the series in taking 3 of 4. Virginia is scraping to keep their playoff hopes alive with this impressive effort.
 Nags Head Surf Sox @ Iowa Giants
Series Preview: Nags come in 29-41 I m sure a disappointing season Iowa for sure a disappointing season comes into series 27-43 two players on DL and hoping to at least get a split to show a little hope in turning things around.
Game #1: NAG 4-4-1 WP T Watson 1-0 SV Cordero 13
IOWA 3-7-1 LP Goosage 1-2
When things go wrong things go wrong Giants take a 3-0 lead in ninth, Feller throwing a 2 hitter and loads the bases, Goose Goosage comes in to shut the Sox down and bang Dave Kingman Grand Slam and Giants lose. That the way season is going so far.
Game #2: NAG 4-12-1 LP N Charlton 2-1
IOW 8-14-0 WP Fidrych 1-0
Bill Doak gets a great start goes 5 innings 6 hits and only 1 ER, the BIRD Mark Fidrych goes 1 inning in relief to get win, Dale Alexander a disappointment so far this season goes through going 2-5 with 5 Rbi and a Grand Slam.
Game #3: NAG 8-16-0 WP Giusti 3-2 SV Watson 2
IOW 6-12-1 LP D Dean 3-6
Wow what can I say Giants coasting along up 6-1 going in 8th Sox get 2 in Eight inning then 3 in 9th to tie game, Game goes 15 innings and Sox get two in 15th for the win. Von Hayes player of game 3-7 4 Rbi and Homer
Game #4: NAG 6-8-0 WP Hamel 5-5 SV Street 3
IOW 4-7-0 LP Feller 4-14
No Bob Feller not on trading block just bad luck Von Hayes, Foxx, Hayes all homer
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: A very disappointing series as the season as also been that, trying to get team back to 500 but it appears a very tough road to success. NAG player of series Jimmie Foxx 8-18 2 homers 2 doubles and the bullpen of the NAG shut down the Giants in the series. Hope Rudy York got some votes for all star he has the back bone to the offense 15 homers and 32 rbi in just 44 games, Joe Morgan been stealing base with 23 steal in 28 attempts.
Fire Lake Segers @ Pigtown Bombers
Series Preview: Series sweep for Fire Lake. Wrote up the whole game play twice but the computer crapped out and did not send or save. Look at Soto and Gullett for POW honors
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary:  
1Fantomz Force @ Wainwright Wranglers
Series Preview:  
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary:  


National League Pitcher of the Week – Satchel Paige – Fantomz Force

1-0 record, 9.0  innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 3 hits, 9 strikeouts,  &1 walk, Anyone else tired of this guy’s brilliance?





American League Pitcher of the Week – Gene Conley  – Boston Braves

1-0 record, 9 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 2 hits, 9 strikeouts, & 3 walks




National League Player of the Week – Chuck Klein  – Detroit Deloreans

.381 avg / 0.810 slg, 8 for 21,  3 doubles, 2 home runs, 5  runs, & 7 RBIs




American League Player of the Week – Sal Bando  – Cincinnati Knights

.500 avg / 1.500 slg, 5 for 10, 1 double, 3 homers, 3 runs, 9 RBIs & 1 walk


Continue reading “2020 PLAYER / PITCHER OF THE WEEK #13”



National League Pitcher of the Week – Curt Davis – West Michigan Retrogrades

1-0 record, 9.0  innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 3 hits, 5 strikeouts,  &1 walk




American League Pitcher of the Week – Sam Leever  – New Westminster Salmonbellies

1-0 record, 9 innings pitched, 1.00 ERA, 3 hits allowed, 3 strikeouts, & 2 walks




National League Player of the Week – Sherry Magee  – San Tan Valley Moonrakers

.389 avg / 0.722 slg, 7 for 18, 2 home runs, 4  runs, 7 RBIs, 1 walk, & 1 stolen base




American League Player of the Week – Ty Cobb  – Middle Channel Sturgeon

.500 avg / 0.875 slg,  8 for 16, 2 doubles, 2 triples, 5 runs, 2 RBIs,  & 4 walks




Fort Worth’s Greg Maddux is continuing his quest for an undefeated season as he now leads the league with a 13-0 record. He also leads in ERA with a microscopic1.62 ERA. Paired with Justin Verlander (9-3 2.23 ERA), they make a formidable 1-2 punch in Fort Worth’s rotation. A good reason they are in first place with a 4 game lead over Cincinnati. However, when it comes to baffling batters, a 22-year-old kid from New Westminster is hard to beat. Dutch Leonard has a 26 K lead over Cincinnati’s Dazzy Vance as he has struck out 119 to Vance’s 90.

On the offensive side of the ball, Cincinnati’s Ted Williams’ .336 batting average holds the edge over Middle Channel’s Ty Cobb and his .324 average. However, Cobb does lead the league in hits with 91. In the race for the Home Run Crown, there is a three-way tie at this point in the season. Cecil Fielder (Las Vegas), John Mayberry (Chicago), and Mark McGwire (Jack Street) have all sent 22 balls over various walls throughout the league. And Jack Street’s Rogers Hornsby sits atop the lead in driving runs in with a total of 63 in his 66 games played. And let’s not forget the legs of the LEG League. Speedsters Ricky Henderson (Purry) with 32 and Luis Aparicio (Kansas City A’s) with 28 lead the league in thefts.

As the ALE and ALW continue to match up for the next few series, let’s see if Jack Street’s home record can catch up with their road record,…if Fort Worth can shake free from the determined Cincinnati Knights,…if Boston and Wrigleyville can turn their seasons around.

            And as for some players,…Babe Ruth (Lewisberry) sports a real nice 2.74 ERA after 12 games but it doesn’t match up to his 4-6 record. Freddie Freeman’s .301 with 11 homers leads Ruth’s Blumpkins. John Mayberry (Chicago) is a beast! .318-22-50 in 60 games with a .720 slugging and 1.165 OPS! My favorite player in baseball is having a tough year. Indiana’s Mickey Mantle is batting an uncharacteristic .239 with only 6 long balls. But I am optimistic! I say he will finish the year with a .290-30-93 batting line. Just not sure which year. Two other pitchers having an unusual year reside in Boston. Pedro Martinez (2.54 ERA) and Don Newcombe (2.70 ERA) have great ERA’s yet their records lean toward the loss column. Bob has to be shaking his head. They’ll turn it around. Here’s a good one. Little Jose Altuve (Menomonee) leads teammate Barry “Bighead” Bonds 28-20 in extra-base hits. Go figure.

It’s too bad Martin Dihigo (New Westminister) doesn’t have enough PA’s to qualify for the batting title. The 21-year-old youngster is batting a blistering .371,…35 points better than leader Ted Williams. Dihigo also has 15 homers, showing a penchant for power as well. With 10 wins, 8 quality starts, and a 2.74 ERA, Javier Vazquez (Purry) has established himself as the ace of the Cowpokes. Todd Helton (Madison East) leads the Purgolders with 55 hits for a .296 average but is just behind teammate Carlos Gonzalez and his .319. Jacob DeGrom (Kansas City Blues) is not pitching like an 18 starter. At 3-7 with a 4.86 ERA he’s giving Sam headaches trying to figure out what’s wrong. Hang in there, Sam. By the way, J-Lo’s fiance’ leads the Blues with 12 steals. Jack Quinn (Wrigleyville) not only has a winning record (6-5) but a solid ERA (3.26) as well. Good job Jack!

Well, with 69 games in the books, it looks like about 5 teams in the East and 5 in the West are still in the hunt for the Division. We’ll have to see what shakes loose in the next few series.



With 26 saves already, Bruce Sutter (Coastline) is on pace for 50+ saves. No undefeated pitchers in the NL, but Tom “Terrific” Seaver (Hoboken) is 12-2 and Chuck Finley (Coastline) is 11-1 and have a shot at 20+ wins on the year. Surprisingly, Noodles (I love that name) Hahn (Hoboken) leads in ERA with the same ERA as the AL Leader, 1.62. He is getting a lot of pressure from Christy Mathewson (Clockwork – I always want to call them Clockwork Orange like the old movie) – who has a sparkling 1.69 ERA. Clockwork also has Dick Donovan with a 1.91 ERA which helps them carry their 2.56 team ERA! Randy Johnson (San Tan) continued to throw goose eggs as he upped his shutout total to 6 on the year. The man is something! When it comes to making bats miss balls, three players stand out. Christy Mathewson (Clockwork), “Bullet” Bob Feller (Iowa), and Satchel Paige (Fantomz) have struck out 124, 122, and 120 batters. No wonder some stadiums don’t need airconditioning.

On the offensive side of the ball, Cal Ripken (Coastline) with a .342 batting average leads Mel Ott (Climax) by 20 points. Ripken also leads in hits 95-85 over Nap LaJoie (Detroit). In the realm of NL longballs, two players have moved to the top,…Hack Wilson (another Coastline) has blasted 23 and Ripper Collins (Detroit) 21. And when it comes to RBI’s, Stan Spence (Hoboken) has chased in 61 in 63 games making him a dangerous man with runners on. Right behind Spence is Hal Trosky (San Tan) with 55 RBI. Behind no one are the two speedsters of the NL, Kenny Lofton (Motown) and Joe Morgan (Iowa) who are tied with 18 thefts each. Somebody should tell the cops.

With all that good pitching in the National League, it’s a wonder the front-runners have been able to open up substantial leads. But they have and it’s probably due to the fact that both Coastline and Clockwork are in the top four of team pitching and team batting. Elsewhere, Fantomz and Virginia are slipping a bit while Hoboken and San Tan are trying to keep the pressure on Clockwork.

The “Iron-Man”, Lou Gehrig (Coastline) is having a rough season,….185 batting average, 6 homers, 20 RBI whereas, teammate Al “Bucketfoot” Simmons is having a great season with a .345 batting average,…but only 29 AB’s. Nap LaJoie (Detroit) has knocked out 32 doubles in his 69 games so far. At that rate, he could get 70+ by the end of the season. Ripper Collins (Detroit) is living up to his name with 42 extra-base hits. Frank Linzy (West Michigan) has pitched in relief to a minuscule ERA of 0.92! Satchel Paige (Fantomz) just keeps rolling along – 10-5, 2.14, 120 K’s in 134 innings. Amazing! Honus Wagner (Fantomz) hitting .210?? Well, he is 40 years old. Al Rosen (Virginia) is the only Cavalier with double-digit homers – 10. Sad.

Spud Chandler (Climax) has almost 1/3 of the teams wins with 9. Mel Ott (Climax) is hitting like Mel Ott with a .322 batting average. Joaquin Andujar (Nags Head) needs more wins,…he only has 2. Jimmie Foxx (Nags Head) is still cranking out extra-base hits with 36 so far including 12 homers. Jim Abbott (Pigtown) has a decent ERA at 3.39, he just needs some more wins for his efforts. Hank Greenberg (Pigtown) has poked 14 long balls so far despite his .232 average. Dick Wakefield (Who??) (Clockwork) is rolling along with a solid .307 batting average. Hoboken has three starters, – Noodles Hahn (1.62), Red Faber (2.18), and Tom Seaver (2.91) with ERA’s under 3.00. WOW! Talk about a tough rotation.

 Jim Bottomly (Hoboken) is not at the bottom. His .326 batting average leads the Zephyrs. Don’t care what he does,…I just like Randy Johnson (San Tan) as a pitcher. He’s good. With 17 homers apiece, Hal Trosky (San Tan) and Vern Stephens (San Tan) are 2 points apart in batting average, – .275 to .277. Motown (loved their music) also has three starters with an ERA under 3.00 – Adam Wainwright (2.55), Carl Hubbell (2.69), and Dave Brown (2.88). Look out Hoboken!

The “Crime Dog” Fred McGriff (Motown) hasn’t committed any, but he is batting .291 so far. I wonder what John Smoltz the analyst would say about John Smoltz (Fire Lake) the pitcher and his 5.10 ERA? Pete Rose (Fire Lake) with 53 hits and a .255 average has a long way to go to get to 4,000. Just saying. In my opinion, Lefty Grove (Wainwright) is better than a 3.04 ERA. Tony Gwynn (Wainwright) is a professional hitter, batting .302. Iowa is better that they appear,…they beat me. I don’t care if Bob Feller (Iowa) has 13 losses, he’s still Bob Feller! Joe Morgan steals a lot of bases, he just needs to get on base more (.228 batting average). Walter Johnson (Hollywood) is good, very good (2.67 ERA). So why only 7 wins? Come on Steve.

Coastline and Clockwork,…then all the rest. Let’s see if it stays that way. On to the next series. Continue reading “2020 PLAYER / PITCHER OF THE WEEK #12”



National League Pitcher of the Week – Red Faber – Hoboken Zephyrs

1-0 record, 9.0  innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 2nd No-hitter in LEG history, 3 strikeouts, & 1 walks




American League Pitcher of the Week – Felix Hernandez  – Chicago Nine

1-0 record, 9 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 3 hits allowed, 5 strikeouts, & 0 walk




National League Player of the Week – Tommy Davis  – West Michigan Retrogrades

.353 avg / 0.941 slg,  6 for 17, 2 triples, 2 home runs, 5  runs, 4 RBIs,  & 1 stolen base




American League Player of the Week – Freddie Freeman  – Lewisberry Country Blumpkins

.545 avg / 1.273 slg, 6 for 11, 2 doubles, 2 home runs, 2 runs, & 6 RBIs


Comparing the 1st two months

The Jack Street Hustlers were the fastest team out of the gate in the first year of LEG. The Hustlers walked through the first month crushing their AL opponents to the tune of a 23-6 record for April.

The Clockwork Heros and Coastline Bobcats paced the NL West and East respectively with impressive records of 20-9 while top honors in the AL West went to the Menomonee Minutemen with a cool 19-11 record. Continue reading “2020 PLAYER / PITCHER OF THE WEEK #11”


American League Pitcher of the Month – Justin Verlander – Fort Worth Cats

Mr. Upton was a cool 4-1 in his six starts in May and allowed a stingy 27 hits in over 50 innings and a stellar 1.79 ERA that helped him edge out Greg Maddux for his 2nd straight PotM with 13 of a possible 20 votes.
Other worthy candidates for this award were:
2nd – Greg Maddux (FWC – 8 votes)
3rd – Clayton Kershaw (CIN – 8 votes)


National League Pitcher of the Month – Randy Johnson – San Tan Valley Moonrakers

San Tan’s month of standout performances starts with Mr. Johnson who’s Ichabod Crane physique distracted hitters to the tune of an insane 0.35 ERA in May with only two runs allowed in 52 innings. Johnson wracked up 40 Ks in the process of going 5-0 and garnered him the unanimous choice for the Pitcher of the Month honors.
Other worthy candidates for this award were:
2nd – Noodles Hahn (HBZ – 8 votes)
3rd – Dick Donovan (CWH – 6 votes)

American League Player of the Month – Socks Seybold – Menomonee Minutemen

This photogenic happy guy let his bat do the talking all of May. Ralph raked with 14 doubles, a triple, 8 triple, and eight homers in the month as part of a nifty cool .341 batting average and .812 slugging percentages while being tops in the AL with 28 RBIs in the month. Nice and the committee agreed to give him 17 of 20 possible votes!
Other worthy candidates for this award were:
2nd – Ed Bailey (PUR – 8 votes)
3rd – Rogers Hornsby (JSH – 7 votes)


National League Player of the Month – Vern Stephens– San Tan Valley Moonrakers

Vern Stephens’ life was tragically short as he passed away at the age of 48, but throughout his career with the St. Louis Browns and Boston Red Sox ‘Little Slug’ was among the best hitting infielders in the game. Stephens carried this success to the LEG in May, is the unanimous choice for PotM after smashing 10 doubles, 10 homers, and driving in 22 runs while scoring 24.
Other worthy candidates for this award were:
2nd – Cal Ripken Jr. (CLB – 11 votes)
3rd – Duke Snider (WMR – 5 votes)



National League Pitcher of the Week – Urban Shocker – West Michigan Retrogrades

1-0 record, 9.0  innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 1 hit allowed, 5 strikeouts, & 3 walks




