National League Pitchers of the Week –  Cy MORGAN – Detroit

2-0 record, 17.0 innings pitched, 0.53 ERA, 6 hits, 13 strikeouts, & 7 walks



American League Pitcher of the Week – Sonny SIEBERT – Jack Street

1-0 record, 17.1 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA 9 hits, 12 strikeouts, & 4 walks



National League Player of the Week – Adrian BELTRE – West Michigan

.423 avg / 0.769 slg, 11 for 26, 3 doubles, 2 home runs, 4 runs, 7 RBIs, & 3 walks



American League Player of the Week – Jayson WERTH – Chicago

.517 avg / 0.966 slg, 15 for 29, 7 doubles, 2 homers, 10 runs, 5 RBIs, 3 walks, & 1 stolen base



Feature – There’s the Best and then there’s the Rest

Who Was Best,…Ruth, Hornsby, Cobb?

Ruth, Hornsby, and Cobb. LEG Inaugural Draft picks 1.2.3. Who was the best player of the era between those three? Well. Personally, I think they were all great in different ways. I’m a Yankee fan so I normally gravitate to Ruth. Brian Devine has a personal affection for Hornsby. Supposedly nobody likes Cobb. But what about the people who should know which player was best by playing with them or against them,…the players from that era? According to Jim Thielman, baseball author, sports writer and SABR dues payer, who covered baseball for 16 years, the players definitely had an opinion.

“In ‘46, a decade after Hornsby retired, a poll of players and managers overwhelmingly voted Cobb the greatest player in baseball history. And remember, Cobb played about 10 more years in the dead ball era, about which it was said hitting a baseball during that span was like kicking a coconut.” That poll showed Wagner second, far, far behind Cobb. Ruth was a distant third. And Hornsby? Oh, he was fourth,…garnering TWO votes from players and managers. In fact, “Hornsby was not named to any position as the greatest, losing to Pie Traynor and Jimmy Collins at third and by Eddie Collins and Nap Lajoie at second.”

Poor Babe. Yes he was good. In fact he was great. But only third in the eyes of his peers. Yes, he literally changed baseball and in 1920 when he went to the Yankees, the era he began launching long balls forever became know as the live ball era. But, Cobb, a product of the dead ball era “continued to hit singles, doubles, and triples in his ruthless style of old school, smarts baseball. Bunting, stealing, and yes, sometimes homering Cobb would use a variety of tactics to win.” At the age of 35, in 1922, Cobb put together his last .400 season with a .401 batting average. And to this date, no one has a higher lifetime batting average.

So who was the best? Who knows? Depends on your opinion. That’s one of the reasons I like baseball,…you can always make an argument for something. Maybe that’s why they created umpires.

“I never could stand losing. Second place didn’t interest me. I had a fire in my belly.” – Tyrus Cobb

“I don’t like to sound egotistical, but every time I stepped up to the plate with a bat in my hands, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the pitcher.” – Rogers Hornsby

“If I’d tried for them dinky singles I could’ve batted around six hundred.” – Babe Rurh

Paul – Virginia 

Feature – A Tale of 32 Cities

“We’ll miss you,” bellowed the collective teams of the AL West to the AL East when the cross division games ended in Week 23. And indeed they will.

No team in the league benefitted more from playing the “other” division than did the Fort Worth Pussycats. The Cats treated the teams of the AL East much the same way that Godzilla treated small Japanese villages and registered a 50-14 record!!! Oy vey!

The New Westminster Salmonbellies will miss the Eastern teams almost as much. They used them as a springboard to leap frog over the Cincinnati Knights (pronounced as K-Niggits in the ol’ Monty Python way) with the Fishbellies going an obscene 46-18 while the sadsack Cincy squad could only manage a 41-23 record … oh for shame!

In fact, all of the AL West teams save for Menomonee (28-36) did at least as well or better against the AL East teams than they did against their divisional rivals. The freaky Minutemen were actually a good 31-25 within their own division. Go figure.

“Our division just isn’t all that good,” said team owner Joe Schall who asked not to be identified earlier this season when explaining his team’s early success and then their mini-collapse when they started playing the AL West teams.

Across the board, the AL East teams fared poorly against the West except of course for the Chicago Nine. Relying heavily in the past few months on micromanagers and visiting team owners to manage his teams for him, Stray discovered the secret to success is to leave his team alone. And success they had indeed as the only AL East team to have a winning record against the West at 37-27. In comparison, division-leading Jack Street was a woeful 25-39 while the Blumpkins blundered their way to a near .500 record at 31-33.

The story in the National League is a far less exciting one when it came to inter-divisional play.

Coastline and Clockwork continued to kick the snot out of everyone they played against so at least they cannot be accused of discriminating. Coastline was 46-18 against the West while Clockwork was 46-18 against the East. Pretty close as Yogi would say.

The Brothers of Collusion, Kevin and the other Weber, also made out like bandits against their brethren from the West with Detroit going 43-21 and West Michigan putting up a 45-19 smackdown.

The Fire Lake Segers and Virginia Cavaliers were the most volatile teams in the NL so far this season. The Segers enjoyed lots of success against the East going 37-27, but against their own Western teams not so much … 22-34. With the remainder of their games against teams in their own division, the Segers will need more than Night Moves to hang onto a playoff position. Meanwhile, Paul Roe’s Cavs unfortunately lacked their owner’s eloquence when it came to playing baseball on the other side of the continent. The Cavs are a sublime 35-21 against the East so far this season but were 24-40 contre le Ouest as they say in New Orleans. The Jekyll/Hyde play does not end there for the Cavaliers as they are 35-25 on the road but only 24-36 at home. As Love & Rockets sang, that’s one “Ball of Confusion.” Only two games back of Climax for 4th in the division though, a return to games within the East is probably a welcome thing.

… and on the 8th day God sayeth “Let there be Ball.”


