National League Pitchers of the Week – Noodles HAHN – Hoboken

1-0 record, 9.0  innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 1 hit, 8 strikeouts, & 3 walks




American League Pitcher of the Week – Dean CHANCE – Las Vegas

1-0 record, 9 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 3 hits, 2 strikeouts,  & 1 walk




National League Player of the Week –Tim RAINES  – Hollywood

.471 avg  / 1.176 slg, 8 for 17, 1 double, 1 triple, 3  home runs, 6  runs, 8 RBIs, & 1 SB




American League Player of the Week –Willie McCOVEY  – Purry

.500 avg / 1.188 slg, 8  for 16,  2 doubles, 3 homers, 4 runs, 9 RBIs, & 2 walks



Feature : Roe Roe Rock the Boat

As we go into the final months of the season, it’s always nice to look at predictions so we can complain about them later. So, here you go.

American League

Jack Street will overtake Chicago and Lewisberry and win the East Division by 3 games. Chicago will fall to 4th because Stray’s wife Stacey will entice him to spend more time with her rather than LEG. Lewisberry will claim 2nd and the Kansas City A’s will take over 3rd because I like their name.

Fort Worth will hold off a late charge by Ted Williams and his Cincinnati Knights to take the AL West by 6 games. New Westminister will get 3rd all to themselves. Menomonee will overtake Purry for a short time only to see the Cowboys Tris Speaker and Javier Vazquez lasso the 4th spot back again.

National League

Coastline wins it in the East but not because Detroit wasn’t trying. Detroit makes it close by getting within 3 games, but they run out of gas and Doc Brown isn’t around to feed plutonium into the Delorean and have it time travel into the future and ambush the Bobcats.

West Michigan gets 3rd and Climax remains in 4th because we all want Nik to do well.

Clockwork is in another league and has already won the West. I’m going to take the safe pick and go with Hoboken for 2nd place.

I’d normally take Motown because I like the music and I’m a Yankee fan going back to 1957, but Hoboken has a better record against the West Division.

I’m going with San Tan in the 4th spot because I like the way Randy Johnson is throwing the ball and Trosky and Stephens are pounding the ball.

As for the individual awards, that’s all conjecture, but what the heck, that’s what this is about. So, I have predictions for the top 5 spots in a few major areas for batting and pitching. There is not much (if any) difference in what is now the top 10 in each category. I have just predicted (guessed) what end of season stats will look like.

So read and remember. Then you can laugh at me for how far off I am at the end of the season. Enjoy.

American League   National League   American League   National League
Wins    Wins   RBI    RBI
Maddux FWC 26-3    Mathewson CWH 28-6   Hornsby JSH 142    Spence HBZ 123
Santana CIN 24-5    Hahn HBZ 26-10   Mayberry CHI 118    Trosky SAN 116
Verlander FWC 23-6    Blyleven CWH 24-7   Bando CIN 110    Collins DET 112
Leonard NWS 20-8    Finley CLB 21-7   McGwire JSH 112    Foster CWH 108
Vazquez PUR 18-10    Seaver HBZ 19-12   Medwick JSH 110    Ripken CLB 107
ERA    ERA   HR    HR
Verlander FWC 2.05    Johnson SAN 1.96   Mayberry CHI 47    Collins DET 53
Maddux FWC 2.34    Mathewson CWH 1.99   McGwire JSH 46    Wilson CLB 43
Leonard NWS 2.66    Donovan CWH 2.18   Hornsby JSH 43    Trosky SAN 39
Leever NWS 2.79    Reynolds DET 2.31   Fielder LVP 39    Ripken CLB 35
Newcombe BOS 2.82    Hahn HBZ 2.40   Bando CIN 35    Stephens SAN 33
  K   BA    BA
Leonard NWS 250    Mathewson CWH 301   DiHigo NWS .344    Ripken CLB .314
Vance CIN 207    Feller IOW 267   Williams CIN .339    Ott CMC .310
Scherzer MCS 177    Paige FAN 260   Keeler FWC .314    Santop CWH .304
Santana CIN 172    Johnson,R SAN 242   Cobb MCS .320    Hayes NAG .292
Jenkins KCA 166    Uhle CWH 228   White KCA .309    Davis,T WMR .294
Menomonee Minutemen @ Lewisberry Country Blumpkins
Series Preview: The Menomonee Minutemen tried to show their stamina against Orel, BJ and the rest of the barely 1st place Blumpkins but they mostly shot blanks…
Game #1: Hudson vs Hershiser
Orel hurls a 6H CG Shitout for the Blumpkins as Freeman drives in 2 and Ruth hits a solo HR.
Country Blumpkins 4 Minutemen 0
Game #2: Grissom vs Cooper
Ike Boone’s 8th inning RBI 2B off pseudo-reliever Zach Britton gives Menomonee the lead and win. Freeman drives in another for Lewisberry.
Minutemen 2 Country Blumpkins 1
Game #3: Scott (replacement for scheduled starter) vs Ruth
Took 10 innings but Nellie Cruz’s RBI 1B walks it off for the Blumpkins. Seybold (MEN) and F-B Williams (LEW) hit solo HRs. Maury Wills out 5 days for LCB.
Country Blumpkins 4 Minutemen 3
Game #4: Rommel (replacement starter) vs Langston (replacement starter)
Blumpkins score 4 by the 5th. Minutemen chase Langston in the 7th after cutting the lead in 1/2, 4-2. Blumpkins couldn’t hold back anymore and exploded for 5 in the bottom of the 7th to cruise to victory.
Country Blumpkins 9 Minutemen 2
Series Summary: Country Blumpkins win 3. POTW candidate Orel Hershiser goes 9ip, 6H, 1BB, 1K. BJ Surhoff goes 5/12, 3R, 2RBI, 3BB, 2B, HR.
Purry Cowpokes @ Jack Street Hustlers
Series Preview: Jack Street (56-53) currently 2nd in the AL East host the AL West 4th place Purry Cowpokes (62-47). When it comes to the American League, placement in the division can be deceiving with the West being noticeably better West division. The Hustlers come in with a 4-6 record in their last 10, while Purry comes in 7-3 in their last 10 and on a 5 game winning streak.

This series was played using teamviewer. Thanks to Rob for taking the time to play.