American League Pitcher of the Week – Mike Scott  – Cincinnati Knights

1-0 record, 9 innings pitched,  .00 ERA, 3 hits allowed, 8 strikeouts, & 1 walk




National League Player of the Week – Ripper Collins  – Detroit Deloreans

.500 avg / 1.357 slg, 7 for 14, 4 home runs, 5  runs, 5 RBIs, & 1 walk




American League Player of the Week – Joe (Ducky) Medwick  – Jack Street Hustlers

.471 avg / 1.176 slg, 8 for 17, 3 doubles, 3 home runs, 5 runs, & 9 RBIs


Fort Worth Cats vs Jack Street Hustlers
Series Preview: The Fort Worth Cats (37-20) travel to Jack Street (39-18) in a battle of the first place teams in their respective AL divisions.
Game #1: Game 1 matches Root (5-4) for the Cats against Glav ine (8-0) for the Hustlers. This one was all Hustlers as they scored early and often, led by Rogers Hornsby (3-5 with 2 HR, 3 runs and 6 rbi) and Duck Medwick (5-6 with 2 doubles, 2 homers (including a grand slam) 4 runs and 6 rbi). Final score was 16-2 Jack Street. A bright spot for the Cats, Kenny Singleton goes 4-4 in the loss.
Game #2: Game 2 features Cats’ co-ace Justin Verlander (7-3) against Sonny Siebert (3-4) for the Hustlers. Cats get on the board first by scoring 2 in the first. Jack Street gets one back in the 2nd, but Fort Worth puts it away in the 7th with a 4 spot. Final score 6-1. Verlander goes 7 giving up 4 hits, 4 walks and strikes out 6. Lee May doubles and homers and drives in 2. Palmeiro is injured for the Hustlers for 6 days.
Game #3: Game 3 starters are Cats’ other co-ace Greg Maddux (10-0) against Hustler ace Bill Byrd (5-1). Cats again score 2 in the first and never look back. Final score Fort Worth takes it 4-1. Maddux goes 7 giving up 5 hits, a run, no walks and strikes out 6. Eck picks up his 11th save. Al Oliver’s 2 run single is the big blow of the game.
Game #4: The final game of the series matches Jim Kaat (5-4) for Fort Worth against Frank Viola (3-0) for Jack Street. Fort Worth again scores early, pushing across 2 in the 2nd and again never trailed. Final score Fort Worth 7, Jack Street 2. Kaat goes 7 giving up 3 hits, 2 runs, 3 walks and 6 Ks. The Jack Street defense forgot their gloves as they commit 4 errors in the game.
Series Summary: Jack Street’s offense is starting to look a little overrated, as they are limited to 4 runs and 14 hits over the last 3 games after their first game outburst. Verlander and Maddux make a terrific 1-2 punch.
Purry Cowpokes @ Lewisberry Country Blumpkins
Series Preview: The Purry Cowpokes (32-25) traveled down the Mighty Susquehanna River to face the Country Blumpkins (34-23) in North Lewisberry. The series was played over TeamViewer and was about as evenly matched as expected.
Game #1: Weimer vs Ruth
Glenn Davis knocks in 3 and Tris Speaker had 3 hits and scored 3 runs as 4 Poke pitchers shutdown the Blumpkins on 7 hits.
Cowpokes 5 Country Blumpkins 0
Game #2: Carlton vs Hershiser
Purry jumps out to a 4-0 lead in the 4th but Steve Sax’s 3run HR in the 5th ties it up at 4. Boggs pinch-hit 2RBI 1B in the 6th gives the Blumpkins the lead for good. Nellie Cruz adds a 2run HR late for LCB and Bernie Williams hit a solo HR in the 3rd. Luke Easter had 3 hits and scored 3 runs for the Pokies.
Country Blumpkins 8 Cowpokes 5
Game #3: Vazquez vs Cooper
Neither starter was very effective. And Zach Britton was worse. After being on the mound in the 9th to watch Brady Anderson steal home on a Double Steal with Rickey, he serves up a meatball to Gorman Thomas in the 10th to hand Purry the win. The NSA is currently scouring Britton’s background to see if he has any connections to foreign governments.
Cowpokes 8 Country Blumpkins 7 10inn
Game #4: Radcliffe vs Morris
Cowpokes again jump out to a 4-0 lead until the bottom of the 4th when the Blumpkins scratch out 2 to cut the lead in half. Bottom 6th, Blumpkins explode for 4. Britton, after being cleared by the Sate department earlier in the day, redeemed himself with a perfect 9th. Speaker had 4 RBI for Purry.
Country Blumpkins 6 Cowpokes 5
Series Summary: Split. An enjoyable and frustrating series. Never playing Rob again live. Just kidding. I love playing my series live.
Cowpokes’ Tris Speaker goes 7-13 (.538) with 5 runs, 5 RBI, 2BB and 5 2Bs. His first 5 hits of the series were doubles. Wish we had Intentional HBP in this league….
Kansas City A’s @ New Westminster Salmonbellies
Series Preview: Kansas City A’s come to town after knocking off 3rd place Menomonee 3 – 1.
Should be an interesting series after last week’s lethargic effort.
Game #1: Kansas City: Ferguson Jenkins 7 – 3 vs New Westminster Jeff Tesreau 4 – 5

Kansas City A’s score 1 in the first inning.
Martin Dihigo hits a 2 run home run in the first
In the second Joe Kuel hits a two run double to make the score 4 – 1
In 5th inning the Salmobellies go crazy and score 5 runs 9 -1
A’s score one more in the top of the 7th on a SF scoring Dale Murphy.
Final, New Westminster 9 and Kansas City 2

WP: Jeff Tesreau 5 – 5 LP: Ferguson Jenkins 7 – 4

Game #2: Kansas City Phil Niekro 2 – 2 New Westminster Sam Leever 4 – 4

The Salmonbellies got off to a rare fast lead in the first going up 2 – 0. The A’s come back
in the 4th to tie up the game with a Bill White, 2 run, home run.
In the 5th the Salmonbellies superstar of superstars, Martin Dihigo hits his 14th home run and 36th rbi to put the game out of reach for the A’s to come back.
The Bellies go on to a 5 – 2 victory with Dihigo bringing his average to .396 with 12 doubles, 14 home runs and 36 rbi.

WP: Sam Leever 5 – 4 S: Bill Caudill 5 LP: LP: Phil Niekro 2 – 3

Game #3: Kansas City Three Finger Brown 4 – 5 vs New Westminster Scott Williamson 0 – 1

Bellies get the scoring started in the 3rd on an RBI single by Bozo Concepcion scoring Ferris Fain.
Top of the 5th and Reggie Jackson leads off with his 2nd homer of the season. Ken Boyer scores on
a single by Hal Morris to take a 2 -1 lead. In the next inning Bobby Bonds hits a 2 run home run
to put KC up 4 – 1. The KC team keeps getting hits as a parade of relievers start coming in for New West.
It is starting to look like a KC run away until the bottom of the 7th.
With a runner on Willie Mays hits a double to make the score 4 – 2. Here comes the bullpen.
Dick Hall comes in and gives up a couple of hits. Now Walker Cooper throws the ball into centre field
and Mays scores. Ferris Fain then knocks in the Lord and we have a tie game. Joe Kuehl runs for
Fain and moves to second on a grounder and scored on a single by Concepcion to go ahead 5 – 4.
In the 8th Campanella hits his 3rd of the year to make the score 6 – 4 which is the final.

WP: Frank Lary 1 -1 S: Bill Caudill 6 LP: Dick Hall 1 – 3

Game #4: Kansas City: Eddie Cicotte 5 – 6 New Westminster: Dutch Leonard 9 – 2

Cicotte looks like has a big smudge of chocolate on his uniform. Probably the ice cream
cone he just ate. It was vanilla.

In the 2nd with the Bellies up by one, Carlos Beltran hits a 2 run double to put the Bellies up 3 – 0.
The Salmonbellies go on to score 6 more to win 9 – 3 in a 14 hit game as Dutch Leonard only allowed
4 hits through 8.1 for the victory.

WP: Dutch Leonard 10 – 2 LP: Eddie Cicotte: 5 – 7

Series Summary: New Westminster Salmonbellies scored 29 runs on 43 hits to Kansas City A’s 11 runs on 27 hits.
Dihigo came through again going 7 for 15 with 3 runs, 4 RBI and 2 home runs.
Bobby Bonds had a couple of home runs for KC.
Las Vegas Pirates @ Cincinnati Knights
Series Preview: The Las Vegas Pirates (27-30 — third place A.L. East) make their first-ever visit to the Cincinnati Knights (35-22 — second place A.L. West) for a four game set. Both teams dropped three of four in their previous series before this and are looking to right their respective ships.
Game #1: LVP 4-8-0, CIN 2-7-1

Las Vegas gets a pair of runs in the fifth and sixth innings and rides a big boom from Cecil Fielder in the win. The Knights strand a dozen on the basepaths in taking the loss.

Game #2: LVP 5-9-0, CIN 4-6-1 (10 Inn.)

Cincinnati wasted a four-run effort in the sixth inning in coming back to force extra innings. Rollie Fingers worked three scoreless innings to secure the victory, while Prince Fielder delivered the go ahead single in the tenth.

Game #3: LVP 6-10-1, CIN 9-12-5

Mark Belanger would spin in his grave — FIVE, count ’em up — FIVE Knight errors nearly let this one get away. Chick Hafey delivered at the plate for Cincinnati, going two-for-four with a three-run homer. Did I mention FIVE errors nearly cost Clayton Kershaw a win?!?!

Game #4: LVP 0-3-0, CIN 1-9-0

Mike Scott fired a brilliant three-hit, complete game, shutout win. Scott struck out eight and allowed a single walk in his fifth win of the campaign. Ted Williams hammered three doubles, as Sal Bando’s first inning single provided the only offense of the game.

Series Summary: The teams split the series with each taking a pair of wins. The scoring in the series was nearly even (CIN held a 16-15 edge) and the hitting was about the same (CIN 34-30). While the Pirates were flawless defensively, not committing an error all week — the Knights bobbled their way to seven errors
Chicago Nine @ Kansas City Blues
Series Preview: Blues actually win a few hoping to continue
Game #1: Sabathia 3-7 vs Greinke 3-5
Sabathia CG 9-2 win for the Nine
Game #2: F.Hernandez vs Bridges 4-5
Pitching duel won by Hernandez with a 6-hit shutout 2-0 for the Nine
Game #3: J.Richard 5-5 vs Simmons 2-3
The Nine score 5 in 3rd the Blues score 4 in the 4th and that’s how it ends Nine 5-4 win
Game #4: Pennock 3-6 vs Koosman 3-8
another low scoring game Blues manage to be on top for 3-2 win
Series Summary: The Chicago Nine come to Kansas City eat BBQ listen to some Blues and commence to handle the Blues 3-1
Nik prefers Bryant’s BBQ but he’s from Canada Kansas City Best BBQ in the world Gate’s BBQ for me
Middle Channel Sturgeon @ Wrigleyville Whales
Series Preview: Middle Channel Sturgeon (26-31) @ Wrigleyville Whales (20-37)
Game #1: G-1- Scherzer v Welch. Max (8-5, 2.75) and Co. held Whales to 4-hits in 11-0 skunk! Sturgeon pounded out 14-hits with Dave Parker leading attack, going 2-3, HR (7), 2B (15), 3-runs & 3-RBI. Welch (4-7, 4.79) gave up 7-runs on 8-hits and 3-walks in 4.2-IP

FINAL Sturgeon 11 Whales 0

Game #2: G-2- R. Foster v Mays. Sturgeon pounded out 14-hits, again and cruised to a 7-2 victory! Parker struck again, clubbing his 8th homer as part of a 3-5 game! Foster (6-7, 4.66) hurled CG, 4-hitter while Mays was punished with 12-hits & 7-run in 6.1-IP. Salvador Perez added his 7th home run in win.

FINAL Sturgeon 7 Whales 2

Game #3: G-3- A. Leiter v Quinn. Less runs but same results as Sturgeon silence Whales again, this time 2-0. Leiter (5-9, 8.17) tossed 8-innings of 4-hit ball and Chapman (3.80) earned his 6th save. Cobb gave Middle Channel a 1-0 lead in 1st when he hammered his 7th home run! Quinn (5-5, 3.62) gave up 2-runs on 6-hits for Whales.

FINAL Sturgeon 2 Whales 0

Game #4: G-4- Sale v Koufax. Game was 3-1 Middle Channel going into 8th and Sturgeon scored 6-runs and 3-runs in 9th to complete sweep! Sale (6-4, 2.95) gave up only 1-run in 6.1-IP. Cobb (8) ripped another homer and Victor Martinez was 3-4 in win! Salvador Perez drove in 3-runs from 9-hole. Koufax (0-13, 6.59) allowed 5-runs on 5-hits and 4-walks and took another loss.