Lewisberry Country Blumpkins @ Middle Channel Sturgeon
Series Preview: Top dog Lewisberry visits The Middle Channel
Game #1: The Sturgeon squeeze one out 3-1
Game #2: Another win for the home team 5-2
Game #3: Lewisberry wins it in the 10th 10-8
Game #4: The CB’s score 2 in the 9th to win it 6-4
Game #5: Sturgeon hold on 6-4
Game #6: Another 6-4 win for the Sturgeon
Game #7: A grand slam in the 10th wins it for the Blumpkins
Series Summary: Hopefully, the second half of the season will go better for the Sturgeon. They hung with the top dog Lewisberry squad winning the series 4-3
Chicago Nine @ Boston Braves
Series Preview: The second-place Chicago Nine closing in on the first place Lewisberry Country Blumpkins visited their cousins the Boston Braves who dropped 4 of 5 games to the Nine in their first meeting for a potential repeat 7 game feast.
Game #1: Felix Hernandez picked up his 13th win as the Nine won 7-3. Jayson Werth homered, had 4 hits and 2 RBI’s pacing the Nine offense. The Braves outhit the Nine 9 hits to 8 but King Felix was able to limit the Braves to 3 runs.
Game #2: J.R. Richard tossed a 2 hit. 9 strikeout, shut out gem in a 6-0 Nine win. Bobby Richardson and Mike Trout smacked 2 hits each for the Nine.
Game #3: Don Newcomb dropped his ERA to 2.33 for the Braves in 3-0 win. The Braves keystone combo Dustin Pedroia and Nomar Garciaparra each had 2 hits for the Braves.
Game #4: Chicago recovered in game four with a 5-3 win. Jayson Werth continued to swing his hot bat with 3 hits for the Nine offense aided by 2 hits each from Bobby Richardson, Jose Martinez, and Hank Thompson. Adrian Gonzalez had 3 hits for the Braves.
Game #5: Boston won an 11-8 26 hit slugfest. Hank Thompson of the Nine with a 5 for 5, 3 RBI game was the days best hitter. Jim Rice homered and knocked in 4 runs and Dom DiMaggio collected 3 hits for the Braves.
Game #6: The Nine won a 7-6 11 inning nail bitter in game six. Joe Cunningham and Bobby Richardson each tripled and singled for the Nine. Dave Robertson had 3 hits and 2 RBI’s for the Braves.
Game #7: In the final game, the Braves won 7-4. Bobby Richardson had another 2 hit game while knocking in half the Nines runs. Jim Rice powered the Brave offense plating 3 runs with a double and homer.
Series Summary: The Braves played the Nine tougher than in their first series but still came out of the encounters losing four of the seven games.
Las Vegas Pirates @ Jack Street Hustlers
Series Preview: Back to division battles. Las Vegas, currently in 6th place, and their recent Pitcher of the Week award winner Dean Chance invade 3rd place Jack Street for an epic TeamViewer battle.
Game #1: Jake Arrieta 2-3 takes the mound for Vegas against Tom Glavine 12-4.

Las Vegas draws first blood in the first when Prince Fielder singled in Vince DiMaggio who had doubled with one out. That was the highlight for the Pirates as the Hustlers, powered by their 7 walks and 6 home runs cruised from there for a 11-1 victory.

L 1/4/0
J 11/15/0

WP – Glavine 13-4
LP – Arrieta 2-4
Sv – None
HR – J – Medwick (23), McGwire (32), Justice 2 (9), Palmeiro (14), Hisle (10)

Game #2: Howie Camnitz 9-8 vs. Sonny Siebert 4-10

Doesn’t necessarily look like it would shape up as a pitcher’s duel from the records, but it certainly did. Howie goes 8 2/3 IP giving up 4 hits, 9! walks and striking out 4 and giving up no runs. Sonny goes 8 1/3 giving up 7 hits, 0 runs, 2 walks and striking out 6. So, both pitchers go into the 9th. Siebert leaves with one out in the 9th after a single by Stargell. Brad Hand comes in and gets 2 ground outs to end the inning. In the bottom half, Edgar Martinez picked up a leadoff walk (Camnitz’ 9th), Hornsby grounded out moving Martinez to 2nd. Ducky Medwick grounded out to Camnitz moving EMart to 3rd. So, after facing 39 batters, Camnitz gave way to Mariano Rivera who got Big Mac to ground to short to end the inning and send us to bonus baseball. Dave Veres replaced Hand for the 10th. Beckert and Groat fly out and Hoak strikes out to end the inning. In the bottom half, Mark Guthrie was brought in to replace Rivera. It wasn’t his day. Bob Muesel led off with a single, Dave Justice followed with an infield single and Raffy Palmeiro sent the home fans home happy with a 3 run walkoff homer.

L 0/7/0
J 3/7/0

WP – Veres 4-1
LP – Guthrie 1-1
Sv – None
HR – J – Palmeiro (15)

Game #3: Game 3 featured a matchup of Mike Cuellar (8-6) against Bill Byrd (9-5)

Still feeling the sting of the extra inning loss from the day before, the Pirates wasted no time in taking control of this one. With two outs in teh 1st, Vince DiMaggio sent a Byrd fastball over the boards for a 2 out homer for his first homer of the season. In the second, Vegas plated 4 highlighted by back to back jacks by Don Hoak and Willie Davis, which were the first homers of the season for both of them. Las Vegas cruised from there taking the game 9-4.

L 9/14/0
J 4/8/2

WP – Cuellar 9-6
LP – Byrd 9-6
Sv – None
HR – L – V DiMaggio (1), Hoak (1), Davis (1) J – McGwire (33), Kent (10)

Game #4: Reigning pitcher of the week Dean Chance (4-13) against Carl Lundgren (6-2)

One of the oddest games I think I have ever been involved with. 2nd inning . . . Pirates catcher Edwards gets beaned and is injured for 11 day. Later in the same innings, Raffy Palmeiro falls into the dugout and is injured for the Hustlers for 5 days. So, scoring after each inning: Jack Street 2-0 after 1. Vegas 4-2 after 2. Vegas 4-3. Jack Street 7-4. Jack Street 7-6. Tied 7-7 after 6. Vegas scores 1 in the top of the 7th and Jack Street scores 3 in their half. 10-8 after 7. Unbelievably, no scoring in the 8th, so it’s 10-8 going to the 9th.

In the 9th, Jeff Brantley was trying to close it out for a Hustler victory and Mike Scioscia was brought in to catch and English to play shortstop to shore up the defense. Willie Stargell is the first hitter and he leads off with a double to the gap. Prince Fielder flies out to right for the first out. Smith is the next hitter and he drives one to the left-centerfield gap. Medwick and Hisle collide and right fielder Bob Meusel runs over and gets the ball to hold Smith to a double. Uh-oh, both Medwick and Hisle are still down. Both are injured, Medwick for a day and Hisle for 11. Let’s send in the subs. Hey, Kaline, you go into center and ???, hey no one else on the bench. Hey Hoerner, you suck as a pitcher this year, you and your 20 rated arm go to left. So, runner on 2nd, 1 out, 10-9 and a pitcher in left field. Dave Cash is sent in to pinch hit. Ground ball to 2nd and Hornsby GOES TO 3RD WITH IT!! Manager yelling. . . “what the hell. . . oh nice play” as Smith is tagged out at 3rd for the 2nd out. Dick Groat strides to the plate to be the hero and sends a fly to, get this, deep left field. Joe Hoerner makes the play to end the game.

L 9/12/1
J 10/12/1

WP – Jones 4-4
LP – Fuentes 1-1
Sv – Brantley 21
HR – Medwick (24)

Medwick had 7 rbi in the game.

Game #5: After a wild game 4, Buhl (8-5) takes the mound for the Pirates against Dan Haren (4-13) for the Hustlers.

Hustlers score 4 in the 4th and pretty much had it from there. Davis and Prince Fielder each pick up 2 hits for the Pirates, while EMart, Simmons and Kent all pick up 3 for the Hustlers.