Game #1: In game 1, Purry sends Frank Sullivan, making only his 4th start with no decisions but 2 saves to face Sonny Siebert who has struggled his way to a 4-10 record this season.

Purry jumps out early with a 3 run first powered by a Neil Walker 3 run blast. The Cowpokes rode that wave, carrying a 6-2 lead to the bottom of the 5th. However, in the bottom of the 5th, the Hustlers tie up the game with a 4 spot helped by two run homers by both Rogers Hornsby and David Justice. After single runs in the 6th and 7th by Purry, Jack Street roars back in the bottom of the 8th with 2 of their own to tie it up. In the bottom of the 9th, Rafael Palmeiro walks it off with a one out, solo home run.

P 8/8/0
J 9/11/2

WP – Hand 6-4
LP – Soria 2-4
Sv – None
HR – P – Walker 2 (10), Anderson (1) J – Hornsby 2(29), Justice (6), Palmeiro (13)

Game #2: Javier Vazquez 16-5 takes the mound for Purry against Jack Street ace, Bill Byrd 8-5.

Willie McCovey has a day in this one going 2-4 with rbi for Purry, but it wasn’t enough as Jack Street scores 3 early runs and 4 single runs in later innings to hold off Purry and their 3 run 7th.

P 6/9/0
J 7/10/1

WP – Byrd 9-5
LP – Vazquez 16-6
Sv – Brantley 19
HR – P – McCovey (14) J – McGwire (30), Meusel (18), Justice (7)

Game #3: Johnny Cueto 2-4 toes the rubber for Purry against Carl Lundgren 5-2 for Jack Street.

Another great battle. Purry opens the scoring in the 3rd with Brady Anderson’s second homer of the series and of the year. Jack Street answers in the bottom half with 2 of their own. Purry ties it in the top of the 4th on a McCovey double, a ground out and a wild pitch. Jack Street jumps back ahead in the 5th on a Graig Nettles error and a 2 run shot by Medwick. They pick another up in the bottom of the 7th and take a 5-2 lead to the 9th. In the top of the 9th, with closer Jeff Brantley on the mound, Rickey leads off with a single. After a ground out by Speaker, McCovey sends one over the boards to make the score 5-4. Brantley settles down, however, and gets pinch hitter Ed Bailey and Carlos Santana for the save.

P 4/6/2
J 5/7/0

WP – Lundgren 6-2
LP – Cueto 2-5
Sv – Brantley 20
HR – P – McCovey (15), Anderson (2) J – Hornsby (30), Medwick (22)

Game #4: In the final game of the series, Purry sends Jake Weimer (13-5) to try and avoid the sweep against Dan Haren (4-12).

Hustlers open the scoring in the bottom of the 3rd, when Woody English pickup up a one out walk and scores on a double by Jerry Priddy. In the 4th, Jack Street loses a chance to extend the lead when Mark McGwire got thrown out at the plate. Purry takes the lead from Jack Street in the 5th on a McCovey homer, a Wells double and a single by Carlos Santana. 2-1 after 5. Cowpokes extend the lead in the 7th on a double by Santana, a single by Walker, a sac fly by Blackmon and a double by Rickey. 4-1 after 7. Hustlers make it a game again in the 8th when Ducky Medwick leads off the inning with a single and McGwire follows with a bomb, cutting it to 4-3. After a Meusel strikeout, Ted Simmons sends a triple to the gap, but Soria comes in and shuts down the threat by striking out Larry Hisle and getting pinch hitter David Justice to fly out to center. The score stayed 4-3 to the bottom of the 9th, as Billy Wagner came in to close it down. Raffy Palmeiro led off the inning with a walk, but Wagner gets the next three to close it out.

P – 4/10/1
J – 3/8/0

WP – Weimer 14-5
LP – Haren 4-13
Sv – Wagner 12
HR – P – McCovey (16) J – McGwire (31)

Series Summary: Entertaining series that Jack Street was fortunate to come out with a 3-1 series win.

Player of the week nominee – Willie McCovey – 8-16 with 4 runs, 9 rbi, 2 doubles, 3 hr and 2 walks. 500 BA/556 OBP/ 1188 SLUG

Fort Worth Cats @ Chicago Nine
Series Preview: Into the Windy City comes the best team in LEG. Fort Worth is the team to beat & everyone knows it. Can the Nine compete with the big cats from Texas? We shall see.
Game #1: J.R Richard normally strikes guys out. He didn’t do that for Chicago today. He got grounders and flyouts and even had 4 Double Plays behind him on Defense. Hank Thompson had a Triple & 2 RBI’s to lead Chicago’s offense. In the end it was J.R. Richard who did the deed, going the distance in a Complete Game 6 Hit, 1 Walk, 6 K game. Former Nine player Kris Bryant was on hand for the game, yet Ramon Martinez was quietly absent & not even at the park. Issue was resolved later in the series as they both figured out, they were in the wrong cities. It all worked out in the, except for Fort Worth.

Final Score: Chicago 4 – Fort Worth 0

Win: J.R Richard 8-10 (4.59)
Loss: Justin Verlander 16-4 (1.79)

Game #2: Fort Worth forgot how to score runs, but their pitching was awesome as Charlie Root went 7 allowing only 1-Run before Criag Kimbrel shut out the Nine for the final 2 Innings. Chicago’s lone run was a solo Home Run in the 1st Inning by John Mayberry. It was however the game winner. Ramon Martinez was a stud for the Nine, once he flew in that morning, not even realizing he was starting that afternoon.

Final Score: Chicago 1 – Fort Worth 0

Win: Ramon Martinez 2-0 (1.76)
Loss: Charlie Root 9-7 (3.60)

Game #3: 5 Hits, 5 Runs, & 10 Innings wasn’t enough for the big cats from Texas as they couldn’t get past the Nine for the 3rd game in a row. However, Keith Hernandez was 4 for 4 with 2 RBI’s & Wee Willy Keeler and Hunter Pence each chipped in with 3 Hits as well. Chicago’s big man was once again “Big” John Mayberry who blasted 2 Home Runs, had 3 Hits & drove in 5 RBI’s for Chicago. His walk off Home Run in the 10th won it for Chicago.