FINAL Sturgeon 12 Whales 2

Series Summary: Middle Channel (30-31) made short work of Whales (20-41) in sweep!
Menomonee Minutemen @ Indiana Indians
Series Summary:  
Boston Braves @ Madison East Purgolders
Series Preview: Boston visits Madison East in a battle of 6th place teams. The tension is dismal……
Game #1: Johnny Antonelli vs. Mark Buerhle. Boston scores five in the 5th, with the help of a Jim Rice grand slam, to fuel a 6-3 victory.
Game #2: Pedro Martinez vs. Bret Saberhagen. A fine matchup to say the least. Surprisngly, Saberhagen scatters 9 hits over 9 for a 3-0 shutout win, his first of the year.
Game #3: Southpaw Billy O’Dell vs. Southpawer Art Nehf, with his 0-6 record and 6.45 ERA in tact coming in. The Mighty Purgolders walk off in ten as Jose Mesa records his first win of the season. Final 4-3.
Game #4: Juan Marichal (0-6, 5.67) vs. Hooks Wiltse (2-7, 6.59). Something has got to give! And the Hookster has been giving runs away like Oprah does cars and iPods. But not today!!!! The Purgolder score 3 in the third and 2 in the fourth on their way to an 8-3 victory. Hookie gets his third W on the season and watches his ERA plummet to a minuscule 6.10.
Series Summary: The Mighty Purgolders of Madison East take their first series win of the year, getting three of four from the Braves of Boston.
Coastline Bobcats @ Hoboken Zephyrs
Series Preview: The NL East-leading Coastline Bobcats visit Elysian Field to take on the NL West second place team, the Hoboken Zephyrs. An early season preview of a possible playoff series.
Game #1: In his first LEG appearance since his passing, Tom Seaver faced Bill Swift in a strong pitching duel. Seaver prevailed running his record to 10-2, 3.13era. The tough luck loser, Swift, saw his record drop to 6-5, 2.93era. The Bobcat offense was led by Cal Ripken who singled twice and drove in the lone Coastline run in the top of the 8th. Stan Spence led the Hoboken attack by driving in both Zephyr runs with a double and a single.
Hoboken 2 Coastline 1
Game #2: Game 2 featured another tough pitching match-up. After five scoreless innings, the Bobcats were able to cobble together four runs over the next three innings to drop Red Faber’s record to 7-5, 2.30era. Chuck Finley was extremely strong taking his record to 10-1, 2.81era. Even after surviving a vicious curling iron attack by Tawny Kitaen, Finley allowed only four hits over 8 1/3. Bruce Sutter came on to close it out for his 22nd save. Hack Wilson hit a solo shot and Joe Gordon chipped in a big RBI triple. Finley also drove in a run to help his own cause. Stan Spence’s solo blast was the only Hoboken offense.
Coastline 4 Hoboken 1
Game #3: More pitching as these two teams took a 2-2 tie into the 9th. Dave Stieb and Ewell Blackwell both exited after 6 innings to earn no-decisions. The flood gates opened in the top of the 9th as the Bobcats touched up Mike Garcia for 5 earned runs. Lou Gehrig opened the festivities with a solo blast. After loading the bases, Geoff Jenkins ripped a bases-clearing double to the gap in left center to seal the deal. Hoboken could only muster two runs on 11 hits with Jim Bottomley leading the way with a 4 for 4 performance. Mike Garcia’s record fell to 1-4, 4.26era. Santiago Casilla earned the win going two innings in relief and improving to 3-3, 1.64era.
Coastline 7 Hoboken 2
Game #4: The Zephyrs turned to their ace, Noodle Hahn, in the hopes of earning a series split. Noodles definitely showed up pitching a complete game 6-hitter allowing only one earned run. However, the Bobcat pitching staff was more than equal to the challenge. Kevin Brown allowed only 3 hits over the first 7 innings. Mike Marshall pitched a 1-2-3 eighth to earn his 10th hold. Bruce Sutter allowed just one hit in the 9th to earn his 23rd save.
Series Summary: In a series that featured many very strong pitching performances, Coastline prevailed taking 3 of 4 in Hoboken.
Virginia Cavaliers @ Motown Yankees
Series Preview: Matchup of 2 squads looking to create a little more certainty in a run for the playoffs. Virginia comes into the series at 32-26 while Motown stands at 29-29. 13.5 back of 1st place in the ultra competitive NL West.
Game #1: Old school pitchers duel, with both Dave Brown and Preacher Roe tossing shutouts through 8 innings. The game continued through 12, and in the top of the 12th Harris and Pena knocked in single runs each to break the tie. Dave Brown was the tough luck loser, going all 12, while Betancourt came in to earn his 1st W of the season. Virginia wins 2-0.
Game #2: Carl Hubbell was the pitching star, going the CG shut out route and allowing only 4 hits. Bancroft knocked a pair of doubles for the Yanks, but the big blow came off the bat of Biz Mackey in the 2nd in the form of a 2 run shot, dropping Bob Turley to 4-6. Motown takes this one, 3-0.
Game #3: Wainwright v Guzman, but the pitchers did not dominate as in the 1st 2 games. Motown struck first cobbling a run together in the bottom of the 2nd, but Kevin McReynolds came through with the Baltimore Special in the top of the 4th. Torriente hit a long ball of his own, tying the game in the bottom of the 6th, making the 2nd game of the series go extras. Trammell led off the 10th with a double, and Garry Templeton plated the winning run with a following single. Grant Jackson picked up his 2nd win in relief, with Keith Foulke collecting his 20th save. Steve Mingori continued his dismal season as a grade 21 giving up that run and taking another L. Virginia takes this one 4-3.
Game #4: Addie Joss takes the mound for the first time since his wrist injury, and looked great for awhile. d Reulbach, on the other hand, was in trouble from the start. Motown’s sleepy bats woke up, with Biz Mackey coming through yet again with a 3rd inning 3R HR, padding the Yanks early lead to 4-0. Virginia tied it up in the 6th, as Jones PH 3R HR tied it up, but the Virginia happiness was brief. Motown exploded in the bottom of the 7th for their biggest inning of the year, plating 6 runs. Kenny Lofton and Fred McGriff had 3 hits apiece for Motown. Addie Joss picks up his 2nd victory of the year in the 3rd Motown CG of the series. Motown wins 10-4.
Series Summary: Another kissing your sister series, both teams winning a pair, with 3 of the 4 being highly competitive games, and Virginia taking both overtime affairs.
Detroit DeLoreans @ Hollywood Zombies
Series Preview: The Hollywood Zombies (23-34) visit the Detroit DeLoreans (30-27) and square off in a four-game series.
Game #1: HOL 0 – DET 2: A Bob Fothergill 2-run single in the fourth inning was all the scoring in this pitching duel. Hollywood’s Eddie Plank went seven innings but walked five DeLoreans. Detroit’s Cy Morgan pitched a complete game shutout while surrendering only two hits.
Game #2: HOL 1 – DET 3: Detroit’s String Bean Williams went eight strong innings yielding no earned runs for the win. The Zombies could only manage two singles in the game. Bob Fothergill stayed hot, going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles, 1 run, and 1 RBI. While Ripper Collins went 2 for 3 with an RBI.
Game #3: HOL 3 – DET 4: A Ripper Collins homer in the eighth inning was the difference in another close game. Detroit’s Collins went 2 for 4 with two solo shots. Robin Ventura went deep for the Zombies.
Game #4: HOL 3 – DET 2: Hollywood pounded out 12 hits in another close game. The Zombies pushed across the winning run in the top of the ninth after a pivotal Anthony Rendon error. Shawn Green went 3 for 4 falling a homer short of the cycle. While Detroit’s Ripper Collins continued to hit the long ball with two more dingers, numbers 16 and 17 for the season.
Series Summary: The DeLoreans take 3 of 4 in the closely contested series. Ripper Collins made a bid for NL Player of the Week hitting .500 (7 for 14) with 4 HRs, 5 RBI, and 5 runs.
Fantomz Force @ Iowa Giants
Game #1: FAN 3-2-0 LP G. PERRY 6-4
IOW 8-10-1 WP BONHAM 6-2Tiny Bonham another great performance from Bonham as he goes 5 innings giving up 1 hit and 1 er. Chet Lemon goes 2-4 3 RBI and Christian Yelich also goes 2-4 with 2 RBI
Game #2: FAN 2-4-0 LP J RUSSELL 0-2 10 INNINGS
IOW 3-9-0 WP HAWKINS 5-1
Allie Reynolds brought his A game to this one he goes 8 third innings and unfortunately in the ninth inning loses his shutout and gives up tw o runs to the Force to tie the game on a Mickey Cochrane two run single. Rudy York for the Giants has a two homer game but Joe Morgan home run in the bottom of the tenth gives the Giants the win.
Game #3: FAN 7-12-0 WP HARDER 2-2
This game was alot closer then the final score the score was tied going in the 6th inning 2-2. Carney Lansford 2 run homer gives the Force a 4-2 lead and they get 2 more in the seventh to coast to a 7-3 lead. Giants Rudy York does have a another 2 homer game. Gil McDoughal also supplied 2 rb
Game #4: FAN 3-3-0 LP S PAIGE 8-5 10 INNINGS
IOW 4-9-0 WP HAWKINS 6-1
What a series another 10 innings game the fans being able to see two of the greatest pitchers in MLB History in Satchel Paige in relief and Bob Feller starting for the Giants. Bob Feller goes 8 innings in a no decision game, Paige goes 5 innings in relief and takes the lost in the 10th on a Chet Lemon rbi double.
Series Summary: First regardless of the outcome it was a real pleasure to play against Gordon what a fine gentlemen as this League lives up to its name, really enjoyed the games and the conversations that took place. All four games could have gone either way pitching was good little hitting and lucky for the Giants some big hits occur in the late innings. The Giants over the last three series have gone 9-3 but without Rudy York and Chet Lemons key hits during the span of games probably would be 3-9.
Clockwork Heros @ West Michigan Retrogrades
Series Preview: The NL West leading Clockwork Heros bring their high powered offense to West Michigan for a 4-game series with the Retrogrades, who are looking to get closer to the .500 mark.
Game #1: George Foster with an RBI single in the first. Then Tommy Davis tied the score in the bottom of the frame with an RBI triple..though he was thrown out at the plate trying for an inside the park home run. The score was tied until the third inning when Arky Vaughn hit a solo homer. However, Tommy Davis tied the game in the fourth inning when he smashed a solo home run. The winning run came in the sixth
when Bill Bradley hit a solo bomb to put the Heros ahead for good.
The hitting star of the game was Tommy Davis who HIT FOR THE CYCLE, going 4-4 with 10 total bases and 2 RBI on the day. Schoolboy Rowe pitched well for Clockwork for the victory.
Game #2: After taking an early 2-1, led by an Arky Vaughn homer, the Retrogrades scored 2 runs in both the 4th and 5th inning and then 3 more in the 8th for the victory. The Retrogrades jumped on Burt Blyleven, tagging him for 5 earned runs in 6 innings of work. Bill Dickey smashed a homer and Tommy Davis went 1-2 on the day. Yet, the star of the game was Hal Schumacher who pitched a complete game, giving up only 2 earned runs, while also hitting a homer, driving in 2 runs and going 2-4 on the day.
Game #3: An exciting game that saw West Michigan take a 5-0 lead by the 5th inning, powered again by Tommy Davis and his 2-4 day along with Duke Snider’s 3-5 effort and an Adrian Beltre homer. Again the Retrogrades chased the Heros starter early. This time it was Christy Mathewson who only lasted 4.2 innings and gave up 5 earned runs. Clockworks comeback started with a Buddy Lewis homer in the 8th helping the Heros score 2 in that frame and 3 in the top of the 9th to ties the score. However, the Retrogrades got a walk-off win in the bottom of the 9th on a Duke Snider base hit.
Game #4: The story of the final game in the series was Urban Shocker and his brilliant pitching. Shocker pitched a 1-hit shutout against one of the best hitting teams in LEG and even managed to collect a hit himself. The only hit Shocker surrendered was an infield single to Bill Terry in the 5th inning. Again, Clockwork’s bullpen was taxed when Uhle left with arm trouble in the 5th inning (1 day injury). Hal Newhouser pitched tremendously in relief. The only run of the game came on a Duke Snider RBI single, when he plated Tommy Davis who’d reached on a base hit.
Series Summary: West Michigan takes 3 of 4 games from Clockwork and are now one game under .500 at 30-31. Clockwork falls to 43-18 but still are at the top of the NL West. Player of the week candidates:
Pitcher: Urban Shocker for his 1-hit shutout
Hitter: Tommy Davis for going 8-13 (.615, 2 double, 1 triple, 1 homer) and hitting for the cycle
Climax Cougars @ Fire Lake Segers
Series Preview: Climax (25-32) traveled to Fire Lake (24-33) to take on the Segers.

This series was played via Team Viewer.

Game #1: Spud Chandler (7-2) vs Denny Mclain (3-6,3.48)

Johnny Bench’s 7th home run, a 2-run shot, put Fire Lake on top in the bottom of the first. Mclain was not up to the task in this one, giving up solo runs in the 4th and 5th and 2 more runs in the 6th. Mel Ott’s 7th home run, this one off John Smoltz, in the 7th was the capper on a 6-2 win for the visitors. Sam Crawford went 3-for-5 for Climax with a double and a triple.


Game #2: Sid Fernandez (0-2) vs Ron Guidry (4-8, 5.27)

Guidry’s tough year continued in this one, as Climax sent 8 men to the plate in the top off the first. Harlond Clift drew a 2-out walk with the bases loaded and George Grantham followed with a two run single to put the Cougars on top 3-0. With two out in the top of the 2nd inning, it started raining. And, it didn’t stop. Game called. Visitors frustrated.


Game #3: Cannonball Dick Redding (2-2) vs David Cone (3-6,3.79)

Josh Gibson scored the game’s first run in this one, coming home on Clift’s 2nd inning double to give Climax a 1-0 lead. That proved to be the only serious offense that the Cougars could muster in this one as the Segers scored six unanswered run to even the series at a game apiece. Fire Lake’s offense was led by Jose Cardenal who went 3-for-4 with his 3rd home run. Vada Pinson and Kal Daniels each contributed two hits as well. David Cone went 6 1/3 to earn the win and Gullett and Soto provided 2 2/3 of scoreless relief.


Game #4: Greg A Harris (1-3) vs Eppa Rixey (1-1,3.76)

Jim Fregosi led off the game with his first home run of the season. Johnny Bench hit his 8th, another 2-run shot, in the bottom of the first to give Fire lake a 2-1 lead. It was 2-1 in the bottom of the 5th when Fire Lake’s Mgr pinch hit for Rixey, despite Eppa having allowed just three hits through 5 innings. That was a mistake, as the Segers’ bullpen (namely Smoltz and Gullett) allowed 4 Cougars to score in the 7th, as Climax took a 5-2 lead. It was still 5-2 in the 9th as Climax’ Mgr sent Clay Carroll to the mound so that he could pick up an easy 5th save. It wasn’t to be a thing, as the hometown Segers mustered 4 hits, a walk and a costly Climax error to walk it off behind Reggie Sanders’ two out single!

Rumor has it that Clay Carroll was left behind in Fire Lake, his own choice, after having read a public post about the Climax front office looking for a Closer. This has not been confirmed.


Series Summary: Fire Lake wins the series, 2 games to 1. Climax heads home to host Hoboken (good luck with that) and Fire Lake’s home stand continues with the Nags Head Surf Sox coming to town. Until then, Who wants to play those eights and aces? Who wants a raise, who needs a stake? Who wants to take that long-shot gamble? And head out for Fire Lake… Good Night Y’all
Nags Head Surf Sox @ Wainwright Wranglers
Series Preview: Two evenly matched teams pairing up in what should be a tight series
Game #1: Howard Johnson drives in 3 in the top of the ninth to lead Nags head to a 4-3 victory. Doug Jones gave up the three runs charged to Rucker who otherwise went 8.2 solid innings
Game #2: Lefty Grove does what Lefty Grove does for Wainwright and was brilliant in a 7-2 victory winning his 9th. Jimmy Rollins who keeps fighting for more playing time and Darren Daulton went deep for Wainwright. Andujar took the loss falling to 2-11
Game #3: Vic Willis threw a complete game three hitter in the Wainwright 2-0 victory. Manush once again was the key bat for Wainwright driving in his 5th run of the series. Jim Palmer was the hard luck loose falling to 3-3 with a complete game 8 hitter
Game #4: Mike Mussina goes to 4-5 throwing eight solid and Jeter and von hayes drove in a combined 5 runs in a 7-2 Nags head victory. Mark Grace went 2-3 for Wainwright and Manush failed to drive in a run for first time in series but went 1-4
Series Summary: Pretty even series. Manush was the best bat in the series and Vic Willis had the best pitching performance
San Tan Valley Moonrakers @ Pigtown Bombers
Series Preview: San Tan Valley Moonrakers (30-27) come to Pigtown (18-39) for a quick four game series
Game #1: Joe McGinnity evens up his record at 6-6 by pitching 7 strong, 4-hit innings and Pigtown takes the opener 4-1.
Game #2: Bob Hadley goes the distance for the Moonrakers, striking out 10 and giving up only 2 runs to lead San Tan Valley to an easy 6-2 win.
Game #3: San Tan Valley explodes for 6 runs in the 7th inning and coasts to a 7-4 win.
Game #4: Randy Johnson (STV) squared off against Luis Tiant (PIG) in the finale. Both pitchers were great, with Johnson going 7 IP, 3 hits and 1 run and Tiant going 7 IP, 4 hits and 1 run. Both would not factor in the result. In a replay of the 1985 NLCS (one that I remember vividly), Ozzie Smith hits a 2-run HR in the bottom of the 12th inning to walk-off a 3-1 win for Pigtown
Series Summary: Series split 2-2. No huge series for any pitcher. Jim Edmunds went 8-18, scoring 5 runs, 3 RBIs and 2 HR.



National League Pitcher of the Week – Satchel Paige – Fantomz Force

1-0 record, 9.0 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 1 hit allowed, 8 strikeouts, & 1 walk




American League Pitcher of the Week – Carl Mays  – Wrigleyville Whales

1-0 record, 9.0 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 3 hits allowed, 4 strikeouts,  &3 walks




National League Player of the Week – Quincy Trouppe  – San Tan Valley Moonrakers

.545 avg / 1.273 slg, 6 for 11, 3 doubles, 2  triples, 1 run, 4 RBIs, 2 walks,  &1 stolen base




American League Player of the Week – Walker Cooper  – Kansas City A’s

.545 avg / 1.182  slg, 6 for 11, 2 doubles, 2 home runs, 4 runs, 4 RBIs, & 1 walk



Jack Street Hustlers @ Wrigleyville  Whales
Series Preview: Jack Street (.698) came to Wrigleyville (.34) for 4-games over Labor Day Weekend.
Game #1: G-1- Siebert v C.Mays. Carl (5-4, 5.22) was on as he hurled a CG, 3-hit, 2-0 Shut Out! Lazzeri clubbed 2-run homer, # 6 in 2nd. Combs & Musial had 2-hits apiece for Whales. Meusel bro’s were a combined 0-7 in F-T-F meeting. Sonny 3-4, 2.84 scattered 7-hits over 7.1-IP in the loss.
Game #2: G-2- Byrd v Quinn. Game was 1-1 going into 7th and then Hustlers Rogers Hornsby (16) unloaded a GRAND SLAM and Jack Street wins game 6-1. Bryd (5-1, 3.36) allowed 1-run over 8-IP and Palmeiro added his 9th homer in win. For Hornsby his 4-RBI gives him 53 in 55-games! Ritchey (4) blasted solo homer for Whales.
Game #3: G-3- Viola v Koufax. Game was over early, as Hustlers scored in 1st 6-innings, holding a 15-1 lead! JD Drew (3), Medwick (2-10,11), McGwire (21) and Simmons (2) popped HR’s and Frankie V (3-0, 2.91) hurled 6-innings of 1-run, 4-hit ball. Medwick was 2-5, 2-HR, 3-runs with 5-RBI for Hustlers . Sandy (0-12, 6.61), Burke & McBean allowed 5-runs apiece in loss. Horner (5) clubbed 3-run-HR in 8th for Whales.