L 3/8/0
J 8/15/0

WP – Haren 5-13
LP – Buhl 8-6
Sv – None
HR – L – Stargell (15) J – Kent (11)

Game #6: Arrieta (2-4) vs. Glavine (13-4)

A rematch of game 1, but a much different game. Jack Street opens the scoring in the 3rd when Scioscia leads off the inning and reaches first on an error by Biggio and is driven in on a 2 out double by Rogers Hornsby. It stayed that way until the 7th when Clemente drew a 1 out walk, moves to 2nd on a single by C Fielder and third on a single by Groat. Dave Cash drove him in with a sac fly to tie the game at 1 going to the bottom half of the 7th. The tie doesn’t last long as David Justice sends the first pitch of the bottom half into the bleachers for a 2-1 lead. Glavine and Brantley shut the Pirates down the rest of the way for the 2-1 victory. Great pitching outings. Arrieta went 7 giving up 5 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, 1 walk and strikes out 8. Glavine goes 7 2/3 giving up 4 hits, a run, walks 1 and strikes out 3.

L 1/4/1
J 2/5/0

WP – Glavine 14-4
LP – Arrieta 2-5
Sv – Brantley 22
HR – J – Justice (10)

Game #7: Camnitz (9-8) matches up with Siebert (4-10) in a rematch of game 2.

It was a pitcher’s duel in game 2 and it was another in game 7. Unfortunately for Las Vegas, Jack Street pushed across 3 thanks to infield hits, hit by pitches and walks. That was all that Siebert needed, as he throws a 2 hit shutout (in an oddity, both hits were triples) giving up 2 walks and striking out 6. Camnitz deserved a better fate, as he only gave up 5 hits in 7 2/3 innings.

L 0/2/0
J 4/5/2

WP – Siebert 5-10
LP – Camnitz 9-9
Sv – None
HR – J – Medwick (25)

Series Summary: Jack Street take 6 of 7, but most of the games could have easily gone either way.

Recommendations for weekly honors:
Player of the week –
Ducky Medwick – 6 games 9-26 5 runs, 11 rbi, 3 doubles, 3 homers slash 346/370/808
Mark McGwire – 7 g 6-20, 6 R, 7 rbi, 2 double, 2 homers, 12 walks slash 300/563/700
Pitcher of the week –
Sonny Siebert 2 GS 1-0 17 1/3 IP, 9 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 12 K
Tom Glavine 2 GS 2-0 14 2/2 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 4 BB, 9 K

Kansas City A’s @ Indiana Indians
Series Preview: KC A’s visiting Indiana.
Game #1: KC 2-8-0, IND 1-9-0

Ferguson Jenkins with 10 K to lead KC. Joe Carter 3-4 for the Indians.

Game #2: KC 4-10-0 , IND 3-8-3

Joe Horlen over John Donaldson.

Game #3: KC 3-8-2 , IND 2-9-0

Mort Cooper over Don Drysdale.

Game #4: KC 5-11-0 , IND 0-3-0

Cicotte with a 3-hit complete game. David Price with the loss.

Game #5: KC 4-9-0, IND 3-9-0

A’s come back from 3-1 deficit with single tallies in the 7th, 8th and 9th for their 5th win in a row in this series and 7th overall. Niekro over Broxton.

Game #6: KC 0-2-1 , IND 6-11-0

Jenkins strikes out 10 again but also allows 6 runs on 10 hits. Grover Alexander with CG 2-hit shutout.

Game #7: KC 4-11-1 , IND 5-11-2

Tim Wallach with walkoff HR in last of 10th.

Series Summary: KC 5-2
Fort Worth Cats @ Cincinnati Knights
Series Preview: The much anticipated showdown between the A.L. West leading Fort Worth Cats (81-32) and second-place Cincinnati Knights (72-41), heats up at Glenn Sample Park. Trailing the division leaders by nine games, the Knights need wins to stay ahead of the pack in the playoff race.
Game #1: FWC 3-8-0, CIN 0-3-0

Justin Verlander allowed just one hit in seven dominating innings, as Hunter Pence delivered three hits.

Game #2: CIN 8-10-0, FWC 3-6-0

Reggie Smith delivered three doubles, as the Knights erupted for seven extra base hits in the win.

Game #3: CIN 4-8-0, FWC 3-9-0

Reggie Smith delivers a three-run walk-off homer for Cincinnati.

Game #4: CIN 7-9-0, FWC 3-10-3

Ted Williams socked a pair of triples and the Knights took advantage of three Cats errors to score five unearned runs in this one.

Game #5: CIN 6-10-0, FWC 1-8-0

Clayton Kershaw scattered seven hits over seven innings and held Fort Worth to a single run. The bottom third of the Knights lineup went four-for-eight with a triple, a homer and two RBI to pace the attack.

Game #6: CIN 3-7-0, FWC 0-7-0

Ted Williams and Jason Giambi each homered and Dazzy Vance fanned ten, as Cincinnati beat Verlander for the first time this season.

Game #7: FWC 9-14-0, CIN 3-8-0

The Cats sent the final message of the series with the win. Ken Singleton (three hits) was one of four Fort Worth players to deliver multiple hits and Greg Maddux held things in check for seven innings for the victory.

Series Summary: Cincinnati takes five of the seven games to create some breathing room over the pack of playoff-hunting teams. Despite the wins, the Knights are still six games back of the Cats for the Al. West lead and there are just 42 division games remaining in the season.
Menomonee Minutemen @ New Westminster Salmonbellies
Series Preview: Menomonee Minutemen come to New Westminster to face the highest-scoring team in all of LEG baseball. Should be fun facing superstar Socks Seybold for the Minutemen,
Game #1: Minutemen start Tom Gordon against Bob Rush for the Salmonbellies

Benito Santiago hits his first homer of the year, a 3 run smash to take the Minutemen to a 5 – 2 victory. Santiago goes 4 for 4 with 2 runs and 3 RBI. Gordon picks up the victory and Abernathy picks up his 5th loss in relief.

Game #2: Tim Hudson starts for Menonomee and Dutch Leonard for New Westminster.

Things are quiet to the top of the 7th when Socks Seybold knocks in two runs with his 47th double and then scores on an RBI single by Buster Posey. New West gets a run back in the bottom of the 7th on an RBI triple by Chick Stahl. Minutemen take a 3 – 1 lead into the ninth. Ron Hunt picks up a single off of reliever Kenley Jansen and scores on an RBI double by Chick Stahl. Billy Werber runs for Stahl and Beltran walks. They both steal bases and Concepcion strikes out. Comes down to Fred Clarke with one out and two men on and he comes through with a two run single for an exciting 4 – 3 win for the Bellies fans. Socks Seybold ends up with 3 doubles in the game.

Game #3: Marv Grisson gets the start for the Minutemen and Dwight Gooden for the Salmonbellies

Bellies get on the board first in the third on an RBI single by Dihigo. Top of the 4th and Ike Boone comes through with a 2 run home run making the score 2 – 1 for the Minutemen. Bottom of the 4th and the Bellies tie up the game. Beltran scores after doubling. Bellies go ahead in the 6th and Menomonee ties the game in the 9th on a walk to Judnich, a sac and a throwing error by Concepcion.
In the bottom of the 10th the Bellies win the game on a single by Fred Clarke, a groundout moving Clarke to 2nd and he steals 3rd and scores on a Campanella single for the 4 – 3 Bellies victory.