Final Score: Chicago 7 – Fort Worth 5 (10 Innings)

Win: Rick Reed 1-0 (3.24)
Loss: Ricardo Rincon 1-1 (4.29)

Game #4: C.C Sabathia climbed the hill for Chicago & went 8 strong Innings allowing only 1-Run on 4 Hits, 2 Walks, with 4 K’s. Mike Trout had a Home Run & 3 RBI’s. Chicago easily routed the Fort Worth squad in this one.

Final Score: Chicago 7 – Fort Worth 1

Win: C.C Sabathia 11-10 (5.01)
Loss: Stan Williams 7-8 (4.43)

Series Summary: Chicago did the impossible as they take all 4 games from the Cats from Fort Worth. John Mayberry & the lack of offense from Fort Worth surely helped the Nine. Questions still arise such as, will the Chicago have enough to make it to the playoffs? Will het flounder like fish come next series? As high as they are now, next week will bring a whole new challenge.
Kansas City A’s A Madison East Puregolders
Series Preview: Kansas City A’s come in to Madison looking to pad their stats.
Game #1: Sam McDowell vs. Guy Bush. A 6-6 tie going in to the 9th, the A’s win the 9th inning 5-1. Albert Belle goes 4-4 with 2 HR’s, only to have Dan Plesac waste his effort. Reports are that Belle was looking for Plesac after the game…..
Game #2: Joe Horlen vs. Bret Saberhagen (even number season). Should be some souveniers going into the bleachers with this one. Per normal, the Purgolders scratch out six measly hits and lose 2-0. Babe Adams picks up the save. Belle goes 2-4 and screams the entire team down for wasting his time and efforts.
Game #3: Phil Niekro vs. Hooks Wiltse. Wiltse has his ERA down to an even 5.00 coming in, possibly making him a candidate for a 2nd half All-star candidate. Hooksie was the MAN, until the 5th inning. He ended up giving up 8 earnies to bump that ERA to 5.34. Nowhere near the plump 7plus he was boasting earlier, but there is still time for him to rebound to the upper 6’s for sure. The A’s dominate 9-2 as Belle goes 1-2 and then fear set in and the A’s just walk him twice…..
Game #4: Eddie Cicotte vs. Vinegar Bend Mizelle. Cicotte was seen with four different substances on the brim of his cap in the first inning, and a pocket knife blade sewn in to his glove. Belle went to get his special “Black Betty.” Who is gonna win this battle? Both. Eddie went eight, scattering 6 hits, including an RBI double to Big Al en route to a series sweep and contest final of 9-2. Vinegar Bend stunk up the joint, allowing eleven runners in 5 1/3, with six of them scoring.
Series Summary: Another terrible performance for Madison East resulting in a sweep again. Kansas City bats caused the Purgolders nightmares, again. Manager Roeth was quoted after the finale “We suck. We are 2-8 in the last ten, four losses in a row and Menomonee, the fricken Minutemans for Christ’ sakes are 10 games ahead of us….”
Middle Channel Sturgeon @ New Westminster Salmonbellies
Series Preview: Sturgeon come to town to watch the Salmonbellies
swimming upstream through the Sturgeon spawning grounds
on the Fraser River. Some very good pitching in this series
Game #1: Jack Coombs for Middle Channel faced off against Dutch Leonard for the Bellies.

Bellies got a 3 – 0 lead in the third and then piled it on from the 5th through the 8th. Dihigo was his usual dependable self scoring 3 runs and knocking in 2 while going 3 for 4.

The Salmonbellies go on to win the game 15 – 4 out hitting the Sturgeon 16 – 7.

Game #2: Al Leiter for Middle Channel and Dwight Gooden New Westminster

The Sturgeon score runs in the third and fourth, one a HR by Jose Azcue to go on to a 4 – 1 victory. Bostock went 2 for 4 with a run, RBI and a triple. Al Leiter gave up 2 hits and 4 walks for the victory. Ty Cobb had a double on his birthday.

Game #3: Max Scherzer for the Sturgeon and Jeff Tesreau for the Salmonbellies

The Bellies scored 3 in the 3rd and then the Sturgeon come right back and score 3 in the fourth. The score remained tied until the bottom of the tenth. Fernando Rodney came on for the Sturgeon and walked Concepcion. Dave stole 2nd and Rodney got Ralph Garr. He then IBB to Dihigo to face Campanella. Roy comes through for a 3 run home run and a 6 – 3 victory.

Game #4: Chris Sale for Middle Channel and Sam Leever for New Westminster

The Bellies got off to a good start with a lead off homer from Jack Clark
In the second the Sturgeon come right back and score 3 runs to take a 3 – 1 lead. In the 4th Martin Dihigo connects on his 21st HR. Ty Cobb connects in the top of the 5th for his 21st home run to give the Sturgeon a 4 – 2 lead. But in the bottom of the 5th Campanella picks up another 3 run homer to give the Bellies a 5 – 4 lead. The Bellies go on to score 5 more for a 10 – 4 final.

Series Summary: The superb Middle Channel pitching did not come through in the series
as Middle Channel drops 3 of 4 games to the Salmonbellies.
Dihigo had a big series going 7 for 14 with 8 runs, 1 HR and 3 RBI
Campanella scored 5 runs and had 6 RBI with a couple of HR
Cobb was dangerous throughout with 6 for 18 scoring 3 runs, 1 HR and a couple of RBI.
Las Vegas Pirates @ Wrigleyville Whales
Series Preview: Las Vegas Pirates (48-61, .440, 10-GB) @ Wrigleyville Whales (37-72, .339, 44-GB)
Game #1: G-1- Arrieta v Welch. Ugly game as both starters allowed 6-runs. Welch was fortunate to have plenty of offense backing him, as Whales held a 9-3 lead going into 8th inning. Las Vegas did score 3-runs to close within 3-runs but Whales prevail 9-6. Welch had dropped 3 in a row and 7 of last 9.

Whales outhit Pirates 13-11 with Combs, Musial & Darrell Evan collecting 3-hits apiece. Combs led Whales with 4-RBI, slugging his 2nd homer. Mr. Cub had a clutch, pinch hit 2-run-1B.

Joe D was 3-4 for Vegas and Price Fielder hammered his 20th home run while driving in 4-runs!