Bob Meusel was 2-5, 2B, Run & RBI while brother Irish was 1-4, 2B.

Game #4: G-4- Haren v Ruether. Whales tie game @ 2-2 in 7th on Ritchey’s 5th homer and Horner gives Wrigleyville a 3-2 lead in 8th with his 6th home run as Whales split series. Ruether (3-7, 4.85) allowed 2-runs on 5-hits over 8-IP and Melancon (8.15) earned his 3rd save. Bob Meusel was 2-3, HR (11).
Series Summary: Whales feel fortunate to have split with powerhouse Hustlers!
Lewisberry  Country Blumpkins @ New Westminster Salmonbellies
Series Preview: After an 18 game, 12 – 6 successful road trip looking forward to an
exciting series.
Game #1: Game went to the top of the 9th at 0 – 0 and
Lewisberry gets a 3 run home run from Steve Sax
for a 4 – 0 victory. Starters, Leever for New West
and Hershiser for Lewisberry pitched well with
Hershiser getting the compete game victory.
Eddie Watt, third reliever gave up the 3 run homer.WP: Hershiser 7 – 2     LP: Sam Leever 4 – 4
Game #2: Game was over after 4 innings as New West starter, Scott Williamson
gave up 10 hits, 5 runs and 5 walks over 4 innings.
Relievers came in and gave up 2 hits over 5 innings.
Lewisberry’s Lou Brock and Freddie Freeman knocked in 2 apiece
for a 5 – 3 victory. Willie Mays hit a 2 run homer for the Bellies.WP: Wilbur Cooper 5 – 4     S: Britton 13      LP: Scott Williamson 0 – 1
Game #3: Bellies win game 3 with a 4 – 3 score with Josh Beckett losing to Dwight Gooden. Jim Wynn drove in 2 with a 2 run homer for the winning side.

WP: Dwight Gooden 6 – 3      S: Bill Caudill 4      LP: Josh Beckett 4 – 6

Game #4: Salmonbellies scored a rare 1st inning run on a Fred Clarke two bagger driving in Chick Stahl. Nelson Cruz tied the game scoring on a Newt Allen single in the 7th inning. Bellies win the game in the bottom of the 7th on a RBI from Felipe Alou knocking in Roy Campanella. Martin Dihigo managed a HR in the bottom of the 8th to make the score a 4 – 1 game.

WP: Dutch Leonard 9 – 2       LP: Jack Morris 5 – 5.

Series Summary: Very boring series with little hitting of note, 30 walks and fielders improving their
defense stats.
Las Vegas Pirates @ Fort Worth Cats
Series Preview: This is a series where the average Swashbucklers welcome the fat Cats of Fort Worth to a 4 game series. The Cats have 2 of the leagues best starting pitchers, 1 of the premier relief pitchers in Dennis Eckersley & The great hitting of Willie Keeler. The Bucs flash 3 great relievers, some quality starters & both King (Cecil) & Prince Fielder along with numerous Pirate hitters.
Game #1: This game started out with Willie Keeler hitting the first pitch over the center field wall. In the 2nd, Marquis Grissom doubled home Baker, to score the final run for the Cats. In the bottom of the 2nd, King Fielder connects with his 18th HR of the season to bring the score to 2-1. That’s the way it ended. Great pitching by Harvey Haddix & 2 great innings by Eckersley to close it out, even though Warren Spahn had a quality start wasted.
FINAL SCORE: Cats 2, Pirates 1
Game #2: In this game Justin Verlander pitched masterfully. He went 7 innings & gave up just 1 run on 4 hits. Unfortunately that wasn’t the real story, as the Cats hit like lions. They finished with 22 hits & 20 runs, knocking 4 Pirate pitchers around. Keeler led the attack with 4 hits, while Grissom, Baker, & Severeid finished with 3 each. Kenny Singleton sealed the Pirates doom by crushing a 3 run HR in the 4th. every Cats hitter finished with a hit or more. This was a true shellacking.
FINAL SCORE: Cats 20, Pirates 3
Game #3: In this game Greg Maddux took control early & went the distance. He allowed only 3 ER’s on 8 hits & got the complete game victory. Hitting stars were Keith Hernandez with 3 hits, Dot Miller with 2 doubles, & Marquis Grissom, with a pair of hits & an RBI. Prince Fielder hit the lone HR in the game for either side. Even though it wasn’t a perfect outing for Maddux, it was good enough for the W. Maddux is now an astounding 10-0!
FINAL SCORE: Cats 5, Pirates 3
Game #4: This game was a real nail biter! The Pirates stared out by scoring first with King Fielder driving in Dave Cash, before Kenny Singleton hit a solo HR in the top of the 2nd to tie the score at 1. That lasted until the 6th. That’s when the Cats scored to break the tie. In the bottom half of the 6th, King Fielder came through again with his 19th HR of the season giving the game a 2-2 tie until the 7th. That’s when the great Roberto Clemente broke the tie with an RBI single for the final score. Jim Kaat was the hard luck loser, while Howie Camnitz won his 7th & Rollie Fingers picked up his 2nd save.
FINAL SCORE: Pirates 3, Cats 2
Series Summary: Even though the Cats took 3 of 4, it was a great series. Other than the 2nd game blowout, the other 3 games were very close & could’ve gone either way. Hitting stars were Keeler, Singleton, & Grissom for the Cats, & Cash & the Fielders for the Pirates.
FINAL Cats 3 wins, Pirates 1.


Menomonee Minutemen @  Kansas City A’s
Series Preview: Menomonee (32-21) at Kansas City A’s (24-29)
Game #1: Hoyt vs. Fergie Jenkins: Jenkins goes 8 innings allowing only 2 runs in a KC 6-2 win. Bill White had 3 hits and Odell Hale got a pinch hit bases loaded double in the bottom of the 8th to drive in 3. Barry Bonds had 3 hits for the Minutemen and Chipper Jones hit a homer in the losing effort. W- Jenkins (7-3) L- Hoyt (6-4)
Game #2: Tim Hudson vs. Phil Niekro: Seybold doubled and homered and drove in 4 runs in a 9-5 victory for the Minutemen. Chipper Jones had 3 hits and a homer and Luke Appling chipped in 3 hits. Bill White and Walker Cooper added homers for the A’s. W- Hudson (6-4) L- P. Niekro (2-2) S- Jansen (9)
Game #3: Grissom vs. Three Finger Brown: Bill White and Walker Cooper again hit homers in a 5-3 KC win. Seybold hit a 2 run homer in a losing effort. W- Brown ( 4-5) L – Grissom (4-4) S- W. Davis (1)
Game #4: Tommy John vs. Cicotte: Cicotte goes 8 innings allowing 4 hits and 1 run in a 4-1 KC win. Dale Murphy hit a 2 run homer and Hank Aaron goes 3-4 and drives in the other 2 runs for the A’s. Seybold broke up the shutout in the 9th hitting a leadoff homer, his 3rd of the series. W- Cicotte ( 5-6) L – John (4-5) S- Worrell (1)
Series Summary: Kansas City A’s wins the series 3 games to 1 over the Menomonee Minutemen.
Purry Cowpokes @ Middle Channel Sturgeon
Series Preview: Purry visits Middle Channel
Game #1: 8-3 Middle Channel
Game #2: 5-4 Sturgeon
Game #3: Cowpokes blow up 13-6
Game #4: Purry wins in extra innings 3-2
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Series split
Cincinnati  Knights @ Chicago Nine
Series Preview: Chicago comes in not looking like a contender for anything, but a longer off-season. Cincinnati looking sharp & hoping to pick up a series victory.
Game #1: 2 RBI’s by Bobby Richardson & Hank Thompson were big for the the Nine who scored 1 in the bottom of the 9th to pull out a 1-Run victory.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – Cincinnati 4

Win: Whitey Ford 2-0 (2.12)
Loss: Casey Janssen 1-2 (2.86)

Game #2: This one took 10 Innings. Jason Giambi had a Sacrifice fly in the 1st for the Knights. John Mayberry had a Solo Homerun in the 1st for the Nine. Kris Bryant blasted a solo Homerun in the 10th for the final run of the game.

Final Score: Chicago 2 – Cincinnati 1 (10 Innings)

Win: Whitey Ford 3-0 (2.00)
Loss: Johan Santana 9-2 (2.16)

Game #3: Cincinnati was done after losing 2 games in a row by 1-Run. They piled on the Nine scoring 9. Joe Sewell & Babe Phelps had 2 RBI’s each & Steve Garvey had 3 Hits & 3 RBI’s as the Knights gave a beatdown to the Nine.

Final Score: Cincinnati 9 – Chicago 5

Win: Jeff Reardon 1-0 (0.90)
Loss: J.R. Richard 5-5 (3.58)

Game #4: Joel Cunningham had 2 RBI’s for the Nine. Herb Pennock went 7.1 & Jeff Nelson closed the door in another 1-Run victory for the Chicago Nine.

Final Score: Chicago 4 – Cincinnati 3

Win: Herb Pennock 3-6 (5.00)
Loss: Mike Scott 4-5 (3.75)
Save: Jeff Nelson #9

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Chicago takes the series 3 games to 1. All three wins by the Nine were of the 1-Run variety. Cincinnati had the dominant game of the series, and even though they lost the series looks to be a much better team than the Nine.
Kansas City Blues @ Boston Braves
Series Preview: On Paper looks like a evenly matched series.
Game #1: Pedro Martinez and the bullpen pitch the Braves to a 3-2 1o inning win in a 10 inning game one. I would be their only win this series. Acouple of thirdbasemen, Jeff Cirillo with two hit and Eddie Mathews homering pace the Brave offense. Gary Sheffield, Fred Schulte, and Tony Cuccinello all had two hit, one of Sheffield’s cleared the fence.
Game #2: Curt Simmons and Herb Score started and pitched well but the bullpens were decisive in this 2-1 eleven inning tilt. Orlando Cepeda homered for the Blues while Gabby Hartnett and Jim Rice had two hits each for the Braves.
Game #3: The closest thing to a blow out in this series but far from it. Blues win 4-2 as Jerry Koosman complete game win was supported by Earl Williams bat. He had two hits for the Blues.d 3 of the 4 RBIs and hit a homer.
Game #4: Another game dominated by the pitching staffs as the Blues won 2-1. Gary Sheffield smacked his second homer of the series, Fred Schulte, Alex Rodriguez, and Ray Durham all had two his fr the Blues. Eddie Mathews matched Sheffield with his second round tripper of the series.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Blue win three of four. The series prognosis held, two extra inning affairs and all games close.
Indiana Indians @ Madison East Purgolders
Series Preview:  
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary:  
Fire Lake Segers @ Coastline Bobcats
Series Preview: Coastline, fresh off a 12-6 road trip, hosts Fire Lake in a 4 game series. Fire Lake is coming off a strong 4 game series against Detroit where they took 3 of 4.

(The series was played via TeamViewer)

Game #1: FLS D.McLain and CLB B.Swift steal the show with 5 scoreless innings to start off the series. B.Swift tosses a scoreless T6 to set up the B6. In the CLB B6 Gehrig 1bs with 1 out, Gordon grounds out for the 2nd out, and M.Williams is IW. CLB then send Goslin out to PH for Swift and he draws a walk to load the bases. FLS brings in lefty Gullett to face lefty Becker which doesn’t work as planned as Becker laces a 2-run 1b to give the ‘Cats the lead. In the B7 H.Wilson hits a solo-HR for a 3-0 CLB lead. FLS finally break through in the T8 when Rose 1bs, an Evers inf-1b and CLB calls on Sutter. Pinson rips an rbi-1b but Sutter bears down and closes out the inning by getting Larkin to P4. Sutter would follow that up with a perfect 9th to earn his 20th save. FLS D.McLain goes to 3-6 with the loss and Swift is 6-4 with the win.

CLB 3, FLS 1

Game #2: FLS jumps out quick in the T1 when Larkin hits a solo-HR. CLB gets it back right away with a Kemp 1b and a Burks rbi-3b. In the T2 FLS Cardenal 1bs, moves up on a groundout, and then scores on a Dietz rbi-1b. In the B3 CLB retakes the lead when Kemp 1bs, Burks 1bs, and Ripken launches a 3-run HR. The ‘Cats add another in the B6 on a Gordon solo-HR. In the T8 FLS Evers bbs, PH Daniels 2bs, Rose then 1bs Evers home, but Daniels is thrown out at the plate on a close play by Burks, which is followed by a Larkin 1-3 groundout to end the inning and the threat. CLB calls on Sutter again and he pitches around a Rolen walk to pick up his 21st save. CLB C.Finley notches the win and goes to 9-1 and Guidry falls to 4-8 with the loss.

CLB 5, FLS 3

Game #3: The game start out well for the hometown ‘Cats as Ripken 1bs and H.Wilson hits a 2-run HR, his 20th, in the B1 for a 2-0 lead. FLS cuts the lead in half in the T3 when Roseboro bbs, a Petrocelli inf-1b, and a Walters rbi-1b. In the T7 FLS ties the game when Petrocelli bbs, Larkin PRs, and then with 2 out PH Rose hits an H&R rbi-2b. On the mound side of things Cone settled down and doesn’t give up any more runs through the 6th beefore being lifted for Rose. The FLS bullpen is also up to the task as Soto, Lavelle, Sambito, and Stewart shutout the ‘Cats the rest of the way. In the T10 FLS gets the winning run when PH Sanders 1bs, Rolen reaches on an inf-1b, and Cardenal hits an rbi-1b. FLS Lavelle gets the win and is now 1-4, Stewart gets his 1st save, and CLB Casilla takes the loss and goes to 2-3.

FLS 3, CLB 2

Game #4: FLS jumps on CLB K.Brown in the T1 when Pinson 1bs with 2 out and Roseboro hits a 2-run HR. CLB gets one back in the B1 when Kemp 3bs and Ripken knocks him in with an rbi-1b. CLB Brown continues to pitch like anything but the Grade 20 that he is as he gives up a Rixey solo-HR in the T2. FLS continues to stretch the lead in the T3 when Votto bbs, Pinson on with a FC, Rosenoro 1bs, and Daniels hits an rbi-1b. In the B3 CLB stays in the game with 2 runs when Kemp 2bs, a Ripken rbi-2b, and a H.Wilson rbi-1b. But FLS continues to pummel K.Brown in the T4 when Rixey 2bs, Rose 1bs, a Votto groundout, followed by a Pinson 2-rbi 1b. That’s all the scoring as the pitchers take over. Once again the FLS bullpen of Smoltz, Gullett, and Sambito shuts down the ‘Cats offense. FLS Smoltz with the win goes to 2-2, Sambito gets his 8th save, and CLB K.Brown falls to 7-6 with the loss.