Game #4: Tommy John for the Minutemen and Jeff Tesreau for the Salmonbellies.

Top of the 2nd and Buster Posey scores the first run of the game on an Anthony Rizzo RBI. That is the only run and Bellies go on to score 9 runs on 12 hits. All 9 starters were on base and 7 of them scored runs in a 9 – 1 victory.

Game #5: Jim Scott goes for the Minutemen and Sam Leever for the Bellies

The Bellies go up 5 – 0 in the first to virtually put the game out of reach. The final is 12 – 1. Jimmy Wynn goes 3 for 4 with a couple of HR’s and 6 RBI. Martin Dihigo ends up going 4 for 5 with 2 runs, HR, and 4 RBI bringing his average up to .353.

Game #6: Tom Gordon pitches for Menomonee and Bob Rush makes his 2nd start of the season for New West.

The Bellies get off to a 4 run lead in the 3rd on a 3 run home run by Jack Clark. New Westminster scores 4 more times to go on to an 8 – 1 victory.

Game #7: Tim Hudson for the Minutemen and Dutch Leonard for the Bellies

In the top of the 1st Chuck Knoblauch, replacing the injured Jose Altuve leads off with a single. With 2 out Chipper Jones hits an infield single and Buster Posey jacks one to give the Minutemen a 3 – 0 lead. Top of the 5th and another mess for the Dutchman. Leonard walks Baines, Rizzo hits a double to put the runners and 2nd and 3rd.
Knoblauch knocks in Baines but Fred Clarke throws out Rizzo to relieve the baserunning problems. McCutchen comes up to hit a 2 run home run to make the score 6 – 0. The Dutchman is done. Bottom of the 5th and Jack Clark leads off with a HR. Beltran walks and scores on a Billy Werber single. Bottom of the 6th and Johnny Bassler hits a single and Roy Campanella comes into run. Campy steals 2nd and Jack Clark knocks him home with a single. Hunt runs for Clark and Beltran at the plate and he gets hit with a pitch bringing Felipe Alou to replace the injured Beltran. Martin Dihigo comes up and seems to be pointing his old bat to left field. Bang, he hits a 3 run home run to tie the game at six. All is quiet until the bottom of the 11th with runners on first and third. Martin Dihigo knocks a single over first to win the game.

Series Summary: Salmonbellies take the series 6 games to 1 with 3 one-run games, 2 extra-inning games. Martin Dihigo was the star of the series going 10 for 27 with 5 runs, 10 RBI, 2 HRs.
Wrigleyville Whales @ Purry Cowpokes
Series Preview: Wrigleyville (39-74) travels into Purry County to face the Cowpokes (63-50). Excited to get back to divisional play.
Game #1: Frank Sullivan pitches 8.2 innings and holds the Whales to 2 runs on 8 hits. Purry’s 5 run 3rd inning puts the game out of reach early. Purry 10 Wrigleyville 2
Game #2: Wrigleyville gets homers from Lefty O’Doul, Sherm Lollar, and Ray Chapman as Sandy Koufax improves his record to 3-14. Wrigleyville 7 Purry 5
Game #3: Javier Vazquez throws 8.2 innings of 1 hit ball to improve his record to 17-6. Rickey gets injured for 5 days. Rickey’s not happy. Purry 3 Wrigleyville 0
Game #4: Tris Speaker hits a solo homer in the bottom of the 9th to walk it off for the Cowpokes. Purry 5 Wrigleyville 4
Game #5: Neil Walker’s 2 run blast in the 5th puts Purry on top for good. Purry 6 Wrigleyville 3
Game #6: Graig Nettles goes 2-4 with a homer, 4 rbi’s and 3 runs scored. Purry’s 10 run 4th inning puts this game out of reach early. Purry 16 Wrigleyville 7.
Game #7: Claude Ritchey goes 4-5 with 2 doubles and 3 rbi’s while Dwight Evans homers and adds 3 homers of his own. Sandy Koufax strikes out 5 and surrenders only 1 run on 4 hits over 8 innings. Wrigleyville 9 Purry 1
Series Summary: Purry has it’s way with Wrigleyville but they couldn’t figure out Sandy Koufax. Koufax entered the series with a record 2-14 and doubled his win total in this series. Purry takes the series 5-2.
Madison East Puregolders @ Kansas City Blues
Series Preview: Two teams side by side in the standings meet up for dominance
Game #1: J.Mesa goes 7 strong for a 6-2 win Purgs
Game #2: Blues leading 6-2 early on Purgs score 6 more to take 8-6 lead never look back
Fernando gives up 7 ER
Game #3: Saberhagen goes the distance gives up 3 hits and a 7-1 win for Purgs
Game #4: Greinke and the Blues finally win one 7-3
Game #5: Mizell goes a strong 8 2/3 for a 5-1 Purgs win Koosman goes to 6-14 for the Blues
Game #6: Creacy and Canseco provide 8 rbis 14-run 18-hit attack on Purgs Blues win
Game #7: G.Bush goes the distance for Purgs but gets the loss Fernando gets the win 5-2
Series Summary: Purgs win series 4-3
Climax Cougars @ Coastline Bobcats
Series Preview: Climax (58-55) in 4th place in the NL East visits Coastline (79-34) in 1st place for a 7 game series. Climax is looking to cut into the Bobcats lead and solidify their quest for a playoff spot.