FINAL Whales 9 Pirates 6

Game #2: G-2- Spahn v Ruether. There were only 7-hits total as Spahn & Ruether were locked in a 0-0 game until Whales 7th when Mr. Cub drove in Bob Horner with a SF. Goose eggs would fill remainder of game and Wrigleyville would make it 2-straight over Las Vegas with a 1-0 victory! It was 2nd Shut-Out for Ruether who improved his record to 6-11, 4.68-ERA. Ruether faced only 30-Pirates.

Spahn hurled a gem, allowing 1-run on 5-hits, as his record fell to 6-13, 4.15-ERA.

FINAL Whales 1 Pirates 0

Game #3: G-3- Chance v Mays. Pitching dominated again, this time Dean Chance (4-13, 5.13) comes out on top 2-0 on a CG, 3-hitter! Pops Stargell drove in a run with his 11th double in 4th and Bibb Falk drove in 2nd run in Las Vegas 9th. Chance faced only 31-batters and allowed just 3-singles.

Mays (8-10, 4.77) has lost 3-games in a row and 5 of 6.

FINAL Pirates 2 Whales 0

Game #4: G-4- Cuellar v McNally. In a match-up of former O’s pitchers, it was all Cuellar (8-6, 3.92), as he blanked Wrigleyville 6-0 on 4-hits to run their Shut-out string to 19-innings over the Whales! Las Vegas racked up a dozen hits as Joe D. led attack going 3-4, 2B and his 20th home run! Roberto joined DiMaggio (67-RBI) with 2-RBI, going 2-4, 2B and a walk.