FLS 6, CLB 3

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: The series ends in a 2-2 split. Coastline gets the big hits in the first two games, Fire Lake gets the big hits in the last two games. CLB Ripken is 6-16 with 5 rbi with 2-2bs and a HR and Kemp is 5-6 with 4 runs. FLS Pinson is 4-14 with 4 rbi as the rest of the offense was spread out among the rest of the Segers.
Detroit DeLoreans @ Hoboken Zephyrs
Series Preview: The Detroit Deloreans(30-23) travel to Hoboken(33-20) in a battle of second place contenders.
Game #1: Hoboken took a 3-1 lead into the 9th as Bryan Harvey fails in his third blown save allowing two. Sam Rice led the Detroit attack with three hits. Jim Bottomley hit a solo blast in the bottom of the 11th to give Bob Shawkey a walk-off victory.
Hoboken 4 Detroit 3 11 innings
Game #2: String Bean Williams(4-6, 2.79) got no defensive support in a tough luck loss. The Deloreans’ three errors allowed Hoboken to take a 5-0 lead into the 8th inning with all runs being unearned. Jake Beckley hit a huge three-run pinch hit blast in the 8th to make things interesting. Red Faber(7-4, 2.34) went the distance as his only mistake was the Beckley home run.
Hoboken 5 Detroit 3
Game #3: Jered Weaver(8-2, 2.71) outdueled Slim Sallee(5-5, 3.77) in a hardfought battle. Eddie Yost delivered the game winner with a two-run homer in the bottom of the 7th to break a 2-2 tie. Weaver was strong allowing only two runs on 5 hits in a complete game win. Stan Spence and Eddie Stanky each doubled twice and Jim Bottomley singled twice with a clutch RBI.
Hoboken 4 Detroit 2
Game #4: Noodles Hahn delivered another huge win improving his record to 10-4, 1.67 as Hoboken completed a hard-earned sweep. Hippo Vaughn(6-4, 3.32) was very strong for Detroit in the loss. Hahn also starred offensively as he drove in both Zephyr runs.
Hoboken 2 Detroit 1
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Each game of the series could have gone to either team. Hoboken improves to 37-20 as Detroit’s record goes to 30-27.
San Tan Valley Moonrakers @ Virginia Cavaliers
Series Preview: Inter-Division play continues as Virginia hosts San Tan Valley from the pitching rich West Division. Everyone knows the West has great pitching. But no one said how good their hitting was. Virginia found out in their last West Division encounter and they experienced it once again.
Game #1: VIR 13-3 W-B.Turley (4-5) L-B.Hadley (3-5)

The game started out slowly as S.Magee singled in a run in the 3rd and Turley walked in a run in the 4th to put SAN up 2-0. Back-to-back doubles by F.Robinson and A.Rosen in the bottom of the 4th tied it at 2-all. Then, with 2 outs in the 5th and runners on 2nd and 3rd, F.Robinson roped one into left driving in both runners for a 4-2 VIR lead. But it didn’t stop there. In the 6th VIR added another run on an error and F.Frisch buried one in the RF bleachers for 3 more and it was VIR 8-2. Another Frisch RBI and a A.Trammell grand slam added 5 more in the 8th and VIR coasted to the win.

Game #2: SAN 9-8 W-S.Lyle (2-1) L-R.Betancourt (0-1)

Both teams came to play. SAN was pumped after losing the first game and they pounded their way to a 8-1 lead by the 7th. V.Stephens got them jump started in the 2nd with his 13th long ball of the season and a Troupe RBI single in 4th and RBI singles by Charleston and Trosky in the 5th put SAN ahead 4-1. San increased the lead with 4 in the 7th thanks to Trosky’s 3-run homer. SAN now led 8-1 and all they had to do was put the game in the hands of the pitchers. And they did. But VIR exploded for 6 runs in the 7th. D.Murphy drove in 2 and G.Templeton 1 and it was 8-4. F.Robinson got hold of a fastball and launched a Baltimore Special and suddenly the Cavaliers were just down by a run 8-7. A A.Pujols SF tied the game in the 8th and it went to extras. In the 11th SAN continued with the timely hitting. E.Averill and H.Trosky hit back-to-back doubles that accounted for the deciding run as SAN took the game 9-8. Trosky was a one-man wrecking crew as he went 3-6 with 5 RBI.

Game #3: SAN 6-5 W-V.Trucks (3-5) L-L.Gomez (5-6) SV-S.Lyle (3)

After VIR got a F.Robinson RBI double in the 1st, a 2-run triple from SAN’a J.Williams and a RBI single from V.Trucks led to a 3-run SAN 2nd inning and a 3-1 SAN lead. VIR took the lead back in the bottom of the 2nd on a 2-rbi single from F.Frisch and a RBI single from F.Robinson. VIR 4-3. Byt that doesn’t last long either as SAN came back in the next inning for a 5-4 lead on a V.Stephens rocket over the LF wall. SAN 5-4. Each team would add another run and S.Lyle would make sure SAN kept the lead as he pitched a 4 up 4 down save.

Game #4: SAN 11-0 W-R.Johnson (7-3) L-E.Reulbach (5-4)

A blow out. And finally,…the great pitching of the West shows up in the form of one Randy Johnson. I’ll let the stats speak:…CG, 9 innings, 3 hits, no runs, no BB, 6 K’s. B.Elliott’s grand slam in the 4th was the centerpiece of the 7 run inning giving SAN a 10-0 lead after 4. It was all downhill from there as Johnson did what Johnson does,…he pitches, batters don’t hit.

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Well, San Tan Valley took the series 3-1. There were two blow outs, one for each team, and then there were two games that could have gone either way,…they went to San Tan Valley. But it was their hitting that got them those two wins, not pitching.
For SAN – Trosky – 6-20 .300 6 RBI and a homer
– Averill – 9-20 .450 1 RBI
– Stephens – 5-18 .278 3 RBI 2 HR
-R.Johnson – CG 3 hit shutout
VIR – Frisch – 4-10 .400 6 RBI HR
– F.Robinson – 6-17 .353 8 RBI HRSan Tan stays on the road to play at Pigtown while Virginia goes on the road to face Motown. I like the music, don’t know how I’ll feel about the team if they treat me like the last two teams.
Hollywood Zombies @ Fantomz Force
Series Preview: The Hollywood Zombies stumbled into Force Field with the Force still licking their wounds from a tough series loss last week … both teams have good pitching with struggling offenses …
Game #1: Game 54 – Eddie Plank ‘12 (3-6) v. Gaylord Perry ‘74 (5-3)

Fantomz 6-4: The Force struck first on Larry Doby’s 1st-inning two-run longball. The Zombies tied the game in the 6th inning, but Fantomz regained the lead with a two-run bottom half. Gil McDougald provided needed insurance with a two-run clout. In the 8th inning, Hollywood cut the lead in half, but Jeff Russell pitched a scoreless 9th inning for his eighth save.
W – Perry (6-3) L – Plank (3-7) SV – Russell (8)

Game #2: Game 55 – George Britt ’21 (0-1) v. Stan Coveleski ’23 (0-8)

Fantomz 3-1: Fantomz somewhat reluctantly sent struggling starting pitcher Stan Coveleski to the hill. Coveleski was winless with an ERA north of 5.00, and one wondered if too many pierogi were the cause. Hollywood struck first when Shawn Green shocked the crowd during the 4th inning by stealing home. Ray Lankford responded with a two-run single during the bottom half. McDougald plated Doc Wiley with a 6th-inning insurance run. In the top of the 9th inning, Hollywood loaded the bases on Green’s single, Tejada’s fielder’s choice, Robin Ventura’s walk, and Bill North’s single. Russell earned his stripes when Vladimir Guerrero and Yadier Molina flied out. Coveleski pitched five innings of one-run ball for his first win.
W – Coveleski (1-8) L – Britt (0-2) SV- Russell (9)

Game #3: Game 56 – Steven Rogers ’78 (3-9) v. Carl Weilman ’14 (6-6)

Fantomz 3-2: Steve Rogers was absolutely dominant throughout the game. Hollywood’s Miguel Tejada doubled home Jeff Bagwell during the 4th inning, then the Zombies added another run on Robin Ventura’s 7th-inning single. Rogers tossed eight scoreless innings … but the game lasts nine. In the bottom of the 9th, McDougald walked, Doby singled, and Ray Lankford hammered a three-run walk-off home run for a dramatic win.
W – Ziegler (2-1) L – Rogers (3-10)

Game #4: Game 57 – Walter Johnson ’15 (7-5) v. Satchel Paige (7-4)

Hoboken 1-0: One of the most anticipated matchups this season featured Walter Johnson v. Satchel Paige, arguably two of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. The aces were brilliant. The game’s lone run was scored by Shin-Soo Choo … on a 4th-inning double play when runners were at the corners. The teams combined for only four hits and three walks … and four stranded runners. The concession lines were short since everyone remained in their seats!
W – Paige (8-4) L – Johnson (7-6)

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Fantomz won all four games, but only by a combined six runs. Both offenses struggled in the series; when the series ended, only two regulars had batting averages over .250. The last three games could’ve easily gone either way.

Player of the Week nominee: Fantomz’s Gil McDougald, for hitting 5-for-12 with a homer and four rbi, though Hollywood’s Shawn Green was close behind with a 5-for-14 series with a three runs including a homer and steal of home.

Pitcher of the Week nominee: Fantomz’s Satchel Paige, for pitching a one-hit shutout, striking out eight and walking one, with a 92 Game Score.

West Michigan Retrogrades @ Motown Yankees
Series Preview: The West Michigan Retrogrades(24-29) travel to Gehrig-Munson Stadium to take on the Motown Yankees(28-25).
Game #1: The Retrograde offense fired on all cylinders picking up 15 hits against the Motown ace, Dave Brown(8-6, 3.22) and reliever Steve Mingori. Willie Foster(4-6, 3.40) earned the win while banging out a double, triple and two RBIs. Adrian Beltre also drove in two while chipping in three singles. Fred McGriff, Kenny Lofton and Richie Ashburn each knocked out two hits in the losing cause.
West Michigan 6 Motown 5
Game #2: Tommy Davis led another strong WM attack going 4 for 5 with a homer, two runs and three RBIs. Curt Davis ran his record to 7-4, 3.67 as Bob Stanley earned his sixth save. The Retrogrades tagged Carl Hubbell(3-5, 2.91) for ten hits in the loss. Kenny Lofton and Max Bishop each had two singles to lead the Yankees who struggled to get a key hit; two double plays and eleven LOB.
West Michigan 5 Motown 4
Game #3: Roy Sievers took advantage of a rare start while George Sisler rested a minor injury. Sievers starred knocking in three runs and delivering a huge solo shot late. Motown took a 3-2 lead into the 8th frame but West Michigan scored one in each of the last two innings as the Yankee bullpen faltered. The Motown offense was led by Frank White, two hits and three RBIs, along with Dave Bancroft’s three hits and two runs.
West Michigan 4 Motown 3
Game #4: In a fun-filled, back-and-forth affair, Motown avoids a sweep by taking the last game 5-4 in 11 innings. Heavy Johnson was the offensive star delivering two solo blasts for the Retrogrades. Dave Bancroft was clutch again with two key RBIs. Urban Shocker and Larry Jansen both had strong outings as each bullpen struggled.
Motown 5 West Michigan 4 11 innings
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: West Michigan takes three of four from Motown in a series where each game was decided by one run.
Wainwright Wranglers @ Climax Cougars
Series Preview: Not since two rabid prairie dogs attacked one another have the Canadian Prairies seen such a fierce battle as when the Wainwright Wranglers came to Climax this week. Uh … wait … that sounds wrong.
Game #1: It looked like it was going to be a long day for the Cougars’ team after the Wranglers busted out of the gate with four runs on four doubles and a single off Spud Chandler in the first inning.
Tony Fernandez, Darren Daulton (no coincidence his initials are DD if you have seen his wife – a former Hooters spokesperson), Heinie Manush and Kirby Puckett all gave the Cougars’ outfield fits by hitting balls into the gaps in the first inning.
A couple of swigs of old Newfoundland Screech later though, Spud did settle down and in fact gave up just one walk and one single through to the end of the 6th inning when he was given the hook.
By that time, Climax has narrowed the gap to 4-2 as a result of the home team scoring twice in the 4th inning when it was their turn to string a few doubles together by John Kruk and Harlond Clift off starter Nap Rucker.
The Cougars edged closer with a run in the 7th when Jim Fregosi opened with a triple over the head of centre fielder Kirby Puckett and then scored on Chief Meyers deep fly ball out to left.
Rucker pitched into the 9th for Wainwright, but had to be pulled after he was obviously labouring and gave up singles to Sam Crawford and Jim Fregosi. The Wranglers brought in closer Duane Ward who got Meyers to fly out to left field to make it two down. Rather than risk pitching to on-base machine Mel Ott, Ward decided to save time by giving him the auto-pass which loaded the bases, bringing up Jose Bautista. Bautista fought off Ward’s pitch off his fists, blooping it over first base which allowed Crawford to score with Fregosi behind him to end the game with a walk-off 5-4 Climax win.
On an unfortunate additional note for Wainwright, George Brett took a Jose Bautista grounder off his shins and had to leave the game and was knocked out for the rest of the series.
Game #2: Climax starter Sid Fernandez was dazzling through six innings while Lefty Grove did anything but dazzle for the Wranglers.
In just five innings, Grove gave up four runs on six hits and five walks, but only fanned two. Climax scored in the 3rd on an RBI single by Jim Fregosi and then added another run the next inning on a double by Harlond Clift. The Cougars made it 4-0 in the 6th on Josh Gibson’s 3rd home run of the season.
Fernandez on the other hand had a no-hitter going after six. Unfortunately, a game is 9 innings and as often is the case when the no-hitter ended it ended with a lot of noise. In the top of the 7th a Heinie Manush double and Mark Grace single brought in two runs to make it 4-2.
The Cougars optimistically left in Fernanez to start the 8th but he didn’t make it out alive and left after Bip Roberts single made it 4-3. It could have been worse but closer Ellis Kinder was brought in and struck out Kirby Puckett to end the threat.
Kinder choked on an olive pit (or rather we wish he had) in between innings and was brought out to close out the 9th, but he was bloody awful. He gave up two walks and three hits including RBI singles to pinchhitter Tony Gwynn and to Edwin Encarnacion as the Wranglers plowed their way into the lead.
Closer Duane Ward came in for the Wranglers in the bottom of the 9th to give that save thing another try and he started off well striking Johnny Mize on three pitches and then doing the same by blowing a 3rd strike fastball past Fregosi. John Kruk reached first on an infield single and was replaced by Chino Smith who pinch ran and stole 2nd base. All that did was allow the Wranglers to intentionally walk the next hitter, Ott … and then they did it again walking Bautista intentionally to load the bases and bring up George Grantham.
No climax for the Cougars though as Ward struck him out swinging to nail down his 8th save of the year in a nifty 5-4 come-from-behind win by Wainwright.
Game #3: Sloppy defence on both sides led to a unearned runs for both teams, but it was a rare display of power by the Cougars that prevailed with Mel Ott (6) and Buck Leonard (7) hammering Vic Willis pitches out of the park in another 5-4 game won by Climax.
Willis (4-10) went the distance for Wainwright allowing five runs (four earned) on six hits and four walks. He struck out 4.
Leonard’s homer was the key turning point of the game as he came in in the 7th to pinch hit for Jarrod Washburn and lined one over the right field wall with Josh Gibson on first base.
Clay Carroll (4) earned the save with a perfect 9th.
Game #4: This game did not end 5-4 but for the fourth straight day it was decided by one run.
This game was decided in the 7th inning when with Climax leading 5-2 and Jarrod Washburn on the mound Darren Daulton pounded a grand slam which crushed the Cougars and sent them home with a series split.
The homer was Daulton’s 10th of the season although the Cougars are filing a protest against Daulton who appeared to ignore the platoon advantage that favored Climax with left-hander Washburn on the mound.
Edwin Encarnacion (6) also homered for the Wranglers while the Bipper had two hits and scored twice and stole a base.
Jose Bautista (14) smacked a two-run homer in the 5th for the Cougars who scored three unearned runs in the game thanks to three errors committed by the Wranglers on the day.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: You cannot get much closer than this one. A series split with each game decided by one run. Two games decided by late-inning comebacks and bam … yet another good series for two very evenly matched teams. Neither team is likely a contender but with a bit of luck could see themselves sneaking into the playoff picture by the end of the season.
Clockwork Heros @ Nags Head Surf Sox
Series Preview: CLOCKWORK HEROES (39-13) vs. NAGS HEAD SURF SOX (23-30)

Winners of 6 straight and 9 of their last 10, Clockwork brings the league’s best record to town to visit Nags Head.