Series played using TeamViewer

Game #1: CMC S.Fernandez vs CLB K.Brown
The series starts off with a bang as CLB K.Brown continues to pitch like a Grade 5 rather than a Grade 20. In the CMC T1 after Fregosi bbs and is CS on a busted H&R, Meyers 1bs, Ott flys out, Bautista 1bs, Crawford bbs to load the bases and Grantham rips a 2-rbi 1b followed by a Clift 2-rbi 2b. Its 4-0 CMC before CLB comes to bat!Well, what to expect in the B1 as the ‘Cats come to bat. Kemps bbs, Burks bbs, H.Wilson hits an rbi-2b, Skowron belts a 2-rbi 3b, and Gordon follows with a 2-run HR. Just like that its now 5-4 CLB!So, lets see, CLB K.Brown heads out for the T2 and he can’t be as bad as he was in the T1. Correct, but he’s almost as bad as he gives up 3 more runs when Fregosi bbs, steals 2nd, Meyers bbs, Bautista hits an rbi-2b, and Albers comes in and gives up a 3-run HR to Crawford. It’s now 8-5 CMC!On to the B2 we go and what can you expect, more bad pitching or good hitting, whichever way you look at it. CLB strikes back again when Howard 1bs (in the game on a double switch), Kemp 1bs, and Burks clouts a 3-run HR to tie the game at 8-8! CMC calls on Carroll and after he gets 2 outs Skowron hits a solo-HR to give the ‘Cats a 9-8 lead!After a scoreless 3rd, Glory be! In the T4 CMC ties the game when Ott bbs, steals 2nd, and then scores on a Grantham rbi-1b. The hitters must have gotten tired as we have a scoreless 5th and 6th.CMC brings on S.Wood in the in the B7 and after 2 outs Skowron draws a bb and then scores on a Gordon rbi-2b as Gordon is pegged at 3rd on the cut-off play. In the CLB B8 they add an insurance run when Gehrig 2bs and then scores on a Kemp rbi-1b.CLB calls on Sutter to close out the game and he tosses a perfect 9th for his 48th save. CMC S.Wood (8-7) takes the loss and CLB S.Casilla (6-3) gets the win.CLB 11, CMC 9
Game #2: CMC C.Redding vs CLB C.Finley
CMC again opens the scoring in the T1 when Fregosi 2bs, Clift 1bs, Ott rips an rbi-1b moving Clift to 3rd but is cut down at 2nd, J.Gibson adds an rbi-1b for a 2-0 CMC lead. In the B2 CLB strikes back when Howard bbs, Gehrig 1bs, and then with 2 out M.Williams clubs a 3-run HR.In the CMC T5 Fregosi bbs, steals 2nd, Ott bbs, and Gibson comes through with a 2-run 2b for a 4-3 CMC lead! CLB comes back and ties it in the B6 on a G.Jenkins solo-HR. But in the CMC T7, the star of the game, J.Gibson comes through again with a solo-HR which would prove to be the game-winner. Plunk pitches out of a 2nd and 3rd jam in the B9 by fanning Becker and getting G.Jenkins to P3 to earn the save.CMC C.Melton (1-0) earns the win and Plunk gets his 11th save, CLB C.Finley (15-6) takes the loss.CMC 5, CLB 4
Game #3: CMC R.Waddell vs CLB B.Swift
This game would be all about CLB B.Swift as he tosses a 3-hit Shutout. Swift gets more DPs (3) then he does Ks (2) as he only faces 28 batters in the game. CLB opened the scoring in the B1 when Burks 3bs and Ripken 2bs him home. CLB adds a run in the B6 on a Skowron rbi-2b and 3 more in the B8 on a Burks solo-HR, and rbi-2bs by Gordon and M.Williams.CLB B.Swift (13-8) with the win and CMC R.Waddell (10-8) gets the loss.CLB 5, CMC 0
Game #4: CMC V.Mungo vs CLB D.Stieb
Both pitchers open the game strong and the game is scoreless through 5 innings. In the CLB B6 Becker 1bs, with 2 outs Ripken slashes a H&R 1b to move Becker to 3rd, and H.Wilson hits an infield rbi-1b for a 1-0 CLB lead. CLB adds one in the B7 on a 2 out M.Williams solo-HR,CMC finally breaks through against Stieb in the T8 with a Leonard solo-HR. But CLB gets the run right back in the B8 when Becker bbs, Jenkins 1bs, and Clift throws away Ripken’s grounder.CLB goes to Sutter in the T9 and after he gives up a lead-off bb to Ott, he gets Bautista to hit into a 543 DP and gets Crawford to pop out to end the game.CLB D.Stieb (15-5) with the win, Sutter with Save #49, and CMC V.Mungo (7-7) gets the loss.CLB 3, CMC 1
Game #5: CMC S.Fernandez vs CLB S.Maglie
Another game where the starters toss 5 scoreless innings to open the game. In this game CMC strikes first with a run in the T6 on a Mize solo-HR. CLB finally gets a run on Fernandez in the B8 when M.Williams 1bs, steals 2nd, PH Simmons 1bs, Goslin PRs for Wilson, and Kemp hits a SAC fly to tie the game at 1-1.CLB calls on Sutter in the T9 and the normally dependable reliever gives up a solo-HR to Crawford to give CMC a 2-1 lead. CMC sends Plunk out in the B9 and he tosses a perfect 9th for his 12th save.CMC S.Fernandez (5-6) with the win, Plunk with Save #12, and CLB B. Sutter (3-3) with the loss.CMC 2, CLB 1
Game #6: CMC C.Redding vs CLB K.Brown
Will the real K.Brown please show up. Yes! Finally K.Brown pitches a game worthy of his pitcher rating. K.Brown tosses the shutout, his 1st of the season, giving up 5 hits while fanning 3. CLB opened the scoring in the B1 when Becker 1bs, Jenkins 2bs, and after a Ripken FC, H.Wilson rips a 2-run 3b. CLB would put the game away with 4 runs in the B3 highlighted by a Jenkins solo-HR and a Gordon rbi-2b.CLB K.Brown (13-9) with the win and CMC C.Redding (4-8) with the loss.CLB 8, CMC 0
Game #7: CMC S.Wood vs CLB C.Finley
CLB out early with a run in the B1 when Kemp 1bs, steals 2nd, and Burks rbi-2b drives him home. CMC ties it up right away in the T2 with a Grantham solo-HR. In the CLB B3 Skowron his a solo-HR to regain the lead.CMC takes the lead in the T5 when Crawford 2bs and eventually scores on Wood’s rbi-2b followed by a Fregosi rbi-1b. CLB then ties it back up in the B5 when Becker 1bs and gets around to 3rd on Ott’s error and then scores on Jenkins SAC fly.In the CMC T7 Wood bbs and then scores on a Fregosi rbi-3b for a 4-3 CMC lead! CMC Wood would come out and toss a scoreless B7 and get 2 out in the B87 before giving way to Plunk. Plunk would close out the B8 and then toss a perfect B9 to earn the save,CMC S.Wood (9-7) with the win, Plunk gets Save#13, and CLB M.Albers (3-1) takes the loss.CMC 4, CLB 3
Series Summary: Coastline wins the series 4-3 over Climax. There were some close games and some not so close games but all in all a fun series.
Fantomz Force @ Detroit DeLoreans
Series Preview: The NL East sixth place Fantomz Force (52-61) visit the second-place Detroit DeLoreans (72-41) for a seven-game NL divisional series.
Game #1: FAN 1 – DET 2: Detroit’s 2-run fourth inning was enough for the win. An RBI single by A. Rendon and double by C. Klein held up. The Force’s J. Donaldson homered in the seventh to tighten the score. N. Lajoie went 3 for 4 for the DeLoreans, scoring a run, hitting his 50th double, and stealing his 10th base.
Game #2: FAN 2 – DET 8: A 2-run homer from the Fantomz’s J. Mostil put them on top in the first inning. Their 2-0 lead held up until the bottom of the eighth inning when Detroit exploded for eight runs. The DeLoreans were led by N. Lajoie’s 4 for 5, 2 RBI performance, and C. Klein’s 3 for 4.
Game #3: FAN 0 – DET 6: Detroit’s C. Morgan pitched a complete game 2-hit shutout. While N. Lajoie remained hot, going 2 for 4 with a double and 2 RBI.
Game #4: FAN 2 – DET 3: The DeLoreans jumped out 2-0 in the bottom of the first inning on RBI hits from R. Collins and B. Herman. However, the Force battle back to tie the game in the second and third innings with solo HRs from S. Choo and L. Doby. Detroit won on a walk-off RBI from pinch hitter J. Beckley in the ninth.
Game #5: FAN 3 – DET 2: The Force flip the score for their first series win. L. Doby led the charge for the Fantomz, going 2 for 3 with a HR and 2 RBI. Detroit’s B. Herman went 2 for 3 with a triple (7) and RBI.
Game #6: FAN 0 – DET 5: Detroit’s S. Sallee was the story, pitching a complete game 1-hit shutout. The DeLoreans had multiple hits from N. Lajoie, R. Collins, and A. Rendon.
Game #7: FAN 1 – DET 3: The game was scoreless for the first five-inning until Detroit scored three runs in the bottom of the sixth. The Fantomz’s J. Donaldson tacked on a solo shot (9) in the top of the seventh. Donaldson went 2 for 3. Detroit’s J. Cronin went 2 for 4 with a double and one run scored.
Series Summary: While Detroit won six of seven, each game in the series was close. They were fortunate. The DeLoreans just had a little more offense helped by some timely hits.
 Nags Head Surf Sox @ West Michigan Retrogrades
Series Preview: The Nags Head Surf Sox visit the West Michigan Retrogrades for a seven-game series. The Retrogrades are looking to position themselves for a playoff spot; the Surf Sox are looking to finish the season strongly.
Game #1: NAG 0-WMR 5
Great pitching performance by Urban Shocker who threw a complete game 2-hit shutout (SC 88). Tommy Davis was 3-4 with 2 SB with a run and RBI.
Game #2: NAG 2-WMR 8
Tommy Davis had his hitting shoes on again, going 3-5. Foxx and Winfield had 2 hits each. Curt Davis pitched a solid game
Game #3: NAG 2-WMR 8
Same score, different pitcher shutting down the Surf Sox. This time it was Hal Schumacher who went 7 and gave up 1 earned run. Schumacher also got a hit and is hitting .321 this season. Winfield had 2 hits again.
Game #4: NAG 6-WMR 2
Mike Mussina pitched 7 strong innings only giving up 1 earned run. Jeter and Standon had 2 hits each. The Retrograde bullpen imploded in the final two innings.
Game #5: NAG 2-WMR 6
Another solid pitching performance by Curt Davis, 7 innings 1 earned run. Kingman went 2-4 with a homer and stolen base.Bill Dickey got hit by a BBW shot put pitch and is out 5 games. The Retrogrades would field potential trades for a third catcher to serve as a #3 the rest of the season.
Game #6: NAG 2-WMR 6
Another solid pitching performance by Curt Davis, 7 innings 1 earned run. Kingman went 2-4 with a homer and stolen base.Bill Dickey got hit by a BBW shot put pitch and is out 5 games. The Retrogrades would field potential trades for a third catcher to serve as a #3 the rest of the season.
Game #7: NAG 4-WMR 3
The Retrograde, again, blow a lead. Andre Dawson acted like a Hall of Famer and hit the go-ahead home run. Hal Schumacker hit his FIFTH home run of the season and still sits at .321. If there’s a silver slugger for pitchers, he’s got to be near the top of the list.
Series Summary: In a close series, West Michigan takes is 5 games to 2. A couple of close games could have swung the other way. Urban Shocker might be considered for the pitcher of the week for his game one performance and his overall 16 innings giving up only 2 earned runs. The standout hitter of the series was Tommy Davis, who went 11-30 (.367) with 2 2B, 3 RBI, 4 runs, and 2 SB.