FINAL Pirates 6 Whales 0

Series Summary: Las Vegas out-scored Wrigleyville 12-10 and outhit the Whales 33-25 with both smashing 2-HR’s.
Cincinnati Knights @ Boston Braves
Series Preview: Second place Cincinnati 31 games over the 500 mark journeyed to Braves Field to play the Braves 17 games under the 500 mark. Would the worm turn?
Game #1: The Braves plated three runs in the eight inning for a come from behind 5-3 win. Adrian Gonzalez, Freddy Sanchez, and Jeff Cirillo all hat 2 hits for the Braves as did Sweet Lou Whitaker for the Knights.
Game #2: Johnny Antonelli and Steve Howe whitewashed the Knights on four hits in a 3-1 Brave win. Monte Irvine counted a triple among his team leading two hits in the game.
Game #3: The Braves three run eight allowed the Braves to experience a 5-3 comeback win in game three. Chick Hafley with two hits pacing the Knight offence. David Robertson and Jimmy Hall stroke two hits and Jim Rice two doubles for the Braves.
Game #4: Pedro Martinez backed by a 13 hit, 9 run offense collected his sixth win in this 9-2 Brave win. Gabby Hartnett had three hits, Jim Rice, Dominic DiMaggio, and Nomar Garciaparra all had two Brave safeties, one of Nomar’s the major Brave blow a 3 run homer. Sal Bando homered and Billy Goodman two Knight hits.
Series Summary: The worm turned in a surprise second consecutive series win for Braves make more surprising by the fact the Cincinnati Knights with a slight turn of fortune could have won the series 3-1.
Kansas City Blues @ Indiana Indians
Series Preview: Kansas City Blues visit NW Indiana to take on the Indians. Both teams playing the string out as both are way below .500 and no shot at playoffs.
Game #1: Valenzuela vs. Price – The Blues use 11 walks and 9 hits to pound the Indians 8-0. Earl Williams goes 3-4 with 5 RBI to lead the Blues attack. Valenzuela goes 8 shutout innings for the W. Price takes the L.
Game #2: Degrom vs. Alexander. Grover Cleveland Alexander tosses the 4-hit shutout for a 4-0 Indians win. Tiexiera with a 2-run HR for the Indians.
Game #3: Greinke vs. Pettitte. Rico Carty drives in 7 to lead the Blues to an 11-3 win. Blues collect 14 hits off of 3 different Indian pitchers. Indians get 13 hits but only manage 3 runs. Greinke gets the win and Pettitte takes the loss.
Game #4: Koosman vs. Drysdale. Sheffield and Schulte drive in 3 each to lead the Blues to a 10-9 win. Indians plate 4 in the bottom of the 9th to make it closer than it really was.
Series Summary: Blues take 3 to drop the Indians 23 games under .500 and looking forward to the end of season.
Wainwright Wranglers @ Coastline Bobcats
Series Preview: Wainwright (46-63) travels into Coastline (75-34) for a 4 game series.
Game #1: WWW N.Rucker vs CLB B.Swift
This game would be a good old slugfest! WWW opens the scoring in the T2 on a Grace 2b, Pucket bb, and Rucker 2-rbi 2b. (yep…. Rucker with the big hit) CLB strikes back in the B4 when C.Ripken 1bs, Wilson 2bs, Skowron inf rbi-1b, Gordon rbi-2b, and a M.Williams 2-rbi 1b.WWW gets a run back in the T5 when Gwynn 2bs with 2 out and scores on a Daulton rbi-1b. CLB gets the run right back in the B5 as Kemp 1bs and scores on Burks rbi-3b. In the B6 Wilson leads off with a bb, Skowron bbs, and that’s all for Rucker as D.Jones comes in for WWW. Gordon greets hin with an rbi-2b and M.Williams follows with a 3-run HR for a 9-3 CLB lead!CLB brings Sutton on for some work with the big lead and it doesn’t work out well as WWW knocks him around. Roberts bbs, Fernandez 1bs, Daulton rips a 2-run 3b, and Manush lines an rbi-1b off Burks glove (but is nailed at 3rd trying to stretch it) CLB lead now sits at 9-6. CLB gets 2 back in the B7 when Wilson bbs and Skowron hits a 2-run HR.CLB Sutton is still on the hill in the T9 and PH Carew leads off with a 1b, Roberts rips an rbi-3b, Fernandez follows with an rbi-2b which knocks out Sutton. Sutter comes on and only gives up a Daulton 1b as he closes out the game for his 46th save.CLB B.Swift (12-8) gets the win, Sutter earns Save#46, Rucker (5-14) takes the loss.CLB 11, WWW 8
Game #2: WWW L.Grove vs CLB C.Finley
This game would be all about CLB C.Finley and the CLB bullpen. CLB opens the scoring in the B3 when Williams 2bs, White 1bs, and a Kemp rbi-2b. WWW ties it in the T4 when Grace 1bs, Puckett is HBP, and Fernandez strokes an rbi-1b. But that would be all the scoring for WWW in the game.CLB takes the lead in the B5 on a Burks rbi-1b and put the game out of reach in the B8 behind a Gordon 2-rbi 2b, M.Williams rbi-1b, and White rbi-3b.CLB Finley goes 6 scattering 7 hits and a walk but gives up only the 1 run. CLB Albers, Casilla, and Marshall come out of the pen and go 3 scoreless innings.CLB C.Finley (15-5) picks up the win and WWW L.Grove (12-9) gets the loss.CLB 6, WWW 1
Game #3: WWW V.Willis vs CLB D.Stieb
WWW scores 1st in the T4 when Gwynn bbs, Daulton reaches on Stieb’s error, and Grace hits an rbi-1b. WWW adds another in the T5 when Brett 1bs, Willis is HBP, and Roberts has an rbi-1b, 2-0 WWW lead. It doesn’t last as CLB ties it in the B5 when Gordon bbs, M.Williams H&R 1b, and Becker hits a 2-rbi 2b.But WWW comes right back in the T6 when Daultonbbs, Manush with a sac, and Puckett with the eventual rbi-1b. CLB retakes the lead in the B7 on back-to-back solo-HRs by Gordon and M.Williams. In the T8 WWW Gwynn bbs, Daulton 2bs, CLB calls on Orosco for the lefty on lefty match-up against Manush. Manush then ties the game with an inf rbi-1b. But with no out Orosco comes through getting Grace, Puckett, and Brett to preserve the tie.The game goes into extra frames and WWW gets 1.1IP of scoreless relief out of D.Ward before giving the ball to French in the 11th. In the B11 CLB Howard 1bs, Bresnahan PRs and steals 2nd, Gehrig is then IW, Gordon P4, and M.Williams F7. Kemp is then called on to PH for Sutter and he comes through with the PH 3-run HR for the game winner!CLB B.Sutter (3-2) gets the win and WWW L.French (1-2) is handed the loss.CLB 7, WWW 4
Game #4: WWW D.White vs CLB S.Maglie
CLB strikes first in the B2 when Wilson 2bs, Skowron bbs, and Gordon hits a 3-run HR. WWW White and CLB Maglie then trade scoreless innings through the 6th. In the T6 WWW gets on the board when Puckett 1bs, Brett 1bs, and White 1bs to load the bases; Roberts gets a rbi-FC to plate the run. Maglie then gets Fernandez on a FC grounder to put out the fire. CLB would get the run back in the B7 on a White throwing error.In the T9 Sutter, as is the norm, is called on to close out the game but things would not go as smoothly as they usually do. After Grace grounds out to open the inning, Puckett smacks a solo-HR to make it 4-2, and Grace 2bs. WWW brings in PH Encarnacion who draws a bb, Suarez PRs, and Roberts then 1bs to load the bases. Fernandez then strides to the plate and hits into a game ending 5-2-3 DP!
Coastline breathes a great sigh of relief!CLB S.Maglie (7-0) gets the win and stays perfect on the season, Sutter works hard for his 47th save, and WWW D.White (11-15) take the loss.CLB 4, WWW 2
Series Summary: Coastline earns the tough 4-0 sweep over Wainwright. Wainwright actually out hit Coastline in 2 of the 4 games, but the difference in the series was the long ball. Coastline hit 6 HRs to Wainwright’s 1, and several of the ‘Cats HRs were crucial big hits.
Fantomz Force @ Hoboken Zephyrs
Series Preview: The Force travel to Hoboken hoping to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Zephyrs look to hold onto a playoff spot as they struggle through the second half of the season.
Game #1: Red Faber and Satchel Paige locked up in a brilliant pitching duel. Paige threw 8 scoreless innings while Faber dropped 10 goose eggs on the Force. The game was decided by a two-run throwing error in the top of the 11th inning.
Fantom 2 Hoboken 0
Game #2: Jered Weaver and Gaylord Perry gave solid performances in Game 2. Weaver faltered in the 9th to blow a 4-3 lead. Ray Lankford and Stan Spence led their teams offensively both driving in two runs each.
Fantom 5 Hoboken 4
Game #3: Tom Seaver came into Game 3 determined to stop the Zephyrs’ 6-game losing streak. He was more than up to the task. Seaver improved to 15-8, 3.24era scattering 7 hits, allowing just one run and striking out eight in a complete game victory. Stan Spence had two big RBIs to lead the Hoboken offense.
Hoboken 3 Fantom 1
Game #4: Noodles Hahn was brilliant allowing just one hit in a complete game shutout to lead the Zephyrs to a series split. Hahn’s record improved to 18-7, 2.10era. Stan Spence provided the only offense with a two-run blast as he recorded two RBIs in three consecutive games.
Hoboken 2 Fantom 0