Game #1: Schoolboy Rowe (2-0 1.35 ERA) vs. Joaquin Andujar (2-9 6.06 ERA)

Top 2 – George Foster clubs his 8th homerun of the season to lead off the inning. Bill Terry doubles and scores on Davey Lopes’ round tripper – CW 3-0

Top 3 – Arky Vaughan socks a 2 run homerun, his 9th of the year. CW 5-0

Bottom 3 – Von Hayes, Jimmie Foxx, Giancarlo Stanton back to back to back doubles put the Sox on the board. CW 5-2

Bottom 6 – Dave Winfield’s solo shot, his 5th of the season, brings NH a little closer – CW 5-3

Top 7 – Vaughn RBI single plates Dykstra. CW 6-3

Clockwork parades a trio of relievers: Gromek, Valverde, and finally Newhouser. Each pitch a perfect inning to wrap up the victory. Vaughn’s 2 for 4, 3 RBI day leads the Heroes. Von Hayes had a pair of doubles in a losing effort for NH.

HEROES 6/6/0
SOX 3/6/0
WP – Rowe (3-0)
LP – Andujar (2-10)
S – Newhouser (1)

Game #2: Bert Blyleven (8-3 3.00 ERA) vs. Jim Palmer (3-2 3.56 ERA)

Top 4 – George Foster slams his 2nd solo homerun of the series. CW 1-0

Bottom 5 – Ryne Sandberg RBI double scores Jeter to tie it up 1-1

Top 6 – Louis Santop RBI double knocks in Dykstra to put Clockwork back in front. Santop scores on George Foster’s 3rd homerun of the series to open up a 3 run lead for the visitors. CW 4-1

Bottom 6 – Blyleven walks Foxx and Stanton. Dawson moves them both over on a groundout and HOJO picks up a SAC RBI to score Foxx. A Gary Carter RBI double plates Stanton with Nags Head’s 3rd run of the game. Carter comes around on Jeter’s RBI triple which ties the game at 4.

Top 8 – Vaughn leads off with a single. Foster follows with his 4th hit of the game, this time a double, to put runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Norm Charlton comes in and retires the two leftie bats Terry and Wakefield, but he can’t get Bill Melton, who was batting around .140. Melton bloops a bases clearing double. CW 6-4

Top 9 – Lenny Dykstra scores an insurance run on a Sandberg throwing error. CW 7-4

George Foster’s 4 for 5, 3 runs scored, 3 RBI day leads the way for Clockwork. Santop and Dykstra each had 2 hits. Sandberg and Carter had 2 hits a piece for the Sox. Tekulve picks up save #15.

HEROES 7/12/0
SOX 4/ 6/1
WP – Blyleven (9-3)
LP – Giusti (1-2)
S – Tekulve (15)

Game #3: Christy Mathewson (9-2 1.54 ERA) vs. Mike Mussina (2-5 3.57 ERA)

Top 1 – Dykstra scores on a Vaughan SAC fly to put Clockwork up early 1-0

Bottom 4 – HOJO 2 run homerun gives the Sox their first lead in the series 2-1.

Mussina tosses a strong 7 innings, scattering 6 hits and striking out 8. Huston Street is called on in the 8th, and other than a Dykstra single, he retires the Hero batters to record his 2nd save. Thanks to a costly Vaughan error, Matthewson takes the loss without allowing an earned run, and the Clockwork winning streak is stopped at 8.

HEROES 1/7/1
SOX 2/4/0
WP – Mussina (3-5)
LP – Mathewson (9-3)
S – Street (2)

Game #4: George Uhle (7-5 3.17 ERA) vs. Nolan Ryan (3-5 4.25 ERA)

Top 1 – A Dykstra walk, and singles by Vaughan, Foster, and Terry, and a Wakefield double put 3 on the board for the Heroes 3-0

Top 2 – Vaughan single scores Santop – CW 4-0

Bottom 4 – Back to back doubles by Hayes and Foxx get NH on the board – CW 4-1

Top 6 – Santop SAC fly scores Lopes CW 5-1

Top 7 – Terry 2 run homerun starts a 3 run inning to break the game open. CW 8-1

Top 8 – Wakefield 2 run homerun highlights a 5 run inning as Heathcliff Slocumb takes one for the team.

Terry and Wakefield each collect 3 hits and 3 RBIs for Clockwork. Uhle tosses 7 innings allowing only 2 hits and 1 run while striking out 11.

HEROES 13/13/0
SOX 4/ 4/0
WP – Uhle (8-5)
LP – Ryan (3-6)

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Sox are fortunate to take one from a superior team. Clockwork wins the series 3 games to 1.
Pigtown Bombers @ Iowa Giants
Series Preview: Both teams have had a dismal start to their season both are at the bottom of their division, so maybe someone will move up, will be interesting to see if some can win more than two.
Game #1: PIG 8-7-0 WP Holladay 1-1 SV O’Day 5
IOW 1-6-1 LP Lanier 2-6
Hank Greenberg provided the offense going 1-3 homer and 4 rbi’s. Roy Holladay was awesome going 7 innings 4 hits and 1 run.
Game #2: PIG 4-8-0 LP McGinnity 5-6
IOW 5-7-1 WP Dean 3-5 SV Goosage 10Rudy York got the Giants off with a grand slam in the first and then Dizzy Dean held the bombers to three runs over 7 innings with Goose Goosage coming in to the his 10th save.
Game #3: PIG 4-9-0 LP O’Day
IOW 5-13-0 WP Niedenefuer 1-1Giants jump out to 3-1 lead in the second innings, but Bombers comeback and tie it in the top of 8th. Bryce Harper pitch hitting in 9th homers to win it.
Game #4: PIG 1-2-1 LP Franco 0-4
IOW 2-5-0 WP Feller 3-11Bob Feller another start, disappointing year but he comes out big in the game getting complete game two hitter 11 k’s and only giving up one run. Vic Power goes 3-3 hr and knocking in both runs for the Giants to get the win for Feller
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Great series, the first game was only game that was not competive, as the Giants win the series 3-4 their were two walk off homers for the Giants one on a ph homer by Bryce Harper and the other provided by Vic Power in the ninth inning Game 4. Vic Power ended up going 7-14 for the series to be the player of the series.



National League Pitcher of the Week – Dave Brown – Motown Yankees

1-0 record, 9.0 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 1 hit allowed, 9 strikeouts & 3 walks



American League Pitcher of the Week – Curt Simmons  – Kansas City Blues

1-0 record, 9.0 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 1 hit allowed, 11 strikeouts &  0 walks



National League Player of the Week – Duke Snider  – West Michigan Retrogrades

.444 avg / 1.000 slg, 8 for 18, 2 doubles, 1 triple, 2 home runs, 5 runs &  4 RBIs



American League Player of the Week – Willie Stargell  – Las Vegas Pirates

.429 avg / 1.143  slg, 6 for 14, 1 double, 3 home runs, 5 runs, 4 RBIs & 1 walk


Jack Street Hustlers @ Purry Cowpokes
Series Preview: The Jack Street Hustlers bring their formidable team into God’s Country to battle the Cowpokes of Purry. Joe assures me that his team is over-hyped by the league office. We shall see.
Game #1: Jack Street scores 2 runs in the 7th to tie the score at 6-6. Neither team would score again through 9 so we have Free Baseball !!! Not sure if it was superior bullpen pitcher or inept hitting but neither team scored until the bottom of the 13th. Ted Strong led off the inning with a single, stole 2nd, and scored on Willie McCovey’s single.
Hustler’s cf Ducky Medwick had an impressive batting line of 5-7 with a hr, 3 doubles, 3 rbi’s, and 3 runs scored.
Final score Purry 7 Jack Street 6 (13)
Game #2: Frank Viola gets his 2nd win and Larry Hisle leads Jack Street’s offense by going 2-3 with a hr, a double, a walk, 3 rbi’s, and a run scored.
Final score Jack Street 6 Purry 5
Game #3: Jack Street’s offense broke open a 2-2 game with 3 runs in the 7thand tack on runs in the 8th and 9th.
Bob Muesel went 4-5 for the Hustlers with a double, 2 hrs, 2 rbi’s, and 2 runs scored.
Final score Jack Street 8 Purry 2
Game #4: Once again Jack Street took a tie game and broke it open in the 7th on a Mark McGuire grand slam.
Final score Jack Street 7 Purry 4
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Jack Street takes the series 3 games to 1. The Hustlers offense is for real. Purry’s bullpen sucks.
Lewisberry Country Blumpkins @ Menomonee Minutemen
Series Preview: Lewisberry rolls into Menomonee looking to take the series and hopefully gain a game on Jack Street. Menomonee looks to do the same in their division, However, both teams cannot win.
Game #1: Lewisberry jumps out to the 4-0 lead as Hershiser keeps MEN off the board, In the bottom of the 5th the wheels fall off and MEN finally breaks the runs barrier putting up a 3 spot. However, LCB did not care and continued to score and never looked back. FINAL SCORE LCB 8 MEN 5.
Game #2: Lewisberry again scores the first run in the third, but soon after Beckett starts throwing meatballs and MEN start rounding the bases like a merry-go-round. By the time the fair ride stops Lewisberry would need a miracle to catch up. FINAL SCORE LCB 3 MEN 10
Game #3: LCB takes the early 2-1 lead. In the third LCB scores another run however then gives up the lead in the bottom of the third. in the 5th MEN coughs up the tie and allows 2 runs across the plate. From there it was all pitching and LCB never looked back. FINAL SCORE LCB 5 MEN 4
Game #4: In-game 4, LCB continues to do what they have been doing all series take the early lead and make MEN play from behind. LCB takes the 2-0 lead in the third, then coughs up that lead in the 5th allowing MEN to tie the game. In the 6th MEN takes the lead, however, then coughs it up in the 7th. In the 8th MEN would finally take the lead again then hand the ball to Jansen and he closes out the game. FINAL SCORE LCB 3 MEN 4
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: LCB and MEN split the series not helping either get closer to the division leaders, however, we are only 53 games into the season and there is still a long way to the finish.
Wrigleyville Whales @ Las Vegas Pirates
Series Preview: As I like, I met a terrific manager in Paul Sixta, head honcho of the Wrigleyville Whales. As a duo, we had a whale of a great time! We attacked these games like they were all the 7th game of the 1960 World Series. Paul is a true gentleman that very politely went for my juggler in every game! It’s hard to believe with his competitive thirst that he’s presently a bottom feeder in the west. Let’s see what this 4 game series brings to our table.
Game #1: In this game the Whales showed they are NOT a bottom feeder, but a team in transition. The big fish went up a head quickly in the 1st inning, on Irish Meusel’s early 3 run HR. The Pirates came beck in their half of the 2nd, with slugger King (Cecil) Fielder blasting a 2 run HR to make it close. Unfortunately ace pitcher Warren Spahn couldn’t hold the Whales down.He finished his day way early going too early, giving up 8 hits & 7 ER’s in only 5 1/3, Red Smith finished with a pair of doubles, while the 2 ex Bostonians, Fisk & Yastrzemski, contributed a double each to drive in a pair of runs a piece. The timely hitting matched by the precise pitching of Jack Quinn to get himself a complete game victory. While the Pirates finished with 7 hits by 7 different players.
FINAL SCORE: Whales 8, Pirates 4
Game #2: In this game the Pirates were to face hard luck starter, Sandy Koufax. Koufax, followed his idol, Warren Spahn in the previous game, where they both got unusually pounded by their opposition. Koufax lasted all of 3 1/3, giving up 5 ER’s, on 7 hits & 3 BB’s. Also yielding HR’s to Prince Fielder & Willie Stargell. Bob Buhl, pitching for the Pirates went 7 1/3, giving up a 2 run HR to Bob Horner in the 6th & finished up giving up only 4 hits to the Whales.
FINAL SCORE: Pirates 7, Whales 2
Game #3: This game was all Whales. Even though Joe DiMaggio & Dave Cash finished with 2 singles a piece the Whales were in complete control here. Dutch Ruether pitched a real gem here, as he threw a CG, 5 hit SO. The Whales were led by a 14 hit barrage, & also led by Johnny Bates, who finished with 3 hits & a HR, & Carlton Fisk who had a double & HR, while finishing with those 2 hits & scoring 4 runs. Also finishing with multi hit games were Earle Combs, Red Smith, & Tony Lazzeri. Dean Chance got hit early & couldn’t find the plate with 5 BB ‘s in just 2 innings of work. Bill Walker & Brian Fuentes couldn’t hold back the Whales as well, giving up a pair of runs each .
FINAL SCORE: Whales 8, Pirates 0
Game #4: This game was a nail biter. The first 4 innings were scoreless. The Pirates broke through with a 2 run HR by Willie Stargell, who finished with 2 HR’s on the day, & driving in all the 3 Pirate runs. Even though the Pirate’s were out hit 10-4, it’s the runs that count. Bob Welch pitched a CG heartbreaker. For the Pirates, Howie Camnitz went 8 innings before giving way to the Pirates elite bullpen of Mariano Rivera, & Jesse Crain who picked up the save.
FINAL SCORE: Pirates 3, Whales 2
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Whata great series!!! Both the Whales & Pirates enjoyed it, while Whales manager Paul Sixta & I had a blast as well. We are both .looking forward to our next series, after the all-star break.
PIRATES 2 games
Madison East Puregolders @ Kansas City A’s
Series Preview: Madison East at KC A’s
Game #1: Dock Ellis Vs. Phil Niekro: Wade Davis blows a save chance giving up 2 in the top of the 8th in a 4-3 Madison East win. W- Plunk (2-1) L- Wade Davis (3-1) S- Schilling (1) Homers by Mauer, C. Gonzalez and Helton for the visitors and Walker Cooper hit a 3 run shot to account for the only runs for the A’s.
Game #2: G. Bush Vs. 3 Finger Brown. Aaron and Bobby Bonds homer for a 10-1 A’s win. Dale Murphy went 4 for 4 for the A’s. W- Brown (3-5) L- Bush (4-5)
Game #3: Buehrle Vs. Cicotte: Madison East wins 5-1, Helton has 3 hits for the victors and Dale Murphy gets hits in his 1st 3 at bats and ends up 3-4. W- Buehrle (4-5) L- Cicotte ( 4-6 ) S- Schilling (2)
Game #4: Saberhagen Vs. McDowell: Game is tied 2 -2 going to the top of the 9th before Ryan Braun hits a 2 run double and Madison East wins 5-2. W- Schilling (1-0) L- B. Adams (3-2) S- Plunk (1)
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Madison East wins series 3 game to 1. Hitting Star for the A”s was Dale Murphy, in 2 starts he went 7 for 8, 3 runs scored and 3 RBI’s, with a double, triple and homer.
Chicago Nine @ Fort Worth Cats
Series Preview:  
Game #1: A bases loaded single – one of 9 singles hit by the Cats – by Lee May gave Ft. Worth a 5 to 1 advantage going into the 8th and they hold on to win even though the bullpen gave up a couple runs by a score of 5 – 3.
Game #2: A pitcher’s duel between Richard and Maddux with the Cats winning in the bottom of the 9th, “The runners take their lead … the pitch from SHIELDS ’05
ROBINSON ’45 frames the pitch for the ump … but the ump’s like a statue … a base on balls
good eye BAKER ’19 … and Scot SHIELDS ’05 has walked in the winning run
And that’s it! … the CATS have won it! … the suspense is resolved … Greg MADDUX ’95 has a beautiful 4-hitter … he went the distance that’s his 5th complete game … of the season “Cats win 2-1
Game #3: A two run homer in the bottom of the 7th by Marquis Grissom breaks a 4-4 tie.

Cats win 5th straight by a score of 6-4

Game #4: back to back 4 run innings help the Chicago Nine get their 9 in a rout over Ft. Worth.