Again, West Michigan is looking to trade for a backup catcher but will use a franchise point to reduce Dickey’s injury by 50%.

Pigtown Bombers @ Virginia Cavaliers
Series Preview: The last place Pigtown Bombers (35-78) fly into Virginia to face the (53-60) Cavaliers. Both teams are struggling to keep team batting averages above the Mendoza line. However, the Bombers pitching staff, like their hitters, claim the bottom slot as well with an ERA over 4.00. The Virginia staff ranks 6th with a 3.04 ERA. But, it should be a good series with few runs (probably based on lack of hitting rather than pitching)
Game #1: Gm.1 VIR 5-3 W-L.Gomez (12-8) L-J.Franco (0-6) SV-K.Foulke (31)

The game didn’t start out so good for Pigtown,…starter J.McGinnity injured his wrist in the 3rd inning and will be unavailable for 7 days…ouch! What makes it worse is that he had a no-hitter going. With McGinnity gone, the Cavaliers finally got to the Bombers in the 4th. Trammell blooped a 1-out single and F.Robinson’s sharp single to CF sent him to 3rd. K.McReynolds’ FC grounder scored Trammell for a 1-0 VIR lead. However, PIG would tie it in the 6th. With one out M.Schmidt hit a rocket into LF, slid into 3rd with a triple and then scored on a J.Robinson squirter into RF. VIR was not finished though. In the bottom of the 6th F.Frisch led off with a single and Trammell stepped to the plate, “ the offering…
a big fly to left … RAMIREZ ’05 backpedals … still drifting back … look out now!…it’s outta here! … RAMIREZ ’05 thought he had a play but the ball carried just beyond his reach … home run for TRAMMELL ’88 … and two runs score…Alan trots around the bases … he loves a trip downtown … he’s greeted at the plate…BOMBERS 1, CAVALIERS 3.” M.Ramirez made up for watching that ball go over his head by sending out one of his own in the 8th. After J.Edmonds drew a walk, “GOMEZ ’38 comes home with it … a blast to right…no doubt about this one … it’s gone! … way over the fence … two-run shot for RAMIREZ ’05…he seems to like base runners … Manny RAMIREZ ’05 will circle the bases…and he’s sure taking his time … he’s greeted at the plate…BOMBERS 3, CAVALIERS 3.” And it looks like Manny has designs on playing extra innings, Not so for VIR. Bottom of the 8th,…Trammell draws a 1-out walk and steals 2nd. PIG decides to put F.Robinson on and play for the DP. K.McReynolds ruins that tactic by slicing one down the RF line for a 2-run double and a 5-3 VIR lead. K.Foulke comes in. Bing-bang-boom! Save #31.