Series Summary: The series was characterized by very strong pitching and resulted in a hard fought split. Noodles Hahn Game 4 one-hitter was likely the most impressive showing of the series.
Fire Lake Segers @ Detroit DeLoreans
Series Preview: The Fire Lake Segers (56-53) visit the Detroit DeLoreans (68-41) for a rematch four-game NL divisional crossover series.
Game #1: FLS 1 – DET 3: Segers jumped out first with a fourth-inning homer from Gus Bell. However, a 2-run double from Sam Rice in the fifth inning put the DeLoreans ahead for good. Detroit’s Roy White added an insurance solo homer in the bottom of the eighth inning. Allie Reynolds with another strong pitching performance for the DeLoreans, striking out 10 in 7.2 IP.
Game #2: FLS 1 – DET 2: Three solo home runs were all the scoring in this one. Fire Lake’s Pete Rose went deep in the top of the fourth inning, then Detroit’s Anthony Rendon tied it in the bottom of the frame. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Roy White hit his second homer of the series to give the DeLoreans a 2-1 lead.
Game #3: FLS 1 – DET 5: Detroit jumped out to a 5-0 behind two Joe Cronin home runs. Cronin, N. Lajoie, C. Klein, A. Rendon, and Y. Berra all had multi-hit games for the DeLoreans.
Game #4: FLS 1 – DET 2: Pete Rose led the game off with a triple and scored on a Jose Cardenal sac fly. Detroit tied it in the bottom of the second inning on an RBI sing from Sam Rice. In the bottom of the fifth, the DeLorean’s pitcher Hippo Vaughn helped himself out with his second homer of the season.
Series Summary: Detroit with a sweep in a very tight series. Not much offense for either team. Timely hits were the only major difference.
San Tan Valley Moonrakers @ West Michigan Retrogrades
Series Preview: The San Tan Valley Moonrakers visit the struggling West Michigan Retrogrades in a four game tilt.
Game #1: After Heavy Johnson led off the game with a homer, the Retrogrades raced out to a 6-0 lead. Behind a solid pitching performance from Urban Shocker, West Michigan cruised to victory. V. Stephens and Mike Piazza had 2 hits each for San Tan. West Michigan got 2 hits R. Cano and A. Beltre.
Game #2: After an inning, it was a 2-1 West Michigan lead. However, San Tan strung runs together and had a 4-2 lead going into the bottom of the 7th. Joe Tinker started the Retrogrades comeback with a pinch-hit homer. West Michigan tied the game in the bottom of the 8th and then won it in the 10th on a Bob Boone base hit. Unfortunately, the Retrogrades lost the services of Heavy Johnson for 7 game after he was, again, hit by a pitch. LEG, like all BBW games, uses shotputs for baseballs that leave hairline fractures to batsmen. If Ron Hunt played in LEG he’d be out for a week every other at bat. For San Tan, H. Trosky had 2 hits, including a homer and V. Stephens had 3. T. Davis and J. Tinker collected two knocks a piece for West Michigan.
Game #3: The wind was blowing out in West Michigan as both teams combined for 27 hits and 18 runs. Fortunately for the Retrogrades, they scored 13 of the runs. G. Sisler and T. Davis each had 3 hits for the Retrogrades. The Moonrakers got 2 hits a piece from the top 3 spots in their order including a homer from V. Stephens.
Game #4: Once again, the Moonrakers had a 4-2 lead heading into the bottom of the 7th but couldn’t hold on. However, San Tan got great performances from H. Trosky (homer and 2 hits) and V. Stephens (3 hits). Duke Snider had 3 hits for the Retrogrades. Also, Snider tied the game with a base hit in the bottom of the 8th. Then, Austin McHenry (filling in for Heavy Johnson) hit a booming homer in the bottom of the 10th for the walk-off winner.
Series Summary: With two extra inning games, the series easily could have been a split rather than a West Michigan sweep. Vern Stephens should be considered for player of the week for his 9-17 (.529), 1 homer, 1 double, 4 RBI series.
Clockwork Heroes @ Climax Cougars
Series Preview: Thunder and lightning rolled into the sleepy Saskatchewan town of Climax this week in the form of the Clockwork Heros. Unlike their good fortunate when playing San Tan Valley earlier this month where the team was able to dodge a start from Randy Johnson, there would be no avoiding uber pitcher Christy Mathewson in Game 3 of this series. Brace yourselves, kids – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
Game #1: This game was to feature George Uhle taking the mound for Clockwork against Sid Fernandez, but the lefty complained of fear of being made to look like an idiot before the game so was swapped for another lefty – this one era compatible – in Rube Waddell who was heard to say “shur, I’ll f-in’ start” when he was asked to take the mound.
A pretty inauspicious (that means “sucky”, Bob) start for the Cougars as it looked like Lenny Dykstra was going to register an out courtesy of the awe-inspiring popout to the catcher, but Chief Meyers had trouble with his 21st century-style catcher’s mitt and dropped the pop up just inside fair territory. Bob Watson followed with a flare over 2nd baseman George Grantham and then usually reliable right fielder Mel Ott let the ball bounce past him to make it runners on 2nd and 3rd with two errors committed and none out. Arky Vaughan ripped a single up the middle off Waddell and that sent both baserunners home and just like that it was 2-0.
Pretty miraculously Waddell was able to hold the Heros there for a while and the next scoring did not occur until the 5th inning and even more miraculously it was by the Cougars. Uhle had been cruising along this point with walks being a bigger problem than hits and the two problems came together in the 5th. Uhle game up a double to Jim Fregosi and then walked Meyers bringing up Ott who more than made up for the elusive ball he muffed in the first inning by depositing the Hero’s starter’s pitch deep into the right field stands at old Comiskey giving Climax a 3-2 lead.
The effect of the homer was immediate. The Heros were pissed.
George Foster and Bill Terry continued their march towards 100-RBI seasons with Foster singling home two runners and then Terry knocking in another as the game’s fortunes reversed into a 5-3 Clockwork lead.
Fregosi cut the margin to 5-4 with a single that scored Jose Mendez – the latter entering the game after 2nd baseman Grantham was tossed for arguing a call at 1st base two innings earlier.
So the trend continues … Climax scores, Clockwork gets ticked and scores some more.
In this case, the Heros added two runs again thanks to the top of the order with Foster and Terry combining with pinch hitter Dick Wakefield to make it 7-4.
With Uhle out of the game, the Cougars could do nothing against Steve Gromek in the 7th, but Gromek was removed for pinch hitter Bill Melton in the 8th and was replaced by Schoolboy Rowe. Rowe didn’t quite work out as planned and led off the inning by giving up a mammoth homer to Jose Bautista to start the inning. He did register two outs in the inning but not before having problems with some control which led to him loading the bases and being replaced by Terry Forster who walked Harlond Clift to bring in the game-tying run.
Extra frames here we go …
The bullpens kept the hitters at bay into the 12th with Kent Tekulve in control for Clockwork and Greg Harris for Climax.
Tekulve went into the 12th having pitched a perfect 11th and the 12th began the same way with Tekulve striking out Fregosi and getting Meyers to ground out. Walks to Ott and Bautista (the third of the game for each of them) brought up Johnny Mize who had a single in five trips at this point in the game in a rare start at 1st base. Mize made no mistake and smacked a rocket into the right field cheapies for a walkoff 10-7 Climax win that stunned everyone (me the most).
W-Harris (4-5. 3.94)
L-Tekulve (3-5, 3.05)
HR-CMC: Ott (17), Bautista (18), Mize (5)
Game #2: Game 2 had modern day ace Corey Kluber hitting the mound against Negro League Hall of Famer Dick (Cannonball) Redding.
Redding and the Climax fans were hoping to see him continue to pitch over his head and make a bid for pitcher of the week. Instead, we should have been hoping for him to be able to make it out of the 1st inning … which he didn’t.
Redding’s mechanics were FUBAR from the opening pitch (later blaming his lack of control to being unable to wash Omar’s Cajun Stick to Yer Ribs Rib Sauce off his hands). Redding’s 2/3 of an inning were eventful – he gave up a walk to Lenny Dykstra, induced a pop out by Louis Santop, walked Arky Vaughan, loaded the bases on an infield single to Bob Watson, gave up an RBI SAC fly to George Foster, got Bill Terry to ground into a fielder’s choice that scored a run, smacked Bill Bradley in the chops with a fastball to load the bases again, liked the sound so much he repeated the deed with the next hitter (Red Schoendienst) bringing in another run and the last straw was the RBI single he gave up to Kluber. When the dust settled Clockwork had a 7-0 lead after one.