Chicago wins 9 to 3

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Cats take the series 3 games to 1
New Westminster Salmonbellies @ Middle Channel Sturgeons
Series Preview: Salmonbellies vs Sturgeon in a battle of the fish
Game #1: Messersmith 3-0 6.45 era vs Scherzer 5-5 2.80 era
Sturgeon bring out the bats in a 15-4 rout
Game #2: Gooden 4-3 4.23 era vs Foster 4-6 4.95 era
Sturgeon don’t bring out their bats getting only 2 hits
Bellies win it 3-0
Game #3: Leonard 7-2 2.66 era vs Leiter 4-7 8.06 era
Salmonbellies turn for a rout 9-1
Game #4: Tesreau 4-4 5.73 era vs Sale 4-4 3.17 era
Middle Channel even the series with a 6-2 win
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Series tied 2-2
Boston Braves @ Cincinnati Knights
Series Preview: The Boston Braves (21-28), sixth in the AL East — just three games out of third place — travel to Cincinnati. The Knights are currently tied for the AL West lead with a 31-18 record.
Game #1: BOS 0-2-2, CIN 2-5-1

Johan Santana worked eight and two-third innings of shutout baseball, limiting just two hits and fanning six. Reggie Smith delivers a 2-for-3 day with a double.

Game #2: BOS 4-6-0, CIN 6-10-0

Freddie Parent goes 2-for-4 with a homer in his first start of the year. Cincinnati clubs five homers in the contest.

Game #3: BOS 2-8-0, CIN 4-8-2

Jeff Cirillo went 3-for-3 with a double in a losing cause for Boston.

Game #4: BOS 6-11-0, CIN 3-11-0

Jim Rice delivers a 3-for-4 day with a double, homer and 4 RBI for the Braves.

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Cincinnati takes three out of four and temporarily takes over the top spot in the AL West. The Knights head to Chicago for a showdown next week. Boston moves into three-way tie for fourth and returns home to host the Kansas City Blues next week.
Indiana Indians @ Kansas City Blues
Series Preview: Two teams trying to get on track in this one
Game #1: Pettitte 4-3 vs Simmons 1-3
Simmons pitches CG 1 hit shutout Blues 3-0
Game #2: Donaldson 1-0 vs Koosman 1-8
Indians have 5-2 lead through 7 Rico hits HR as Blues come back 6-5
Koosman win Aguilera gets SV
Game #3: Price 0-5 vs Degrom 2-5
Juan Gonzalez and Canseco both homer for Blues 8-4 win
Game #4: Alexander 4-3 vs Greinke 2-5
Sheffield and Cuccinello go deep for a 7-2 Blues win
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Blues sweep series 4-0 don’t know if stars were aligned just right for this rarity but I’ll take it
Coastline Bobcats @ Wainwright Wranglers
Series Preview: Coastline travels into Wainwright for their first taste of NL West pitching. Coastline is looking to further extend its lead in the East and Wainwright is trying to get back to .500 ball.
Game #1: WWW opens the scoring in the B1 when Fernandez 2bs and scores on Daulton’s rbi-3b. CLB tie it quickly in the T2 on a M.Williams rbi-1b. CLB Swift and WWW Neagle take over from there and its scoreless innings thru the 6th. In the T7 Burks 1bs and Skowron follows with a 2-run HR for a 3-1 CLB lead. CLB then goes to its bullpen and uses 4 relievers to close out the game with Sutter finally getting his 18th save. CLB Swift with the win goes to 5-4 and Neagle with the loss drops to 0-2.

CLB 3, WWW 1

Game #2: In the B1 a Roberts 1b, a wild pitch, an Encarnacion bb, and a Manush rbi-1b gives WWW the early 1-0 lead. As in the first game CLB M.Williams ties the game in the T2, this time with a solo-HR. In the CLB T4 M.Williams strikes again with an rbi-1b for a 2-1 ‘Cats lead. But WWW gets the run back in the B4 when Fernadez rips a 2-out 1b and then Grove helps himself with an rbi-2b. CLB strikes back in the T5 when Kemp 1bs and scores on a Ripken H&R rbi-2b, followed by an Wilson rbi-1b. In the WWW B5 Cree 2bs, Daulton bbs, Manush 1bs, and Grace hits a sac fly to make the score 4-3 CLB. Both teams trade scoreless 6th and 7th innings. WWW Grove adds a scoreless T8 to setup the bottom half. In the B8 CLB has Marshall on the mound nad Grace leads off with a 1b, Puckett P5, and Fernandez Ks. WWW calls on Carew to PH and he responds with a rbi-2b to tie the game, Roberts follows with an inf-1b, and Cree gives WWW the lead with another rbi-1b but Roberts to cut down at 3rd to end the inning. It wouldn’t be a factor as Ward comes on and tosses a perfect 9th for his 7th save. CLB Marshall takes his 2nd loss and goes to 2-2, Grove does what an ace is supposed to do and picks up the win and goes to 8-3.

WWW 5, CLB 4

Game #3: WWW Manush’s rbi-1b opens the scoring in this game in the B1. CLB H.Wilson ties it in the T2 with a solo-HR. CLB M.Williams hits a solo-HR in the T3 for a 2-1 ‘Cats lead. WWW Grace sac fly ties it back up in the B4. CLB Stieb and Casilla along with WWW V.Willis throw scoreless innings thru the 8th. In the T9 CLB C.Ripken leads off with a solo-HR to give the ‘Cats a 1 run lead. In the B9 CLB Sutter would pitch around a rare Ripken error for his 19th save. CLB S.Casilla(2-2) gets the win and WWW V.Willis(4-9) takes the loss.

CLB 3, WWW 2

Game #4: The CLB offense finally shows up in this game against WWW D.White. In the T2 H.Wilson hits a solo-HR and in the WWW B2 Grace ties the game with an rbi-2b. In the CLB T3 Ripken 1bs and H.Wilson rips an rbi-3b. CLB S.White hits a solo-HR in the T3 for a 3-1 ‘Cats lead. CLB breaks the game open in the T5 when Kemp 1bs, A.Simmons H&R 1b, C.Ripken hits a 2-run 2b, H.Wilson follows with an rbi-2b, a Manush error, followed by a Roberts error gives CLB another 2 runs. WWW gets a Daulton 2-run HR in the B6 to close out the scoring. CLB Brown(7-5) gets the win, S.Maglie gets the 3 inning save, his 1st, and WWW D.White(4-9) is handed the loss. CLB H.Wilson falls a 1b short of hitting a cycle in the game.

CLB 8, WWW 3

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Coastline takes the series 3-1 over Wainwright. Due to special circumstances a special mention to Wainwright’s owner Dwayne Boddy who allowed me to play the series when we were unable to connect with TeamViewer. It was very gracious for him to do so and it was much appreciated. CLB H.Wilson has the big series going 6-13, 3 runs, 5 rbi, 1-2b, 1-3b, and 2-HRs.
Detroit DeLoreans @ Fire Lake Segers
Series Preview: The Detroit Deloreans (29-20, winners of 8 of their last 10) traveled to Fire Lake (18-30), for a 4 game series. Dodger Brett looking to get his nine even closer to division leading Coastline. The Segers, fresh off 14 consecutive games against Clockwork and Hoboken (2-11, w 1 rainout), were very excited to face a rotation of “just” 17s and 14s.
Game #1: Cy Morgan (3-5,5.03) vs Denny Mclain (3-5,3.71)

The visitors scored first as Anthony Rendon doubled in the 2nd and scored on a groundout by Sam Rice. That 1-0 Detroit lead appeared to be insurmountable, as Morgan and Mclain cruised through eight innings. In the bottom of the 9th, Vada Pinson’s lead off homerun (his 3rd) tied the score and free baseball was all the rage. Jim Aker was matched by Sambito/Gullett/Soto, as the 10th, 11th and 12th were scoreless. In the bottom of the 13th, with J.C. Romero taking the mound, Barry Larkin drew a walk, advanced to 2nd on Johnny Bench’s groundout and scored on a walkoff single by Pinson.

Detroit’s Anthony Rendon was hit by a Mario Soto pitch and missed the rest of the series. The visitors attempted 5 stolen bases and young John Bench cut down three of them. Fire Lake’s bullpen did not give up a hit in its 5 innings of work. Pete Rose was 3-for5, with two doubles and Pinson’s 2 hits drove in both Fire Lake runs.


Game #2: String Bean Williams (4-4,2.73) vs Ron Guidry (3-7,5.46)

It was not a good day for String Bean as the Segers chased him in the 5th, after 11 hits, 5 runs, including Joey Votto’s 2nd homerun. Ron Guidry scattered 3 hits in five scoreless innings and John Smoltz followed with four scoreless innings, allowing no hits and striking out 5.

Bench was 2-for-4, 9th double and 6th homerun, w 3 rbi’s. Jose Cardenal was 3-for-4, and Votto and Pinson each added 2 hits as the Segers offense totaled 12 hits on this day.


Game #3: Slim Sallee (5-3,3.79) vs David Cone (2-6,4.45)

The Detroit offense, having tallied just 8 total hits in the first two games, was not prepared for the version of David Cone that they faced this day. Nap Lajoie’s single was their only hit. Tony Perez’ 1st inning homerun (2) and 3rd inning 2-out rbi single was more than enough for the Segers’ hurler. David Cone’s 1-hit shutout, with 6 K’s and 2 BB, was just a beautiful thing. The Segers only tallied 4 hits off Sallee/Aker, but it was enough to secure their 3rd win a row.


Game #4: Hippo Vaughn (6-3,3.44) vs Eppa Rixey (1-1,3.81)

Eppa Rixey did his best to ensure a Segers sweep, by keeping the Deloreans at bay though six, allowing just a single run on three hits. In the home dugout there was much joy as Eric Davis’ 3 hits, including his 2nd homerun, had staked the home team to a 3-1 lead through 7 innings. And then… the wheels came off the sweep train as Fire Lake’s bullpen was roughed up for 6 hits and three runs in the final two frames. With the score 3-3 in the 9th, Babe Herman’s pinch-hit triple (off Joe Sambito) scored Tommy Harper with what proved to be the game winner. Kal Daniels led off the bottom of the 9th with a walk, and then stole 2nd. But Jim Aker was having none of it as he retired Pinson, Rose and Cardenal to earn his 4th save. Detroit had 9 hits by 9 different players and Andy Pafko’s 2 rbis tied the score in the 8th off John Smoltz.

Detroit’s Roy White and Fire Lake’s Johnny Bench both were injured in this game and both may miss the better part of a week…


Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Fire Lake wins the series 3 games to 1. Fire Lake’s Johnny Bench gunned down 4 of 6 would be base stealers in this series, and John Roseboro stopped the 7th attempt, as Detroit manager Dodger Brett’s running strategy was foiled this week.

Pitcher-of-the-Week nomination for Fire Lake’s David Cone, as his game three 1-hit Shutout deserves a look. Cone struck out 6, and walked just 2, and faced just 3 batters over the minimum.

Iowa Giants @ Virginia Cavaliers
Series Preview: NL East Virginia (29-20) sees a chance for their hit challenged team to take advantage of a couple of low grade pitchers that the NL WEST Iowa Giants (17-32) choose to start in their trip to the home of the Cavaliers.
Game #1: IOW 5-7-0 W-L.Hawkins (3-1) SV-Gossage (8)
VIR 4-10-1 L-K.Foulke (1-2)Well, VIR took advantage of D.Dean’s lower grade and pounded out 8 hits off him in 6.1 innings. They even launched 2 homers off Dean as both F.Robinson and A.Rosen connected. And even though VIR starter E.Reulbach struggled, even allowed the light hitting C.Rojas touch him for 2 hits and 2 RBI, VIR held a 4-3 lead going into the 9th. But leading off the 9th, P.Masi dribbled one back to the mound and R.Betancourt stepped on the ball, fell to the ground, and threw the ball past Pujols as Masi reached safely. No problem. VIR simply made the call to the pen,…and Cavalier fans began to exit the stadium as premier closer K.Foulke entered to close out the game and clinch the win for VIR. Cool Papa Bell came in to pinch run and R.Schalk to pinch hit. Foulke quickly dispatched of Schalk on 3 pitches. And then Judy Johnson did something only one other person had done to Foulke this season, “J. JOHNSON ’29 facing K. FOULKE ’04, T 9th, 1 Out, Runner on 1st, Behind 3-4… he lets it go…hit toward MCREYNOLDS ’89 in deep left … he’s chasing it down … he’s at the warning track…and he watches it sail over the wall … home run for JOHNSON ’29 … and two runs score…JOHNSON ’29 will touch them all … and he’s sure taking his time … he’s greeted at the plate.” Iowa 5 Virginia 4. And just like that the game turns quickly and the sun shines bright in Iowa. Iowa sent in G.Gossage to nail down the win, but he had a little problem. After striking out J.Harris to lead off the inning, T.Pena singled to put a runner on 1st. K.McReynolds then laid into a fastball and sent it to the gap in leftcenter with C.Yelich chasing it down…”YELICH ’14’s chasing it … still running … he’s up with it … PENA ’91 rounds third…they’re waving him in…here comes the throw home… here’s the play at the plate … and PENA ’91’s … out easily … oh, those, GIANTS…they snuff out the tying run … PENA ’91 just doesn’t have the wheels for that…and MCREYNOLDS ’89 takes third on the throw … so fasten your seat belts once again…that puts the tying run at third.” Gossge come through as he got D.Murphy to fly out to CF to end the ball game as Iowa got the come back win.
Game #2: IOW 2-5-0 W-L.Hawkins (4-1) SV- (g.Gossage (9)
VIR 1-8-0 L-L.Gomez (5-5)Once again VIR outhit IOW, and once again IOW staged a comeback to get the win. Both starter pitchers pitched outstanding games. IOW’s R.Oswalt went 7 innings allowing only 5 hits, but one of those was a solo homer from L.Parrish in the 6th that was the only run until the 9th. L.Gomez went the distance for VIR giving up 5 hits in 10 innings. Things looked good once again for VIR as they entered the 9th with a 1-0 lead. With Foulke and Betancourt still getting over the shock of the previous game, VIR decided to stay with Gomez for the CG victory. Only that didn’t happen. Rudy York crushed a leadoff homer in the 9th that tied the game and had VIR fans shaking their heads. VIR came up with nothing in their half and the game went to the 10th. Once again VIR opted to stay with Gomez and once again IOW made the most of it…”J. MORGAN ’71 facing L. GOMEZ ’38, T 10th, 2 Outs, Runner on 3rd, Tied 1-1…BOUDREAU ’39 and third base are good friends … GOMEZ ’38 delivers … big swing…it’s a dying quail to right … ROBINSON ’69 gallops in … FRISCH ’28 races back…but it parachutes between them … a Texas League single for MORGAN ’71…BOUDREAU ’39 scores easily … and MORGAN ’71 has the RBI…GIANTS 2, CAVALIERS 1.” The Goose came in for Iowa and gave VIR no chance to salvage a comeback. That made VIR 0 for 2 in taking advantage of lower grade pitching.
Game #3: IOW 6-13-0 W-A.Reynolds (4-5)
VIR 1-3-2 L-L.Day (1-1)Well so much for facing low grade pitching. A.Reynolds showed VIR what it was like to face real pitching. Reynolds toyed with VIR hitters and spun his way through 8 innings giving up a mere 3 hits. IOW started the game off with a lead off homer by Cool Papa Bell and VIR tied the game in the 1st on a FC. After that VIR hardly sniffed at a run. Meanwhile, IOW was having a field day banging out 13 hits on their way to a 5 run 6th inning that saw Iowa batters slapping the ball everywhere.. Cool Papa Bell led the way going 3-5 with a double and a homer and driving in 3 runs and Vic Power chipped in 3 hits and a RBI as well. But it was Reynolds who owned the day and the game.
Game #4: IOW 3-7-3 L-B.Feller (2-11)
VIR 6-7-0 W-P.Roe (2-2) SV-K.Foulke (19)VIR did NOT out hit IOW! And guess what? They won! And they were the team that came back to win it this time. IOW opened the scoring in the 2nd with a RBI single from C.Rojas that drove in C.Yelich. VIR countered in the bottom half with a RBI single from T.Pena and a throwing error by J.Ellsbury (one of 3 OWA errors on the day) to take a 2-1 lead. Feller and Roe battled it out over the next 4 innings not allowing anyone to mount a threat. Then in the 7th, C.Rojas (2-3 with all 3 RBI for Iowa) drilled a double to the wall in left that chased home 2 runs to give IOW a 3-2 lead. It didn’t look good for VIR, but then in the 8th F.Frisch doubled and D.Murphy lined an opposite field double into the LF corner to tie it at 3-all. F.Robinson grounded out and H.Heilman fanned for the 2nd out of the inning. A.Rosen worked a walk putting runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 away…”R. KINER ’53 facing B. FELLER ’40, B 8th, 2 Outs, 1st and 2nd, Tied 3-3…and now the pitch … KINER ’53 hits a pea…past the diving POWER ’62 … just inside the bag … it’s rolling…YELICH ’14 will have to play it near the corner … MURPHY ’11 scores…CAVALIERS have the lead! … ROSEN ’54’s around third…and now the pitch … KINER ’53 hits a pea…past the diving POWER ’62 … just inside the bag … it’s rolling…YELICH ’14 will have to play it near the corner … MURPHY ’11 scores…CAVALIERS have the lead! … ROSEN ’54’s around third…and he scores … KINER ’53 holds second with a double…GIANTS 3, CAVALIERS 5.” G.Templeton hits one off the wall to bring in Kiner and VIR uped the lead to 6-3. This time K.Foulke did what he does best and came in to notch his 19th save of the season. And finally, VIR figured out a way to win a game against the pesky Iowa Giants
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Iowa showed that you don’t need high grade pitchers to win games,…you just need hitters to get hits at the right time in order to score more runs that the other team. And it worked as Iowa went home with a 3-1 series win. Hitters in the series,…well, C.Rojas was 4-6 with 5 RBI for Iowa. Virginia had a couple batters with 3 hits but that was it. Allie Reynolds’ 3 hitter in 8 innings was the best pitched game of the four.
Iowa goes back home to take on Pigtown in a battle of the bottom two NL teams. Virginia stays at home to host San Tan Valley, who hopes to win a few games and become a contender in the tough NL West.
Hoboken Zephyrs @ Fantomz Force
Series Preview: The NL West second-place 30-20 Hoboken Zephyrs headed to Force Field to play the 26-24 NL East fourth-place Fantomz Force. The Force were hoping to gain some ground on the leading contenders in the East division: Coastline, Detroit, and Virginia, but knew they’d be challenged by Hoboken’s stellar pitching staff.
Game #1: Game 50 – Red Faber ’21 (6-4) v. Gaylord Perry ‘74 (5-3)