Game #2: Gm.2 VIR 6-4 W-J.Guzman (4-8) L-J.Abbott (2-16) SV-R.Betancourt (2)

PIG outhit VIR 12-8, but VIR made their hits count and used 3 SF’s to garner 3 of their 6 runs. With J. Guzman struggling through 6 innings he was able to exit with a 1-run lead and the VIR bullpen handled the last 3 innings. PIG came out of the gates fast in the 1st inning with J.Edmonds dropping a single into RF and scoring on E.Flick’s triple into the RF corner. Flick waltzed home as the next batter, H.Greenberg, singled into LF. That quick, PIG was up 2-0. A SF by VIR in the bottom of the 1st closed the gap to 1. But PIG added 1 in the next inning on a RBI double from E.Flick and led 3-1 only to see VIR add a run in the bottom half of the inning when P.Whitney planted one in the LF bleachers. It stayed PIG’s favor at 3-2 until the 6th. With one out, J.Harris singled to RF and scored on A.Jones double to LF. Jones went to 3rd on the throw home and scored on a SF by P.Whitney to give VIR a 4-3 lead after 6. VIR would increase the lead to 6-3 in the 8th on a J.Harris RBI double and a SF by A.Jones. Back-to-back doubles in the 9th by F.Rodriguez and J.Edmonds closed out the scoring for PIG and VIR’s pen held on for the win.