Climax’s field boss was already looking forward to possible subs for his more fragile players, but for now was content with keeping things as is (cuz they were going so well).
Sid Fernandez, who had put out the 1st inning inferno, stayed in for the Cougars through to the end of the 4th inning without any further damage.
In the bottom of the 4th, the Cougars edged closer with a 3-spot on an RBI groundout by George Grantham and a two-run double by Sam Crawford.
The 5th inning saw the two teams trade single runs on a solo homer by George Foster for Clockwork and an unearned run by the Cougars thanks to a muffed play on a fly ball to Bob Watson.
In the bottom of the 7th, Mel Ott connected on a Kluber fastball to drive in two with the two-out home run and that was the end of the day for Kluber. Almost as bad as Redding had been in allowing six runs compared to seven, but stretched out over a more palatable period. Hal Newhouser got Johnny Mize to fly out to shallow right to end the inning at 8-6 for Clockwork.
Dykstra did his part to crush the hometown crowd’s hopes by golfing a ball over the center field wall courtesy of an Ellis Kinder grotesquely hanging curve which made it 9-6 for Clockwork.
Schoolboy Rowe popped in to say hello and try and close out the game with his 2nd inning of work against the Cougars but continued to have problems with this team. He left the game with Ott on 2nd and one run in. Steve Gromek was called in to face Jose Bautista and put out the fire, but Bautista had his team and the entire crowd on their feet with a fly ball to left that carried and carried and carried until it cleared the wall and tied up the game. Extra innings here we go again.
Kinder stayed in for Climax and continued to make things interesting in the 10th by giving up base hits to Dykstra and Watson, but managed to strike out two in the inning to strand the runners at 1st and 3rd.
Clockwork turned to funky armed Kent Tekulve who opened the inning by getting a soft groundout from Crawford. Tekulve was not so lucky with the next hitter – Clift – who was already 3/4 with two doubles high off the outfield wall in left. Clift managed to improve upon those two extra base hits with just enough extra loft on Tekulve’s first pitch and it was all over with another dramatic walkoff home run. Fans who went home stunned after the first game were still wandering for hours after the game in the concourses and parking lots with stupid grins and blank stares thanks to the 10-9 win.
W-Kinder (5-2, 3.73)
L-Tekulve (3-6, 3.20)
HR-CWH:Dykstra (4), Foster (19); CMC: Ott (18), Bautista (19), Clift (7)
Game #3: … and here cometh the undodgeable bullet – Christy Mathewson.
Looking for his 20th win … seriously? We’re only just over 100 games into the season. Good grief. Mathewson took the mound to end the mini-slump and two game skid by the Heros. Facing him was none other than Greg Harris who was such a household name that there were two of him pitching in the majors in the early 90s.
The unthinkable happened in the 1st inning and the Cougars got on the board 1st on a home run by George Grantham that barely cleared the glove of leaping Lenny Dykstra in left field. Grantham felt so genuinely bad of committing the crime against the legendary righty that he had to be restrained from rushing the mound and grovelling for forgiveness.
The Heros restored order in the cosmos in the 3rd inning when Dykstra walked, stole 2nd base and then scored on Louis Santop’s line drive single down the right field line.
Mathewson was in his groove heading into the 6th inning already having notched 8 strikeouts and having allowed all of one hit (a double by Sam Crawford in the 2nd). Mathewson got Jim Fregosi and Grantham out to start the inning, but then Mel Ott was able to reach on an infield roller to 3rd base that he was able to leg out. Jose Bautista followed that with a solid single over short that dunked into left field. Johnny Mize then one-upped things by missing a homer by a few inches when he bashed the ball off the right field wall and limp-armed rightfielder Bob Watson could only roll the ball back to the infield as both runners raced around to score and make it 3-1.
… and that was it.
Harris unbelievably went the distance with the 2-hitter and guaranteed the Cougars the series win.
W-Harris (5-5, 3.58)
L-Mathewson (19-4, 1.74)
HR-CMC: Grantham (8)
Game #4: We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
Dick Donovan continued his National League dominance even when coming into the game Itchy.
Donovan tossed eight innings out shutout ball and all that the Cougars could muster in this one was two unearned runs off Jose Valverde in the 9th in a 6-2 Clockwork win.
This game was doomed from the outset for Climax with shortstop Jim Fregosi bobbling Arky Vaughan’s grounder which loaded the bases. George Foster brought in a run with a one-out single and then with two outs Bill Bradley brought in two to make it 3-0 after the 1st.
Pitcher Donovan crushed a Clay Carroll pitch in the 7th to make it 4-0 and then in the 8th the Heros added two more on a single by Bradley.
In the 9th with Sam Crawford and Buck Leonard on base, Chief Meyers singled to centre field where Foster was patrolling. Foster had a bit of trouble finding the ball and threw to home trying to nail Crawford. The ball sailed past catcher Louis Santop’s head and off the backstop allowing Leonard to scamper home from 3rd as well.
Way too little, way too late and Donovan was way too good as Clockwork closed out the series with a 6-2 win.
W-Donovan (11-1, 1.91)
L-Mungo (7-6, 2.80)
HR-CWH: Donovan (1)
Series Summary: Well much better a result than we could have ever hoped for against arguably the best team in the National League. Most importantly for the Cougars was the awakening of the hitters home run stroke with 7 in the series against some top flight pitching. Still, we’re not delusional and without the comebacks and the extra-inning heroics we could just as easily been on the other side of a 3-1 series.
Virginia Cavaliers @ Iowa Giants
Series Preview: Cavaliers and Giants both come in struggling for the season, Cavaliers a slighting better record but the Giants hope to improve their record
Game #1: VIR 4-6-3 WP Gomez 11-8
IOW 1-6-3 LP Feller 8-16
Gomez has a great game going 7 innings allowing 5 hits and 1 er
Game #2: VIR 2-6-1 LP G Jackson 3-3
IOW 3-6-1 WP Rincon 3-2 SV Fidrych 1
Preacher Roegets gets the start and on first pitch hurts his arm and now out for 12 games, Dizzy Dean gets the start goes five innings 6 hits 2 er, and Mark Fidyrch gets his first save of the year. Lou Broudeau hits a homer in the Giants win.
Game #3: VIR 2-5-0 WP Turley 8-9 Foulke SV 29
IOW 0-2-0 LP Oswalt
Turley has a great start goes 7 innings allowing 1 hit and no runs, hope he is consider for player of the week. Heilman 2-3 homer and 2 rbi’s
Game #4: VIR 4-4-0 WP Reulbach 7-8 Foulke SV 30
IOW 2-6-2 LP Dean 4-9
Foulke records his 30th save
Game #5: 6-6 Cole Hamels v 12-6 Adam Wainwright – Wainwright was the story – a critical game after the 14 inning, bullpen blowing loss from game 1, Wainwright tosses a 2 hit CG shutout for win#13, 7-0. He allowed only 4 base runners, and lowered his RA to 2.61. Fred McGriff and Wes Westrum did the damage for Motown, combining to go 3-8 with 3 runs, 5 RBI’s, on a 2B and 2 HR’s.
Series Summary: All games were close Cavaliers pitching was just to much for Giants to score. Iowa just moves closer to a nice pick in the draft, on a side note Giants have traded LaTroy Hawkins and wish him luck, LaTroy went 6-1 with a 4.10 ERA in 37 1/3 innings
Nags Head Surf Sox @ Motown Yankees
Series Preview: Two teams struggling to find their place – playoffs or draft position? Neither team has much room for error if the answer is playoffs……
Game #1: Nolan Ryan v. Larry Jansen – after opening scores for both squads, it was a pitchers duel…..Motown taking a 2-1 lead into the top of the ninth……Steve Mingori and his grade 21 comes in to blow his 7th, yes 7th, save of the season. Motown punished him by making him throw 6 more innings, facing 26 batters, and taking the loss in the 14th (also incurring RUse fines for Motown). It was Mingori’s 7th loss to go with those 7 blown saves. Both teams squandered plenty of chances, but the top of Nags Head order delivered, with Von Hayes and Derek Jeter combining to go 6-12 with 2 runs, 2 RBI’s, 2 2B’s and a triple. Convesele, Motown’s top 2 combined for a nice 0-10 effort.