Fantomz 2-1 (12): Fantomz fans were lining up early for tickets, anticipating a pitchers duel between Hoboken’s Red Faber and Fantomz’s Gaylord Perry. The fans were certainly not disappointed! The Zephyrs scored first during the 3rd inning when Eddie Yost delivered a solo shot, his sixth homer this season. The Force tied the game during the 8th inning on Shin-Soo Choo’s sacrifice fly that scored Honus Wagner. Chess moves during the early extra innings kept the game tied. In the 12th, Ron Santo doubled. After two unsuccessful bunt attempts, Wagner doubled into left-center, plating Santo with the winning run.

Game #2: Game 51 – Jared Weaver ‘12 (6-2) v. Stan Coveleski ’23 (0-7)

Hoboken 4-1: The Zephyrs wasted no time attacking Fantomz’s Stan Coveleski. They scored single runs during each of the first three innings, while Jered Weaver blanked the Force through five innings. Choo hammered his first longball of the season during the 6th inning, the lone blemish on Weaver’s fine outing. Weaver went the distance, pitching a six-hitter, striking out five while walking none and adding two hits. Wagner had two hits for the Force.

Game #3: Game 52 – Noodles Hahn ’02 (8-4) v. Carl Weilman ’14 (6-5)

Hoboken 4-1: Jeff Heath delivered a two-run bloop double during the 5th inning, then repeated the feat two frames later as he drove in all four Hoboken runs. Noodles Hahn silenced Force bats with a dominating two-hit performance, striking out nine while walking four. Wagner’s 2nd-inning single plated Ray Lankford with the Force’s only run. Hahn’s ERA dropped to 1.73

Game #4: Game 53 – Tom Seaver ’77 (8-2) v. Satchel Paige (7-3)

Hoboken 3-1: The Zephyrs scored first when a Paige 2nd-inning throwing error led to the game’s first run. The Force tied the game two innings later when Don Mattingly’s sacrifice fly plated Lankford, who went 3-for-3. Hoboken broke the deadlock during the 8th inning on back-to-back singles by Heath and Jeff Spence.

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Hoboken won 3 of 4 with dominant pitching and timely hitting in a series played over TeamViewer. The Force mustered a robust five runs during the four-game series; their moral victory was avoiding a shutout. Fantomz dropped below .500 for the first time this season while the Zephyrs are nipping at the heels of NL West division-leading Clockwork.
Climax Cougars @ Clockwork Heros
Series Preview: It looked like a tough series for Climax as they are trying to reach .500 but had to play the Leagues best record Clockwork. Clockwork hitters were excited to face pitching graded less than 18+ as the NL West is a nightmare.
Game #1: This one was all Clockwork Donovan improves to 7-0 with a 0.88 era tossing a 5 hitter. A 6 run first inning did in the Cougars as Foster hit 2 doubles and drove in 2 and melton hit a 3 run homer. Clockwork 7 Climax 0
Game #2: Leonard and Ott homered for Climax against Blyleven but sadly for Climax the pitching could not stop Clockwork. Vaughn and Terry had huges games with a double and homer each. 8-4 Clockwork
Game #3: Myers gave Wood a 1-0 lead in the 8th as Wood was pitching a no hitter. But in the 8th Clockwork got Wakefield single and a Melton 2 run homer. Clockwork wins 2-1 as matheson improves to 9-2 and Tekulve gets the save his 13th.
Game #4: Once agin Climax could not hold onto thier 2-0 lead as Clockwork gets a 4 run 7th and win 5-2. foster had a big game driving in 3 runs. Newhouser gets the win in relief and Tekulve saves his 14th
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Clockwork gets great pitching and sweeps Climax. pitcher of the week Donovan 5 hit shutout. Arky Vaughn for hitter going 5 for 10 with 5 runs 2 rbis and 2 walks with 2 doubles and a homer.
 West Michigan  @ San Tan Valley Moonrakers
Series Preview: Looks like two evenly matched, middle of the road teams squaring off.
Game #1: A 3-3 tie goes in to extra innings. Ed Walsh gives up 4 hits in the 10th with RBIs from Tommy Davis and Bill Dickey. Bob Stanley comes in to save it for Western Michigan but doesn’t do it easily. Hal Trotsky and Quincy Trouppe double to make it 5-4 but then Stanley closes it out. Dick Allen makes his LEG league debut with a single and a triple in 5 ABs.
Game #2: San Tan Starter Monte Stratton hits a three run homer but the Retrogrades bounce him around for 12 hits and 8 runs in 5 innings. Duke Snyder hits 2 homers and a double in the 9-4 win.
Game #3: San Tan builds a 7-0 lead against Hal Schumaker before the Western Michigan bats get going. They post a 5 run 8th inning rally against Sparky Lyle to tie the game at 7. In the bottom of the 9th against Stu Miller, Vern Stephens ( who had homered twice earlier) doubled home Bob Elliott for the 8-7 win.
Game #4: Randy Johnson (6-3) pitches his third straight shutout, a 3 hit, 7 K effort, winning 7-0. Bob Elliot, Sherry Magee, and Stephens all go deep for San Tan.
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Can’t get much closer than a 2-2 split with 2 one run games.
 Motown Yankees @ Nags Head Surf Sox
Series Preview: MOTOWN YANKEES (26-23) vs. NAGS HEAD SURF SOX (21-28)

Motown and Nags Head square of over TeamViewer for the initial round of inter-divisional games.

Game #1: Dave Brown vs. Joaquin Andujar

A Biz Mackey solo homerun in the second and an 8th inning RBI double off the bat of Fred McGriff was all Motown starter Dave Brown would need. Brown was superb, only allowing a Ryne Sandberg triple and 3 walks, going the distance for his 8th win. Dixie Walker and McGriff each had a pair of hits for the Yanks. Andujar had one of his better outings for the Sox, scattering 5 hits and a pair of walks over 7 and a third, but he still loses his 9th.

YANKS 2/6/0
SOX 0/1/0
WP – Brown (8-5)
LP – Andujar (2-9)

Game #2: Carl Hubbell vs. Mike Mussina

Top 1 – Mussina walks Dixie Walker to start the game. Stan Hack’s infield single puts runners at 1st and 2nd with no outs. Fred McGriff bloops a double down the right field line to score Walker and Hack for a 2-0 Yankee lead.

Bottom 2 – Dave Kingman leads off the inning with a walk. He comes around to score on a Gary Carter RBI double to cut the Yankee lead in half. Carter scores to tie the game on a Fred McGriff error on a Larry Bowa ground ball. Game tied 2-2

Hubbell and Mussina are locked in a real pitcher’s duel and the game stays tied until the 8th. Yankee starter Carl Hubbell helps himself, and leads off the 8th inning with a single. Hubbell gets pulled for pinch runner Richie Ashburn. The Yanks will load the bases and Ashburn will come around to score on a Cristobal Torriente sacrifice bunt to put Motown back in front 3-2.

Bottom 8 – Larry Bowa leads off with a single off Yankee reliever Koji Uehara. Last week’s N.L. Batter of the Week, Andre Dawson is called upon to bat for Norm Charlton, and Dawson delivers a 2 run homerun to put the Sox on top. Francisco Cordero retires the Yanks in order in the 9th to preserve the win for Nags Head.

YANKS 3/4/1
SOX 4/4/1
WP – Charlton (1-0)
LP – Uehara (3-2)
S – Cordero (11)

Game #3: Adam Wainwright vs. Nolan Ryan

After a pair of tight, low scoring games, game 3 would see lots of offense and sloppy Nags Head defense.

Motown scores single runs in the 1st and 2nd for an early 2-0 lead. Gary Carter clubs a 2 run homerun to tie the game in the bottom of the 2nd.

Top of the 4th, the Yankees manufacture a run, on an Ashburn single and stolen base, a Wainwright SAC bunt, and a Dixie Walker SAC fly, Motown back in the lead 3-2, but the lead would be short lived. Back to back Dawson and HOJO doubles tie it up at 3 at the end of 4.

A Ryne Sandberg solo homerun puts the Sox in front 4-3 in the 5th, before the Yankee bats erupt for 3 in the 6th, 1 in the 7th, and 4 in the 8th to take an 11-4 lead. NH scores 3 runs off Chief Bender, but Uehara comes in in the 9th to put the game away for Motown.

After 15 hits TOTAL in games 1 & 2, Motown has 18 and Nags Head has 14 in game 3. Every starter, on both teams, had at least one hit. Walker, McGriff, and Westrum each had 3 hits for Motown. Jimmie Foxx had 3 hits for Nags Head. Motown scored 11, but only had 8 RBIs thanks to 4 Nags Head errors (2 by Foxx and 2 by Carter … I can’t wait until Carter has a better defensive card!!) Once again I left Nolan Ryan in too long … and Adam Wainwright was good enough to win his 8th.

YANKS 11/18/0
SOX 7/14/4
WP – Wainwright (8-2)
LP – Ryan (3-5)

Game #4: Larry Jansen vs. Cole Hamels

Nags Head scores first in this one. Bottom of the third, Cole Hamels leads off with a single. Jansen walks Sandberg to bring Von Hayes to the plate. Hayes singles to right, Hamels is waived home, but Ashburn guns him down at the plate. With 1st and third and 1 out, Motown chooses to intentionally walk Jimmie Foxx to load the bases and bring Andre Dawson to the plate. Dawson hits one deep enough to score Sandberg for the 1-0 Sox lead. Dave Kingman then singles home Hayes and NH is out in front 2-0.

Top 5 – Hamels Ks Dixie Walker to start the inning. Stan Hack singles, then Cole Hamels gets wild … walking Westrum, McGriff, and with the bases loaded, Bancroft to put the Yanks on the board. Hamels then strikes out Frank White and Kenny Lofton … so after 3 walks and 3 strikeouts in the inning, Motown is within a run, 2-1 Nags Head.

Top 6 – Another case of a pitcher helping himself … Jansen singles to lead off the Motown 6th. After a Walker double puts runners at 2nd and 3rd, Jansen is pulled for pinch runner Carney Lansford. The move is warranted as Lansford’s speed beats Kingman’s throw to the plate on a Stan Hack SAC fly which ties the game at 2.

The game stays locked at 2-2 until the top of the 9th. Pinch runner Elmer Valo, who was at 3rd thanks to another Jimmie Foxx error, scores on a Fred McGriff bases loaded SAC fly to put Motown up 3-2 heading to the bottom of the 9th. Steve Mingori is called on to save it for the Yanks. Pinch hitter Mike Marshall leads off for NH and singles to right. Larry Bowa is brought in to run for Marshall. Bowa steals second with one out. Sandberg grounds out for the 2nd out of the inning to bring Von Hayes to the plate. Hayes singles to right, Bowa comes around with the tying run, Hayes ends up on second, bringing Jimmie Foxx to the plate. Motown intentionally walked Jimmie Foxx twice previously in the game, but not this time …

* J. FOXX ’34 facing S. MINGORI ’71, B 9th, 2 Outs, Runner on 2nd, Tied 3-3
HAYES ’86 moves another step away from second … pitcher steps off … now MINGORI ’71’s set again
the pitch … that’s hit … back and deep the other way … back … back… … back……
HEY-HEY!! … it’s all over! … a two-run shot over the right center field wall
attaboy FOXX ’34 … Jimmie trots around the bases … he loves a trip downtown
he’s greeted at the plate

This one will go down as a Nags Head classic from season 1!

YANKS 3/6/0
SOX 5/8/1
WP – Street (4-1)
LP – Mingori (3-1)

Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Great series. Thanks to a couple of key, late inning, homeruns the Sox manage a 2-2 series tie against a legitimate playoff contender.
 Pigtown Bombers @ Hollywood Zombies
Series Preview:  
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Hollywood’s 9 game win streak comes to an end abruptly, as they drop 3 of 4 to Pigpen…i mean ‘town’.

Hollywood is filing a grievance with the Commissioner’s Office about the Commissioner’s Office. The complaint is as follows…”You don’t talk about a streak during a streak. The CO mentioned the 9-game win streak in the last in the Series 7 recap. By doing this, they jinxed the team, forcing them to lose 3 of 4. As such, they demand 5 extra Franchise Points be rewarded, compensating the team for that CO blunder.”

Hollywood now awaits a response from the Commissioner’s Office



National League Pitcher of the Week – Bruce Sutter – Coastline Bobcats

1-0 record, 4 saves, 6.1 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 0 hits allowed, 4 strikeouts, & 1 walk




American League Pitcher of the Week – Tommy Bridges  – Kansas City Blues

2-0 record, 16.2 innings pitched, 1.62 ERA, 7 hits allowed, 12 strikeouts, & 7 walks




National League Player of the Week – Andre Dawson  – Nags Head Surf Sox

.478 avg / .913 slg, 11 for 23, 4 doubles, 2 home runs, 3 runs, 8 RBIs & 2 walks




American League Player of the Week – Rogers Hornsby  – Jack Street Hustlers

.444 avg / .963  slg, 12 for 27, 2 doubles, 4 home runs, 8 runs, 11 RBIs, & 7 walks



Around the League

             If nothing else Week 7 proved to be one where teams like Detroit, Motown, and Hollywood honed their skills while Madison East and Climax sharpened their axes.

            Detroit, Motown, and Hollywood are the league’s hottest teams coming out of the action of the last week. Detroit and Motown are a cool 8-2 in their last 10 games while the Zombies appear to have been resurrected after a series against Iowa and are 9-1 in the same span including nine straight wins and counting. Continue reading “2020 PLAYER / PITCHER OF THE WEEK #7”