Game #3: Gm.3 VIR 4-3 W-R.Hernandez (8-1) L-D.Day (1-8)
A nice pitching duel between starters L.Tiant and B.Turley,…for a while. Unfortunately, the Pig’s pen would let them down. Tiant scattered 6 hits over 7 innings while allowing 2 runs before leaving with a 3-2 lead. Turley went 6 innings allowing 2 hits and no runs before he ran into trouble in the 7th. A 2-run double by F.Robinson in the 1st had given VIR a 2-run lead that Turley lost in the 7th. Turley walked the first two batters he faced in the 7th and D.Sims singled in the first PIG run of the game.L.Tiant, of all people, then lined an RBI single into left CF to tie the game at 2-all. M.Ramirez put PIG ahead with an RBI double to CF and Tiant smiled as he left the game with a 3-2 lead. But the baseball gods were not smiling back, L.Parrish led off the bottom of the 8th as a PH’er for T.Pena…”Here he comes … cut on … hit deep to left field … way back … VELARDE ’92 is racing back…it’s long gone! … Lance ties the game! … he got all of that one…Lance trots around the bases … he loves a trip downtown … he claps his hands…BOMBERS 3, CAVALIERS 3.” Not good for the PIG pen,…and it gets worse. H.Heilmann leads off the 9th with a double. T.Taylor pinch runs for him. After K.McReynolds’ groundout moves Taylor to third, PIG walks J.Harris to set up the DP and K’s Templeton for the 2nd out. But up comes the man that tied it up in the last inning,…”L. PARRISH ’89 facing D. O’DAY ’15, B 9th, 2 Outs, 1st and 3rd, Tied 3-3 …TAYLOR ’73 with a good lead off third … the pitch … lined to left center … base hit…it’s all over! … TAYLOR ’73 scores…BOMBERS 3, CAVALIERS 4.”
Game #4: Gm.4 VIR 2-1 W-J.Key (6-8) L-J.Taylor (3-9) SV-K.Foulke (32)
Another tight game between two struggling teams. This time, VIR got a solid performance from J.Key as he held PIG to 7 hits and only one run through 7 innings. After that the tough VIR bullpen closed it out. H.Greenberg was the only batter to put a blemish on Key’s day. Batting just .232, Greenberg crushed his 20th homer of the season deep over the CF wall for what would be PIG’s only run of the game. Ironically this homer would come in the 4th inning,…the same inning VIR would score there only runs. For VIR it would be R.Kiner who did the honors. Batting a robust .184, Kiner turned on a fastball and watched his 7th homer of the season clear the wall with a runner on base. With a 2-1 lead, VIR put the game in the hands of their pitching and they answered the call as Key held PIG at bay and Foulke closed it out.
Game #5: Gm.5 PIG 7-5 J.Abbott (3-16) L-E.Reulbach (7-9) SV-D.Day (14)
One bad inning made this look closer than it was. PIG pretty much controlled this game from beginning to end. With 2 outs in the top of the 2nd, PIG loaded the bases with the pitcher, J.Abbott, coming to the plate…”J. ABBOTT’ 95 facing E. REULBACH ’09, T 2nd, 2 Outs, Bases Loaded, Tied 0-0 …The runners take their lead … here’s the pitch … base hit right field…MCREYNOLDS ’89 is after it … he cuts it off deep in the gap … FLICK ’03 scores…ROBINSON ’54 is well around third…he scores…BOMBERS 2, CAVALIERS 0.” And just like that Abbott helps himself and sets the tone of the game. Two innings later, in the 4th, Abbott does it again. After a base hit and an error puts runners at 1st and 3rd, Abbott sneaks one into RF for a RBI single and a 3-0 PIG lead. With Abbott pitching a 3-hit shutout through 6, PIG tacks on 3 more runs in the 7th. M.Ramirez puts 1 run on the board the short way…”that’s rocked to deep left center … it is high … and long … and gone!…RAMIREZ ’05 with a monster shot.” H.Greenberg follows with a double to the gap in left-center and then…”SCHMIDT ’76 jacks one to deep left … KINER ’53 retreats … still going back…to the track … to the wall … gone! … home run for SCHMIDT ’76…BOMBERS 6, CAVALIERS 0.” The drubbing is on,…or is it? Abbott takes the mound for the bottom of the 7th. R.Kiner singles, L.Parrish singles, T.Taylor follows with a RBI single, PIG 6-1 now, H.Heilmann singles to load the bases. A.Trammell pinch hits for Templeton. “BOMBERS playing for the double play … the pitch … hit deep to left center … way back…RAMIREZ ’05 is racing back … it’s gone! … grand slam for TRAMMELL ’88… ABBOTT’ 95 hung one…and TRAMMELL ’88 made him pay … and ABBOTT’ 95 is just hanging his head.” Suddenly it’s a 1-run game. PIG makes the obvious move and goes to the PIG pen. And boy was that the right call. Over the next 3 innings they allow but 1 measly hit and don’t allow any VIR runners to even sniff home plate. For good measure, E.Flick adds a RBI single in the 9th to push the score to 7-5 and D.Day throws a 3-up 3-down bottom of the 9th for save #14.
Game #6: Gm.6 VIR 4-0 W-L.Gomez (13-8) L-T.Thomas (1-2)
This was all L.Gomez. CG 3-hit shutout with 10 K’s. There’s nothing else to say other than F.Frisch had 2 doubles, 2 walks, and 2 RBI. This was Gomez’ game.
Game #7: Gm.7 VIR 3-2 W-J.Guzman (5-8) L-L.Tiant (8-8) SV-K.Foulke (33)
Another close game (weren’t they all?). VIR got to Tiant early when back- to-back doubles by J.Harris and A.Jones produced a run. Two outs later, T.Pena bounces one off the wall to score Jones and VIR is up 2-0. PIG gets one back in the 3rd when D.Sims leads off…”SIMS ’66 lofts a high fly … down the line to right…MCREYNOLDS ’89 looks as if he’s got it covered … on the warning track…now his back’s to the wall … the leap … and he comes down … empty handed!…SIMS ’66 eases into his home run trot … that ball just wouldn’t die.” Tiant then helps himself in the 5th with a SF that ties the game at 2-all. But he’s not too happy in the 6th when he faces K.McReynolds and watches as KMac airmails a fastball over the leftfield wall for a 3-2 VIR lead. After that, Tiant sadly watches the VIR pen take over and VIR pulls out the 3-2 victory with K.Foulke getting his 33rd save of the season.
Series Summary: A surprising 6-1 series win for VIR, all close games (except Gomez’ shutout) and a run here or there could have altered the outcome. VIR outscored PIG 29-20 and only outhit them 56-54 and out homered them 6-5 as neither team is known for their power. Manny Ramirez was the big gun in the Bombers attack. He hit .321 (9-28) with 2 runs, 4 RBI and 2 homers. Hank Greenberg also had 7 hits for PIG and drilled 2 homeruns while hitting .250.
Virginia had several bats going for the series. Kevin McReynolds was 9-24 .375 with a homer and 5 RBI, Harry Heilmann .7-18 ,388, Pinky Whitney 5-15 .333, a homer and 3 RBI, and Alan Trammell 5-17 .294, 5 runs, 6 RBI and 2 homers (including a GS).
Virginia also had a great pitching performance from Lefty Gomez who threw a 3-hit shutout.
Pigtown goes from the frying pan into the fire as they go home to take on the 3rd place West Michigan Retrogrades. Virginia stays home to host Nags Head, who is 1 game behind them in the middle of the pack.
Clockwork Heros @ Wainwright Wranglers
Series Preview: Powerhouse Clockwork comes to Wainwright AS HEAVY FAVORITES TO WIN THE SERIES
Game #1: Arky Vaugh goes 3 for four and light hitting this season Bill Melton drives in 3 in an easy 8-3 victory. Kirby Puckett goes 3 for 4 with two homers and drove in all three Wainwright runs
Game #2: Mathewson vs Grove in a battle of aces. One throws a complete game and one lasts an inning and it wasn’t my guy grove that threw a complete game. Mathewson won his 20th and Bill Melton had another big game driving in 6 in another 8-3 Clockwork victory. Puckett was Wainwrights only bright spot hitting his third homer of the series
Game #3: Uhle goes 7 strong in leading Clockwork to a 4-2 victory. Bob Watson goes 3 for three and once again Kirby Puckett is Wainwrights lone bright spot going 2 for 4 and driving in a run
Game #4: Kluber goes 7 strong in leading clockwork to another 4-2 victory. Foster drives in a couple and Wainwrights bats continue to struggle. Puckett goes one for 4 to continue his streak of a hit in every game
Game #5: Blyleven wins his 19th and clockwork cruises to a 7-1 victory. Foster drove in a three and Melton a couple to lead the attack Bip Roberts was the only Wanger to get a couple of hits and Puckett went o for 4
Game #6: Mathewson outlasts Neagle and wins his 21st in an uneventful 4-2 victory
Game #7: Uhle wins his 13th and Willis loses his 20th in a 6-5 victory for clockwork. George Foster drove in a couple with a bomb
Series Summary: So the series lived up to its billing as Clockwork made short work of Wainwright in sweeping the series
Hoboken Zephyrs @ Fire Lake Segers
Series Preview: The Zephyrs visit Fire Lake leading the Segers by 5 games in the NL West playoff race.
Game #1: In a hard fought pitchers’ duel, Red Faber improved his record to 13-9, 2.03era. David Cone was brilliant for Fire Lake but to a tough loss.
Hoboken 1 Fire Lake 0
Game #2: Mike Garcia pitched a complete game 5-hitter to improve to 3-7, 3.70era. Stan Spence led the Hoboken attack with a triple, home run and 3 RBIs.  Denny McLain’s record dropped to 9-10.
Hoboken 4 Fire Lake 1
Game #3: Jeff Heath hit a big 3-run blast in the 16th inning to get the win. Ewell Blackwell pitched 6 scoreless innings in relief to get move his record to 4-7, 2.94era. Ron Guidry pitched well enough to win but takes a no-decision. Pete Rose led Fire Lake with 3 hits.
Hoboken 5 Fire Lake 2
Game #4: Noodles Hahn improved to 19-7, 2.14era as Frank Duncan, Tommy Henrich and Kevin Youkilis starred offensively for Hoboken. Eric Davis hit a 3-run blast off Hahn for the only Seger offense.
Hoboken 6 Fire Lake 3
Game #5: The Segers scored two runs late off Faber to snap their 11-game losing streak. Scott Rolen had a big two-run blast early. Mario Soto picked up the win in relief. Soto improved to 6-3, 2.43era.
Fire Lake 4 Hoboken 3
Game #6: Dennis Menke delivered a clutch 2-run blast in the bottom of the 9th to force extra innings. Gary Lavelle improved to 5-4, 2.15era in three scoreless innings of relief.
Fire Lake 5 Hoboken 4
Game #7: Vada Pinson finished the series with a walk-off steal of home. Denny McLain pitched well but took a no-decision. Mike Garcia left with a 6-day injury.
Fire Lake 3 Hoboken 2
Series Summary: Hoboken won the first 4 games of the series and seemed to be cruising along. Fire Lake proceeded to win the next three each by one run. Fire Lake is battling to hold that 8th NL playoff spot.
Motown Yankees @ San Tan Valley Moonrakers
Series Preview: No time for a detailed write-up. Needless to say, Motown put a whoppin’ on San Tan, taking 5 in a row before the Moonrakers saved some face and won the last 2.
Game #1:  
Game #2:  
Game #3:  
Game #4:  
Game #5:  
Game #6:  
Game #7:  
Series Summary: Motown does a number on San Tan, winning the series 5-2.
Hollywood Zombies @ Iowa Giants
Series Preview: Hollywwod Zombies come in at 41-72 tied with the Giants last place in the NHational League West hoping for a exciting series.
Game #1: HOL 2-6-0 WP Zimmerman 3-4 SV Myers 3-4
IOW 1-8-1 LP Feller 8-17
Zimmerman goes 8 innings and Jeff Bagwell 3-4
Game #2: HOL 5-15-0 LP Owens 0-2
IOW 7-7-1 WP Dean 5-9
Rudy York 2-4 Homer Dizzy Dean goes 8 innings and also hut homer
Game #3: HOL 10-15-0 WP W Johnson 12-11
IOW3-8-0 LP Fidrych 1-2
Tim Raines 3-4 5 RBI Homer
Game #4: HOL 6-5-0 WP Plank 5-15
IOW 3-7-0 LP Lemon 3-5
Zombies lose Ron Leflore for 22 games
Game #5: HOL 2-6-1 LP Rogers 7-15
IOW 4-8-1 WP Feller 9-17
Zombies another injury Ventura 9 days
Game #6: HOL 2-6-0 WP F Rodriquez 2-3 Sv Johnson 3
IOW 1-6-1 LP Bonham 7-5
11 inning game
Game #7: HOL 5-13-0 WP Woodeshich 2-5 Sv Johnson 4
IOW 4-11-1 LP Lemon 3-6
12 inning games
Series Summary: Well it was an exciting series all close games, Zombies take 5 of 7 so Iowa falls deeper into the hole