Nags Head takes game 1 3-2 in 14. Side note – Mingori cannot fail any more this season.

Game #2: 6-6 Cole Hamels v 12-6 Adam Wainwright – Wainwright was the story – a critical game after the 14 inning, bullpen blowing loss from game 1, Wainwright tosses a 2 hit CG shutout for win#13, 7-0. He allowed only 4 base runners, and lowered his RA to 2.61. Fred McGriff and Wes Westrum did the damage for Motown, combining to go 3-8 with 3 runs, 5 RBI’s, on a 2B and 2 HR’s.
Game #3: Mussina, 10-7, v Dave Brown, 12-10. Motown was confident with Brown and his 2.41 toeing the rubber, but Nags Head busted that confidence up with 7 earned between the 3rd and 4th. Nags Head offense was on fire, posting 12 hits and scoring 9 in a lopsided 9-3 victory.
Game #4: Palmer v. Joss – Nags Head continues their offensive attack with a 3 run 1st, but Motown fought back to tie it at 3 through 6. Motown’s other grade 21 couldn’t hold up, with Nags Head pushing across the lead run in the top of the 9th, and Cordero shutting the door for his 22nd save. Stanton was the hitting star going 3-4 with 2 runs and 2 RBI’s and an HR. Nags Head takes game 4 4-3.
Series Summary: Nags Head took the series, 3-1, kicking Motown down as they fight for their playoff lives. Not that righties are great, but don’t throw lefties at this squad – they destroy them! Wainwright should get pitcher of the week honors for the 2 hit CG SO. Von Hayes went 7-17 with a handful of runs and RBI’s – don’t know that it’s enough for Player of the week but I will let Nags Head decide if they want to back him.
Hollywood Zombies @ Pigtown Bombers
Series Preview: An epic battle for the Toilet Bowl trophy between last place teams, Hollywood and Pigtown.
Game #1: Hollywood pounds out 12 hits and gets a strong game from Walter Johnson to win the opener 5-4. Four players for the Zombies had multiple hits (Butler, Collins, Guerrero and Tejada). Pigtown got only 5 hits, but they included a solo HR from Manny R and a 3-run shot from Ernie Lombardo.
Game #2: A 13 inning game where both starters (Owens and Abbott) failed to get quality starts (therefore the bullpens were gassed). Hollywood pulls it out 8-6. Raines led the way for Hollywood going 4-7 with a 2B and HR. Collins had 3 RBIs and Guerrero had 3 more hits.
Game #3: Another extra inning game…Pigtown jumped out to an early 4-0 lead, but could not hold on. Hollywood battled back led by Rock Raines (3-6 with a 3B, HR and 5 RBIs) and take the game 8-5 in 11 innings. Pigtown drops to 1-15 in extra innings games.
Game #4: And another extra inning game…This time Pigtown pulls it out and wins 3-2.
Series Summary: A 1-run game and 3 extra inning games in the battle for the 1st pick of the 2021 LEG draft. Pigtown takes a step towards that achievement, but loses the series 3-1. No PoW pitchers, but Tim Raines deserves to win the award this week for hitting. He played 3 games and went 8-17 with 3 HRs, 1 2B, 1 3B, 6 runs and 8 RBIs. If he doesn’t win this week, I give up…